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vrijdag 19 november 2010

Famous couples: Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

It is always a pleasure to see an exception when it is about matching (compatible) signs. Queen Victoria's Sun in Gemini was exactly square the Sun in Virgo of her beloved husband Prince Albert. Their sunsigns didn't match. They had 9 children together, so I don't suppose that she didn't like him. But of course: she was the queen and she was the boss! When Sun's don't match it is often a matter of 'who is the boss'. She was, she was the queen.

Also: his Moon in Scorpio is inconjunct her Moon in Gemini! There must have been difficulties to get used to each other's habits and traditions or...unbalancing emotions.

What is the compensation for it? Venus matches Venus (there is a 127.5/128 degree difference, a distance that I consider of importance).
Mars is semisesquisquare Mars (fire!!! and possible fights)

There are a lot of challenging aspects between them and there is little compensation in synastry. His Juno trine her Moon and Midheaven is nice, though. We can see the importance of marriage in her chart: Juno is exactly square the Ascendant

They share aspects and that helps! For example: both have Venus trine Uranus. That means that they shared a sort of an excitement about each other, a repeating sensation of falling in love. They also shared Venus trine Neptune: romantic feelings. And Mars-Jupiter (overproduction?:): she has Mars sextile Jupiter, he has Mars sesquisquare Jupiter.

The chart of Albert and Victoria are a perfect example of not matching signs and the effect of sharing aspects. They were 'lovers as well as partners in a great enterprise' is what I read here...
And that is corresponding with Mars-Jupiter (great enterprise) and Venus-Uranus-Neptune (lovers).

Victoria lost her husband too soon. when that happened progressed Venus was square natal Mars and in the progressed chart Moon was square Midheaven. A very important indication of what was to happen is in the solar return chart: Sun square Saturn and Neptune on Midheaven.

BTW Ceres is conjunct Moon on the Ascendant of Queen Victoria in line with the importance of motherhood/dynasty.

dinsdag 16 november 2010

Astropost: The match between Prince William and Kate Middleton

Astropost: The match between Prince William and Kate Middleton

The famous couple share a Moon in Cancer. That makes them 'soulmates'. Their Sunsigns don't match, but Venus tredecile Venus is a nice way to say that they love each other.

dinsdag 9 november 2010

Matching signs and famous couple Boyd/Clapton

Astromarkt has been restyled. So has the article about matching signs. The address changed, too. Here is the link:

When signs don't match it is a challenge to continue the relationship. Famous examples of not matching signs are Pattie Boyd and Eric Clapton. This famous couple divorced. Four years ago Pattie Boyd wrote a book about the marriage. It seems to have been her 'revenge' on Eric Clapton (see the news of 2006).

Pattie Boyd is born 17th March 1944 (time unknown) and she divorced Eric Clapton (30 March 1945, 20h55 in Ripley Surray, UK). They did not match much. Here is the (DD-rated so time is not official!) natal chart of Eric Clapton by Astrodatabank with the transits of the day of birth of Pattie Boyd. 

He is an Aries, she is a Pisces (-); they are fundamentely different.

He is a Moon Scorpio, she is Moon Sagittarius (-) and that doesn't make it easy to get used to living together.

He is Mercury in Aries, she in Pisces (-); that is causing differences of opinion and interests.

Venus sextile Venus (+) so they liked each other...

Mars in Pisces for him, in Gemini for her (-) for fire first and fighting later. There are many of such examples on this blog.

Her Sun is biquintile his Moon (+) for a creative way to became a couple.

His Venus inconjunct her Neptunus (-) for lost illusions.

His Mars square her Uranus and inconjunct her Neptunus (--) and that is no good...

His Jupiter square her Saturn (-) is for ups and downs.

His Neptune parallel her Sun (+) for romance.

That is a lot of not matching planets and lights...

vrijdag 29 oktober 2010

Famous couples Mariah Carey, Tommy Mottola and Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey is pregnant and married to Nick Cannon, whose Ceres (symbol of motherhood, genes and seeds) is conjunct her Ascendant. Before, Mariah Carey married and divorced TOMMY MOTTOLA, her first producer. She met him in 1988. Here is her chart with his positions in green:
They didn't match much. Her sun in Aries, his in Cancer. Her Moon in Sagittarius, his in Pisces. Her Mercury in Aries, his in Cancer. Her Mars in Taurus is novile his in Gemini (and the novile is for joy), but Venus 112.5 (square and half semi square) Venus separated their ideas about style. Notice that his Saturn is inconjunct her Midheaven. Saturn is the symbol of age, restrictions and goodbye's. The story goes that he restricted her in many ways. After the divorce she started dressing more sexy than ever. Anyway, she divorced (natal Sun opposition Uranus, Venus quindecile Uranus; two out of the four indications for possible divorce in the chart of women...*).

BTW Sun opposition Uranus is on the vertical line in the chart (the MC-IC axis). She divorced the man who made her a star, after alienation.

Her second husband is much younger than her first. Nick Cannon was born October 8, 1980. That is about 30 years younger and he is also 10 years younger than Mariah is. This is her chart with his positions on the outside.

Their Suns don't match. He is a Libra, she is an Aries.

Their Moons match (Sagittarius and Libra)

Their Mercuries don't match (Mercury inconjunct Mercury)

Venus doesn't match with Venus (Aries and Virgo)

Mars doesn't match Mars (Taurus and Scorpio)

So I am afraid that their charts are not very compatible...As they ARE together, there must be other links between them. How about his Saturn on her IC? (Remember her former husband's Saturn inconjunct her MC? Saturn is the ruler of her seventh house of marriage...). And very,very important in the light of her pregnancy (announced yesterday, see date of this post) is:


Ceres is the symbol of motherhood, genes and seed. And there is more...

His Pluto is also quindecile her Sun. His Pluto is opposition her Venus. That is about fascination, 'a spell'....His Venus is inconjunct her Midheaven, perhaps for disproportional adoration:) So no matching signs (and different views, ideas and tastes) but fascination instead. The combiation of her Sun/Moon with his Neptune contributes to a romantic idea. Maybe they are each other's 'muses' (romantic inspiration).

Husband Nick has indications for possible divorce: Mars conjunct Uranus and Moon-Saturn. It doesn't mean he hás to divorce, but it is a risk. Perhaps the reflection of unstable relationships mirrors the called off engagement with Salita Ebanks?  Here is Mariah's chart with Nick's positions:

The Capricorn Descendant seems to indicate the age differences (and difference in status) between her and her husbands.



woensdag 8 september 2010

Astropost: Laura Bush's Accident at age 17

In the post on Astropost: Laura Bush's Accident at age 17 : the match between Laura and George Bush...It is a mutual Sun/Moon midpoint synastry that makes you 'feel close'. His Sun/Moon is in aspect with her Venus (he is motivated by her love) and her Sun/Moon is in aspect with his Sun.

The Sun/Moon = his Sun connection is not unusual with couples. I think that it might mean that he is impersonating the family man in her eyes. The feeling of 'belonging together' ....It is a strong connection that is able to withstand many challenges.

zaterdag 21 augustus 2010

Refreshed: Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer

The post about the couple Anniston-Mayer has been refreshed. See it here...

vrijdag 13 augustus 2010

The marriages of Princess Anne of England

Princess Anne of England married twice. Her natal charts has 3 out of the 4 indications for divorce for women*) and a conflict between the rulers of the 1st and 7th house. That is enough for at least one divorce. This post is about the matches.

Princess Anne’s first husband, the father of her children, is Mark Philips, an Olympic medal winnig horseman. They married on November 14, 1973 and divorced in 1992.During their marriage he had an affair and fathered a daughter (in August 1985). This was confirmed by a DNA-test in 1991, soon after her progressed Venus conjunct Saturn (an astrological statement for a depression in a marriage).
Anne and Mark didn’t match much from the start. Their Mars and Moons were in the ‘right’ signs, but their Sun signs, Mercuries and Venus didn’t match. They had children together, but they didn’t like each other much in the end. 
BTW His Jupiter was trine her Sun and that is mirroring support and trust. Apparently that doesn’t mean that a person will be faithful and true. It just means that one of the partners puts her/his trust in the other one (and we don’t know if that was the right thing to do). 
Here you see the chart of Anne with the positions of Mark Philips.

Princess Anne’s present husband is Tim Laurence. They aren’t married in the Church of England, because this Church (with the Queen as leader) doesn’t allow marriage after divorce.  (Watch Uranus in the 9th house for this. It is an indication for a change in conviction or religion).

They married on December 12,1992 and are still together, in spite of their synastry. The Venus opposition Venus, Mars opposition Mars and his Neptune square her Venus is pointing at a passionate and romantic start and risking later ups and downs, competition or even fights.  Or perhaps they manage to control that in trying to beat each other in sports:).

When she got married her Progressed Sun was sextile the Midheaven and inconjunct Jupiter. Transit Pluto and Pallas were on the progressed Ascendant. Also T Jupiter was inconjunct Venus. I guess that that aspect is reflecting the wedding partyJ.
Here you see the Princess’ chart with the transits and progressions of her wedding day.

 *) The indications for divorce/not getting married in a woman's chart are:
Sun-Mars, Mars-Saturn, Sun-Uranus and Venus-Uranus aspect combinations (in particular the hard aspects). 
The indications for males are: Moon-Saturn, Moon-Neptune, Venus-Neptune and Mars-Uranus.

donderdag 5 augustus 2010

Famous couple: Princess Irene and Prince Carlos Hugo de Borbon Parma

 Born on August 5, 1939, Princess Irene is the second daughter of Juliana and Bernhard, the former Queen and Prince and the sister of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. She studied Spanish language and literature. She became a catholic when she married her Carlos Hugo de Borbon, who didn’t become the King of Spain, though he wanted to. She gave up her position in the Netherlands for this marriage…on the 29th of April 1964. AC/MC is semi square Juno, showing how crucial her marriage was. 

Here you see her chart with transits and progressions for the wedding day.

The majority of the positions on her wedding day show formality and distance (her family was not allowed to be in church that day because the government hadn’t agreed with the marriage. I can give a complete list of transits and progressions, but it is actually enough to point at the transit op Saturn, opposition progressed Venus and conjunct progressed Moon. The honeymoon (Moon-Venus) and the formal situation putting her down. My latest post was about the effect of Venus-Saturn and this is another example of it. 

She divorced him later. It was her first and only marriage. *)


His Saturn is inconjunct her natal Sun and his Uranus is trine her natal Sun. Their Sun signs are matching though the Suns are 112.5 degrees apart (a square + half semi square!), and their Venus don’t match (square). His Moon might be conjunct her Sun (a traditional synastry aspect between a man and a woman, but more often it is his Sun and her Moon) and their Moon signs are matching.

The Saturn inconjunct Sun combination is the most important indication for divorce and separations (or boundaries, obstacles and limitations without control, making it hard to be together), though there are more (not mentioned here). Her ex-husband is still around when family matters (maybe because of the matching Moons.). They have four children together. 

PS Today there was an announcement that Prince Carlos Hugo de Borbon is dying now. He already said goodbye to his family.

*) Princess Irene has all of the four aspect combinations of possible divorce*) in her chart, but only 2 of them are difficult (the square and the quindecile):
- Sun binovile Uranus (going your own way, regardless of other’s opinions), 
- Venus quintile Uranus (creative adventures in love) and 
- Mars square Saturn (seperation from a man, dead ends) with 
- Sun quindecile Mars
*) Afflictions between Sun-Mars, Sun-Uranus, Venus-Uranus and Mars-Saturn and/or between the houses 1 and 7 are indicative for a greater chance for divorce or not getting married in the charts of women. In the charts of men these afflictions are: Moon-Saturn, Moon-Neptune, Venus-Neptune and Mars-Uranus and/or house1 - house 7.  More of those afflictions increase the possibility of separations.

 A binovile is an aspect of 80 degrees, a novile is 40 degrees.  The novile means ‘ finding joy in/rejoicing’…More noviles on Linda Goodman’s forum… http://www.linda-goodman.com/ubb/Forum24/HTML/201926.html

More quindeciles here…

woensdag 4 augustus 2010

Venus and Saturn when you are young

When you are young, Venus-Saturn and broken hearts seem to go hand in hand, more often when there has been an attempt to keep up appearances for the world outside or when you get or stay married in order to be decent and correct, or just to please the parents. Venus-Saturn isn’t one of the easy aspects, not in marriage and not in social situations. There is always distance and caution or the fear to be rejected. Somehow the person with Venus-Saturn in the chart learned to manage and control feelings and desires, the hard way. Often the learning process started with the first steps on the path of romance. That is when the first bricks are building the wall that separates reality from preferences.

This blog is about love. How about love and Venus-Saturn when you are young? Here is an example that I found in the news today...and links to more about Venus-Saturn, sharing this aspect with a partner and the effect of Orcus (again!).

Orcus, Lothar Matthaeus, Charles and Diana

Broken promises and revenge or punishment: that is what Orcus, the latest discovered Plutonian object, is all about. This symbol must be important for astrology and love…

Lothar Matthaeus, the German football player, was confronted with pictures of his fourth wife, obviously enjoying the company of another man. This was a perfect example of the effect of a transit of Orcus. Inconjunctions are reflecting lost balance or losts…Transit Orcus is exactly inconjunct his natal Sun right now.
And there is more…

Transit Saturn is opposition natal Sun (end of a period, caused by others) and transit Uranus is conjunct natal Sun (upheaval, you are in the news…).

So we can’t just blame Orcus for this, but the symbol was there as obvious as the secret lover was. But it could just be coincidence, of course...

Orcus is important in the charts of the Prince and Princess of Wales, Charles and Diana, too. He has Sun inconjunct Orcus. She has Sun conjunct Orcus. His Orcus is sextile/semi-sextile her Uranus and Venus . Those aspects of Orcus and Sun are reflecting that ‘ keeping oaths’ (not) was an aspect of importance in their lives. They shared this aspect of learning to live with the Plutonian Orcus.

Of course there was more to say about the match and the wedding. See this post… http://astrology-love-romance.blogspot.com/2010/07/princess-dianas-wedding-day-and-match.html

maandag 2 augustus 2010

Famous couples: John and Elizabeth Edwards & John Edwards and Rielle Hunter

Former candidate for the USA presidency, John Edwards tried to keep it a secret and he denied for a long time that he is the father of the baby of his lover, Rielle Hunter. John Edwards is now divorcing his wife (who is a breast cancer patient). Why does this happen? Is it just because he is rich and famous, or are there indications in the natal chart? Or both? Indications for divorce in the chart of men are afflictions of the Moon with Saturn and Neptune, Venus in hard aspect with Neptune, Mars afflicted by Uranus and/or afflictions between the houses 1 and 7. We see a number of those afflictions in the chart of John Edwards.

1. Moon with Saturn and Neptune
The Moon sesquisquare Saturn and Neptune seems to be very appropriate considering the fact that his wife is seriously ill.  Saturn-Neptune is the combination of illnesses, too.
The aspects of the Moon with Saturn and Neptune are also two of the four indications that the astrologer Ram mentioned as indicative for possible divorce (or not marrying at all) in the charts of males.

2. Venus and Neptune: a quindecile
John Edwards has Venus quindecile Neptune (and Saturn)! That is 3!

3. In the Astrodatabank chart Cancer is on the Ascendant. The dispositor of Cancer is the Moon. The seventh house is ruled by Saturn as Capricorn is on the cusp of the Descendant. Moon and Saturn are sesquisquare! Afflictions between the rulers of the first and seventh house are also difficult for a marriage.

Capricorn on the seventh house might have kept him in a marriage because of responsibilities, parenthood or other obligations. Capricon is for consistency! And for keeping up appearances, too. Ruler 7th house, Saturn, is in Libra. Libra is the sign of 'being together'. The position of Saturn in Libra might prolongue relationships (good and bad ones).
in the news with sexual activities related to your career.

John Edwards is a good looking Mr. Nice Guy and probably well to do. That is attracting a lot of ladies. With Moon in Gemini conjunct Jupiter rising before the Sun, he is the popular and positive looking guy. John Edwards also has Venus quintile Uranus, so he has a creative desire for 'something new', 'excitement' and adventures. Uranus is on the Ascendant shows the individualistic approach and an independent and free presentation. The unbearable load of being married, in the chart of good looking individualist...that is asking for problems. It may be lonely at the top sometimes, but not alone!:) Here is the chart. The positions on the outside of the circle ('transits') are the positions of the day of birth of Elizabeth:

Look at Mars (square MC): Mars is not making aspects within 5 degrees orb. Mars is 'calling', reflecting energy (drive, work or sex) at any possible level. Jupiter is rising before the Sun and Mars is 'calling': that is a statement for success in life and.. for reproduction. He officially has five children now.

There are probably a lot of astrological 'excuses', but I think that Saturn ruling the 7th in Libra and quindecile Venus is the key to sticking to an outdated marriage.

Of course, a man who has so many indications for divorce will not marry a perfectly matching partner. I don't want to sound cynical, but there must be room to fail, as it seems. That is why there is little match with Elizabeth.

She is a Cancer, he is a Gemini…no match
His Moon in Gemini, hers in Libra…match (their families and habits match)
His Mercury in Cancer, hers in Gemini…no match (differences of opinion)
(Her Mercury is conjunct his Sun, btw)
His Venus in Taurus, hers in Leo,…no match (different styles and sympathies)
His Mars in Gemini, so is hers…match! But it is Mars. And Mars conjunct Mars might be regarded as an affliction when it comes to disagreement...

Her Pholus is sesquisquare his Sun/Moon as if she is shooting her feet by marrying him or that the marriage was a turning point in her life.
Her Neptune is exactly square his Ascendant and that means that she doesn’t see him clearly as he is. Disappointment might follow...

He is a Gemini, she is a Pisces or Aries…Match?
The Moons are in the same sign…Match
Mercury square Mercury…differences of opinion
Venus in same sign…Match
Mars in Gemini square Mars in Pisces (first hot attraction, fighting each other later, competition)

It is a lot of attraction and ...a lot of discussions....
Here is the chart of John Edwards again, this time with the ('transit') position of Rielle Hunter.

See the earlier post about John and Rielle...
About hard aspects between Moon and Saturn (also an aspect for 'keeping up appearances')...For more famous couples, see the labels \/

woensdag 14 juli 2010

Famous couples:The Jupiter of Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem (Tom Cruise and Matthew McConaughey)

Penelope Cruz married Javier Bardem early this month. They didn't have a big party with celebrities but married in the house of a friend. See the news... 
What the men are sharing, is that Penelope's Jupiter (symbol of protection, help and trust) was with their Suns...Here you read why they married right now, what the match is between the two and what kind of aspects (characteristics) they share...

Official and public arrangements (contracts) and time are symbolized by Saturn, in astrology and Venus is for love and marriage. The two planets are the keys to this wedding. 
- His Venus-Saturn is 15 degrees from her Sun (that is semi square Venus) and 
- His Venus -Saturn conjunction is semi sextile her Venus 
(so: his Saturn is semi sextile her Venus and his Venus is conjunct his Saturn). 
- His Progressed Sun is conjunct his Venus-Saturn conjunction right now. 
Perhaps that ment that it was time to get married.  There is a continuous rumor about Penelope being pregnant (since last summerJ), but of course, it might be true this time...

Penelope Cruz has an important Jupiter in her natal chart. This Jupiter is in a tight conjunction with her husband's Sun. And her Jupiter is trine the Suns of her former lovers (Tom Cruise and Matthew McConaughey). Perhaps Jupiter rules her 5th or 7th house or is IN the seventh house? 

The following text is ment for advanced students of astrology and contains the chart of the day of birth of Penelope with the positions of her husband outside the circle

vrijdag 2 juli 2010

Famous couple: Naomi Campbell and Mike Tyson

An Astropost.blogspot.com there is more about the chart of Naomi Campbell...In short: there is a 'finger pointing' at Venus (symbol of beauty) in a yod of Venus, Neptune and Ascendant that could be read as 'beauty and the art of presenting yourself'. Here are some astrological reasons for the reason why she has not married (yet):
1. Sun half semi square Mars (traditional difficult affliction for living with a man, being independent)-
2. Venus square Uranus (out of sign; one of the afflictions that the astrologer Ram found in the charts of divorced or never married women)

It takes 2 to get married, but it takes 3 to tango, so what more is there? I see Sun trine Uranus (making it easy to be independent and free). Still: the double bodied Venus in Gemini and ruler 7 in Sagittarius perhaps simply refer to the number of serious relationships that she had and will have. And Venus-Mars in the 5th house is a statement for passion. We'll see if a miracle happens...
But let's have a look at the match with former lover Mike Tyson.

She never married but she did have a relationship with Mike Tyson once. They separated. The interaction between their charts shows attraction and the reasons for the fact that it was not an everlasting love.

  • They share a Sagittarius Moon (and felt like friends)
  • They share a Gemini Venus (and had the same preferences,maybe loved to dance together?)
  • They had Mars conjunct Mars! A strong sexual attraction, but also strong competition and the risk of fighting each other
  • The Sun signs don't match, so their life styles didn't match
  • His Saturn was square her Venus (a love with limitations)
  • His Jupiter inconjunct her Moon (pleasant moments, but...)

Read what their driver says about this relationship http://ronmwangaguhunga.blogspot.com/2004/01/mike-tyson-and-naomi-campbell-i.html

donderdag 1 juli 2010

Princess Diana's wedding day and the match with Charles

The late Princess of Wales was born on a July 1 and married in July. This July post is about the match between her and Charles and about their charts on their wedding day. 

It is almost amazing how little match there is between the charts of Diana and Charles of England. (On the left is the chart of Charles with the natal positions of Diana.) 
Though their Suns and Moons are not in conflicting signs, there is also no harmony, like a trine would offer. There is no tight aspect between them. And Mars in Virgo is no match for Mars in Sagittarius, even if there is no tight square.  Venus in Taurus can live in peace with Venus in Libra, but they aren’t really a match. There is no major or minor aspect that links the planets. How could they have fallen in love? It was not because they ‘ matched’ and anyone could see that. If I were a match maker, would I want them to be a couple? No, not at first sight. It is no surprise that the charts don't show a couple at frst sight either. 

So there must have been another attraction between them and there is. His Sun was exactly conjunct her midpoint AC/MC and that made him the center of her life and being. He was her destiny. And her Jupiter is on his Descendant. His uncle advided him to marry Diana. It didn’t make them happy together. But she gave him children. Jupiter is in his fifth house of children.

He married her with transit Uranus on his progressed Venus, transit Neptune semi sextile the natal Sun and transit Chiron exactly opposition his natal Sun. Progressed Midheaven inconjunct natal Venus is completing the picture. It says: a marriage, but...(there is something wrong).


Diana recently had had Neptune on her Ascendant, making her insecure and shy. But she also had transit Jupiter trine Jupiter (happy period), the Sun sign changing (life style changing), the Ascendant square Jupiter and Saturn (ups and downs), Progressed Midheaven conjunct Mars (your status related to a man). 
The life of Diana changed more than the life of Charles, who was used to the media, the ceremonies and the protocol.

We all know what happened next.


Reading of Chart of Diana on Astromarkt http://www.astromarkt.net/fusiondianauk.htm

dinsdag 29 juni 2010

Astropost: Born June 29, Bernhard von Lippe (married to a Queen)

See Astropost: Born June 29, Bernhard von Lippe (married to a Queen) with the chart of the moment that Prince Bernhard met Queen Juliana and more about the match between the two. You will read this and more...

When they met, transit Jupiter (ruling his seventh house of marriage) was on the Descendant of Bernhard (the Descendant is the starting point of the seventh house).

(c) http://astropost.blogspot.com

zaterdag 26 juni 2010

Mel Gibson and Oksana's Uranus on his Sun/Moon midpoint

It is finito between the parents of baby Lucia. Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson are no longer in love. Of course, they didn’t match too much. The Sun signs matched and his Jupiter square her Venus promised lots of fun. And that is it. Maybe her natal Moon was conjunct his Venus, for falling inlove…

More important is the effect of her Uranus in the 6th degree of Libra opposition her 7th degree Aries Ceres. Mel Gibson’s Sun/Moon midpoint is in the 22nd degree of Scorpio. That is semi square her Uranus. And indeed, she changed (Uranus) his family life (Sun/Moon) and shook up the beds. Ceres is the symbol of the mother, the seed, the genes…They will always be linked to each other by their little girl Lucia. Ceres introduces the theme of motherhood (maybe also: wanting to have his baby). I read that they originally parted like friends, but later Oksana said that Mel had an affair during her pregnancy (how very Uranic; friendship and surprising news).

The planet of light that is on, opposition or square the point in the middle of the partners’ Sun and Moon is reflecting much of what motivates the partner when it is about you. Uranus might just reflect adventure, something exciting, friendship or breaking free.

See for more info: the Sun/Moon midpoint synastry.

There is a post about the end of Gibson’s long lasting marriage here:

I found the day of birth of Lucia's mother Oksana here...

woensdag 23 juni 2010

Prince Albert (really? really!:) getting married

See Astropost: Prince Albert (really? really!:) getting married, about the astrological situation today and in 2008 (when there was also an announcement about getting married). Prince Albert has a 7th house Saturn on the Descendant and semi square Venus. Juno sits on the Ascendant. He seems to be most desirable (royal batchelor) but he is 51 now and never got married in spite being ment to do so (Juno prominent).

(c) http://astropost.blogspot.com

dinsdag 15 juni 2010

A little married and more...
Saturn and Pluto in Libra

This post is about the (different stades of) transformation in marriage, Saturn and Pluto in Libra and a book that shows the different reflection of the 1982 transits in different parts of the world.

See the link to CNN. It is about Hannah Seligson’s book ‘ A little bit married’ and an interview with her about couples staying together for years without ever getting married. Well, so what?

In some parts of Europe people use NOT to get married these days, even if there are children. They don’t get married because they feel they don’t need an official license (and they don’t, as there are other ways to make financial commitments). Maybe it is also because of the fact that the church has less and less influence. In Denmark 60% of the children are born out of wetlock. Parenthood and marriage has split. Fathers and mothers call each other their ‘ friends’. Two generations ago they called each other ‘ mother’ and ‘father’, sometimes even when the children weren’t around! The roles of the individuals in a relationship changed. They are no longer parents, they are partners.

The author was born in 1982, when Saturn (symbol of a little bit) was in the sign of marriage (Libra), just like Pluto (symbol of problems and investigations). You could also read these placements like this:

- must (Pluto) get married (Libra)? Or transformations in relationships?
- obligation (Saturn) to stay together (Libra)? Or the disadvantages of marriage being an issue?
- The ‘die hard’ relationship or ‘abstination’ of marriage?

The author of ‘ A little bit married’ was born in a Saturn and Pluto in Libra generation. Still, in the USA people marry quickly and rather young. A look at the interview reminded me of the fact that in the USA – or at least where Hannah lives- conventional marriage is more common than living together like one (without official papers and without romantic white gowns). Wouldn’t that make a difference for reading charts?

The issues of Saturn and Pluto in Libra are personal issues if the planets have a prominent position (angular, rising before the sun or without major aspects) or if they are placed in the 7th house of marriage. All other individuals born with Saturn and Pluto in Libra experience the effect indirectly (through others, from the media), perhaps.

Of course, there is a big difference in transformations in marriage between the Western world and small villages in conservative and strictly religious worlds. Maybe it is significant that Pluto (the symbol of transformation) is not being regarded as a ‘ ruler’ in Indian and classical astrology? But let me stick to the Western world.

The revolutionary change of Pluto in Libra seems to have had more effect in Europe than it had in the USA. But divorce figures have risen in Europe and in the USA, except in those countries where less people got married☺. See, you always have to consider the status quo, the moral and local traditions and habits when you read individual charts or interprete the effect of Saturn and Pluto in Libra. It is different, depending on the culture.

Meanwhile, the next generation is more willing to get married. And they have parties and are dressed in white when they do. Some young men even ask the father for the hand of the daughter, like in the old days! Times are changing again, maybe because some things never change. BTW I will be celebrating the wedding of friends next month. They lived together for more than 10 years and have a 7 year old child. Now they decided that it was time for a party and time to get more than just a little bit married☺

dinsdag 1 juni 2010

Al and Tipper Gore are separating

See Astropost: Al and Tipper Gore are separating! But perhaps you would first like to see the post about their match? Here it is...

(c) http://astropost.blogspot.com

donderdag 27 mei 2010

Refreshed: the birthday match

There is a table of matching signs on Astromarkt for those who want to have a quick look to see if the sun signs are matching. But, with some calculating, you can also see if your specific birthday matches with your lover's (or your cat or your manager). You know, sometimes signs match while birthdays don't. Or signs don't match and birthdays do...The exceptions of matching/not matching signs can be found by calculating the aspect (difference in numbers/degrees) between your birthday and his/hers.
I posted this a few months ago and I like to place it on top of the list again today.
How does your birthday match with your partner's? Just check it, for fun. It is also training you to calculate aspects in astrology!

Every birthday has a number for each degree of the sun. There are 360 degrees, one for each day, starting with March 21 (Zero Aries, spring equinox). That means that January 1 has number 281. How to find your Sun's degree? Use this post and start counting, or go to the Astro.com calculating facilities for synastry (but they don't calculate some of the minor aspects).

Here are some numbers/degrees to start you up...

January 1 (281) 15 (295) 30 (310) (Example: January 20 januari = 295+5=300)
February 1 (312) 15 (326)
March 1 (340), 15 (354), 30 (10)
April 1 (11(, 15 (25) 30 (40)
May 1 (41), 15 (54), 30 (69)
June 1 (70), 15 (84), 30 (98)
July 1 (99), 11 (109) 21 (118) en 31 (128)
August 1 (129), 15 (142), 30 (157)
September 1 (158), 11 (168), 15 (172), 30 (188)
October 1 (187), 11 (198), 15 (202), 31 (217) (NB 5 oktober = 187+4=191)
November 1 (218) 11 (229), 21 (230)
December 1 (249), 11 (259), 21 (269), 31 (279)

It is simple: day number 1 - day number 2 and then see what the result means. Attention: if one of the number is > larger than 180, than ad 360 degrees with the smallest number. If you don't find the result related to an aspect in the list, then go to the table of matching signs on Astromarkt

1. You born February 11 (number 322) and he or she was born December 2 (250). Difference = 72. That is between 70.5 and 73.5 and that means that you two are able to create your own special world together.

2. You born April 1, he born May 17. Difference (56-11) = 45. Living together is sometimes a frustrating challenge for both of you.

3. A more difficult example:
June 1 and December 31 (70 and 279=430 en 279=151).

0-5 Living together as ONE
43-47 Sometimes living together is a frustrating challenge
50-53 You know how to learn to live together
57-63 You accept each other as you are
66-69 Living together is sometimes frustrating, but challenging
70.5 – 73.5 Together, you can create your own little world
85-95 Opposites attract each other (and sometimes fight each other
115-125 You are the lights in each other’s life
133-137 Sometimes frustrating, but attractive
148-152 One of the two has to surrender, there is little balance
163-167 You are almost obsessed and stick like glue
175-185 Completely different, there must be something else that keeps you going

Of course, this is not the complete story of your partnership, but just one (important) part of it. And remember, if you don't find the result related to an aspect in the list, then go to the table of matching signs on Astromarkt

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Astropost: Dream weddings in astrology

See Astropost: Dream weddings in astrology, about royal weddings with ' common' people...and how the chart points at successful weddings.

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Famous couple: Victoria of Sweden and her Daniel

Princess Victoria of Sweden (July 14, 1977 at 9:45, source Astrotheme.fr) is about to marry a ‘ common’ young man next month, named Daniel Westling (born September 15, 1973). Daniel Westling used to be her fitness instructor. They seem to match perfectly. The wedding date might have been selected by an astrologer:). In the progressed chart for June 19, the Progressed Ascendant will be square progressed Venus. That is a classical reflection of getting married. Crown Princess Victoria (just like Willem-Alexander, next king of the Netherlands) has a prominent Sun ('calling' ) and angular Jupiter (on IC) . Here is more about the match with her fiance:

Her Sun in the 22nd degree of Cancer is sextile his in Virgo

Her Venus is biquintile his. Though their Venus are not in a matching sign and tastes and preferences may differ, they found or find a creative way to appreciate each other.

Both have Mars in Taurus and that is OK.

Her Jupiter is square his Sun and that means trust and support.

Their Moons are not matching (Aries-Cancer) and that is in line with the not matching education and family backgrounds. They will have to get used to each other's habits and traditions.

His Uranus is square her Sun and that might lead to controversy once she is the Queen (and he will be her Prince). He may be objecting against her leadership or just rebel a bit. She may be the Queen, but he also has a ‘ calling ‘ Sun: he will draw attention at any possible level. Well, he did. He will marry the country's first lady to be. And the Uranus-Sun combination between them has already done ' it's job': there was a bit of upheaval about the fact that Victoria choose to marry a ' common' man.

After writing this article iu May, Astrodatabank published the hour of birth of Victoria: 9:45 PM (not AM) as one of the readers pointed out (thank you, anonymous reader!). It didn't change the observations of the synastry much. But: the Moons are now in not matching signs. Together with the Uranus-Sun affliction (with a risk for enstrangement), there will (or already were) difficulties to conquer (like in most marriages).

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Famous couple:Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown married and divorced. The marriage lasted rather long considering the fact that they had problems from the beginning. Here is the chart of Whitney and the positions of her ex-husband are the transits (in green).

For living together as one, it is easier to have matching sun signs. This is because the Sun is the symbol of life, heart and will. The Suns of Whitney and Bobby are exactly in opposition, so that they attracted each other even though there was a big question mark about how to join there ways of living. Their lifestyles don’t match.

There habits didn’t match either. They have the Moons in not matching signs (Aries and Virgo). If the Moons were inconjunct (150 degrees apart) there might have been extraordinary attraction leading to missing balance between them.

Mercury is the planet of communications. Their Mercuries don’t match, so that communicating wasn’t easy.

His Venus in Aries matches hers in Leo, so they definitely liked each other and shared preferences and tastes.

Her Mars in Libra however doesn’t really cooperate fluently with his Mars in Scorpio. Her Jupiter and Saturn are in conflict with his Mars. His Mars is inconjunct Saturn and square her Saturn. That is a bad sign, often making them enemies.

His Saturn is square her Node and that is an indication for separation.

So why did they marry? I think that there is a meaning in her Sun opposition Pholus and his Sun conjunct her Pholus. Pholus is the symbol of the turning point in life and she certainly had dramatic turning points in hers. Pholus is the Centaur who shot his own foot. She might risk ‘ shooting her foot’ more often and he is the living proof of how she did that. On the other hand, he may have been the catalyst of some inner and outer process that we are unaware of. Who knows..And perpaps things are even more complicated. Bobby Brown says that she introduced him to cocaine! Anyway, the complications of their relationship are reflected by the complicated aspects between their charts. The experience didn't stop Bobby from marrying and divorcing again and again and again...

PS On Astropost I wrote about the obsession of Osama Bin Laden (also an aggressive person) for Whitney. I wrote this:
In August 2006 an 'ex-sexslave' of Osama told the media that he was obsessed by Whitney Houston and even planned murdering her husband. It is astrologically a case of counterparts. Whitney Houston is a Leo and Osama a Pisces (difficult combinations basically). The Moon of Whitney is in Aries and his in Cancer (difficult to live together or to get used to the different habits.) His Mercury is opposed to hers (problems communicating). Her Venus is in a very narrow inconjunction to his Venus (they cannot match preferences). Her Mars is sesqui square his (good for a fight or not longlasting sexual attraction). Her Pluto opposes his Venus and Mercury (that makes the attraction very intense). Check it yourself: Whitney Houston is born 9th August 1963.

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Famous couple Princess Madeleine of Sweden and Jonas Bergstrom

Swedish Princess Madeleine had a fiancé, but he had an affair and now the relationship has stopped. Here is her chart with transits of the day of birth of her ex-fiancé Jonas Bergstrom. You can now see if they matched and what the aspects are between their charts (the synastry). They didn't match completely and there are a few 'bad signs' for a relationship: his Uranus on her Ascendant and his Neptune opposition her Sun. Here are some of the observations.

The Suns matched
The Moons didn't match
Mercury was sesquisquare Mercury (lack of communications?)
Venus didn't match Venus (different preferences)
Mars matched Mars
It is a 50/50 match; good for cooperation, but less pleasant when it comes to habits and sympathies.

The 50/50 match of the signs is completed with a 50-50 packet of aspects:

-Her Moon was conjunct his Sun (a common synastry aspect between a man and a woman in a marriage)
-His Pluto trine her Sun (he impressed her)
-His Moon might be on her Ascendant for attraction
But also:
- His Uranus on her Ascendant promises adventure, hectic situations and a flashlight affaire
- His Neptune opposition her Sun is dubious
- His Juno (symbol of the partner) is exactly square her Uranus (wrong guy?)
- His Pholus is square her Sun and trine her Ascendant...he is embodying a turning point in her life. Another sign of getting hurt is his Chiron inconjunct her Mars, while Chiron is on her Descendant.

More about matches, synastry and love? See the labels!

I like to add that with someone's Uranus on your Ascendant-Descendant line you might experience a period of excitement and then suddenly it is over. Sometimes it is a flashlight relationship, or someone arriving at what seems to be a wrong moment in life or causes upheaval and controversy. There are of course also lasting relationships with Uranus-horizon and in that case the partner will remain a rather unusual kind of choice, perhaps. Do the poll, please, so that we find out what the effect might be!

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Famous couple: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

When I wrote on Astropost about matching signs, someone asked to have a look at the famous couple Timberlake-Biel to see if they matched or not. Here is the question and the answer:

Anonymous said...
There are many rumours that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are about to breakup first it was the Chicago Sun Times and now Ok magazine is reporting it too. Justin was on oprah the other day and his attitude about relashionships made it obvious that marriage is not on his list of priorities. Uranus is squaring his natal Neptune, Neptune aspecting his Descendant might bring confusion and Uranus is gonna square is Natal moon. With Jessica i notice Saturn is squaring her natal moon. i read recently a article about Celebrity Break-ups and Hard Outer Planet Transits to the Moon. So i was wondering what do u think ?

March 29, 2009 11:36 PM

AstroMarkt said...
Justin Timberlake has a few things in common with other male beauties. He was born January 31, 1981 at 18h30 CST in Millington. His Moon is oriental and that is attractive. Mars opposition Ascendant gives him the looks of a 'real man'. Venus is in the cool (...) sign of Capricorn, just like in the chart of Brad Pitt. And for being extra cool Justin has Venus in mutual reception with Saturn. That connects beauty and women to business.

Justin has Sun semi square Venus/Uranus for special beauty and a few indications for success related to beauty and being fotogenic: Venus semi square Sun/Jupiter and Jupiter square Venus/Neptune.

Justin Timberlake is an Aquarius and his Ascendant is Leo.

*) He has Mars square Uranus and Moon conjunct Neptune. Both are indications for divorce(s). Jessica Biel has Mars conjunct Saturn. If this is her first relationship (serious) then there is a chance for a divorce.

They do not match much.
Sun semi sextile Sun does not make it easy to live together.
Moon opposition Moon (great attraction, little correspondence in habits)
So the basics don't fit.

Right now transit Neptune conjunct Descendant of Justin Timberlake. This often shows 'isolation' in a relationship. Hard to say if they will separate NOW (I don't know the hour of birth of Jessica Biel). They share the aspect Sun trine Jupiter (they are going for success), but they also both have an affliction between Mars and Saturn (the indicational aspect for divorce in a female's chart).
So I doubt that this will be an eternal partnership, but people CAN go for it and do therapy, of course.

March 30, 2009 6:20 AM
Again there are rumours about the relationship...And perhaps this time it is for real.

There is a post on Astropost about the relationship between Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, that you can see HERE...

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Astropost: The Venus and Pholus of Whoopi Goldberg

Read: Astropost: The Venus and Pholus of Whoopi Goldberg related to her statement that she cheated a few times during her marriages. The indications for this are the prominent Venus, Moon, Mars and Uranus in her natal chart: a passionate combination.

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There is a post about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, famous couple, on Astropost: THE HOUSE AND CHART OF TOM CRUISE AND KATIE HOLMES

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Famous couple Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher

Sacha Baron Cohen had a wedding ceremony in Paris*) with Isla Fisher. They already have a little daughter. Here you see the positions on his day of birth. The transits are for the day that Isla Fisher was born. How is their match?

He is a Libra, her sun sign is Aquarius: match! They don't have much problems living together as one.

His Moon in Leo doesn't match her Pisces Moon (and that is a problem for sharing families and habits), but they might be biquintile of course (in which case they found a creative solution).

Mercury is square Mercury (for differences of opinion)

Venus in Scorpio matches with Venus in Capricorn, but they are sesquisemisquare (so there might be frustrating differences in sympathies and taste sometimes)

Mars is trine Mars and that is a good match for the planet of sex, production, work and energy. They easily share the same drive.

- Her Jupiter is opposition his Sun so she trusts and supports him.
- His Uranus is trine her Sun and Mars so they are friends.
- His Moon might be opposition her Sun and that would be a classical indication for attraction.

As she is 34 now her progressed Sun is in the 18th degree of Pisces, trine the True Node and in the sign of her Moon. In a recent interview she said that she found comedy's hard sometimes. Perhaps that is her Moon in Pisces and Neptune oriental speaking. Isla Fisher is an actress, The Moon in Pisces is in aspect with Venus and Neptune in this chart for noon. The time of her birth is unknown and so is Sacha's.

*) See Astropost for today's date for the transits and progressions that accompanied the event.

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Jesse James (now with h.o.b.)

Jesse James is a successful person in business and he used to be successful in marrying Sandra Bullock, but now they separated after his affair with a tattoo-model. I have written about them before (see the earlier post). That was before I knew the hour of birth of Jesse James (thanks to Femscorp:).

Why is he 'cheating' and why can he? Let us take the circumstances into consideration: he is rich and attractive, women like him, he is a member of the jet set and his wife was far away for weeks. He is also the kind of person who needs to have exciting contacts and discussions (Moon in Gemini trine Uranus). His Sun/Moon midpoint is in hard aspect with Uranus: he is motivated by change, excitement and adventure and family life will often by hectic. And ...he has the usual indications for divorce in the chart of a man + an Venus in Aries, the ruler of the first house in 12 sesquisquare Neptune (natural ruler of the 12th) in the 7th house.

Venus in Aries is a difficult position for Venus, because it is for love at first sight and astrologically because Venus is in the sign that opposes the sign that Venus rules (Libra). Perhaps Jesse has a charming, but direct way to present himself as a result of this. The problem with Venus is, that there is an affliction with the
planet of illusions: Neptune.

Venus is sesquisquare Neptune in the 7th house. Now there is a double affliction (ruler 1 - planet in 7 and Venus-Neptune). Venus-Neptune and 1-7 afflictions are among the indications for divorce in a male's chart. Venus-Neptune is the combination of art, too, because it relates fantasy and dreams to beauty. In ordinary life it is the combination of romantic ideas in love and about women.

Venus is in the 12th house, just like Sun (inconjunct Neptune) and Saturn (inconjunct Neptune). Neptune ruler of the natural 12th house is in 7 and Venus ruler of the natural 7th is in the 12th. That is another indication for Venus-Neptune, the aspect related to love affairs.

Another indication for divorce is Moon opposition Neptune, out of sign. The amount of indications for divorce says enough. Jesse James married more than once. Moon and Venus (ruler 1) afflicted by Neptune (in 7). It doesn't mean that he can't stay married at all, but his need for (exciting) love and romance stands in the way to make it long lasting.

There are several astrological reflections for the present situation:

- Progressed Venus is almost exactly square natal Midheaven; his status and position is related to women in a difficult way now.
- Earlier Venus was quindecile the Descendant: a strong focus on partnership-love.
- The Moon is inconjunct Venus in the progressed chart. Moon-Venus conflicts are conflicts between or about women (in a male's chart) and it is about getting out of balance because of sentimental feelings right now.
- The ruler of the Descendant in the progressed chart is Jupiter, now opposition transit Uranus (and that is often indicating sudden relief but Uranus opposition ruler 7 is not).
- Progressed Uranus is inconjunct natal Sun and that will remain so for a longer period of time. The inconjunction between Sun and Uranus is in the natal chart, too. The aspect refers to being special, drawing attention by the way that you differ from the others in a rather disproportionate way. Jesse James is an outsider in the world of movie stars. His marriage brought him into that world.
- Transit Saturn inconjunct progressed Saturn this year...

So what you see is a lot of Uranus (upheaval) like in the chart of Sandra, who also has the Saturn inconjunction for separation.

In the earlier post (click here) I mentioned that the Moon of Jesse James in Taurus does not match with the Moon in Aquarius of Sandra, but now I know the hour of birth and his Moon appears to be in Gemini. So the Moon signs match, but now there is another difficulty. The Moon of Jesse James is opposition the Sun of Sandra Bullock and that is a challenging aspect in synastry, even though it is an indication for attraction.

- Their Suns are in friendly signs.
- Venus quintile Venus: a creative way to combine tastes and share sympathies and liking each other, too.
- Mars is opposition Mars, in a very wide aspect, to reflect sexual attraction followed by the (distant) possibility of fighting or competing with each other. As his Jupiter is in aspect with her Mars, there is also compensation for that.

It is not such a bad match, it is a matter of sharing Sun-Saturn that makes it easy to drift apart (see the earlier post) and on the other hand: hard to separate because of the shared responsibilities (and maybe business/mortgage) and because of the idea of consistency.

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Famous couple: Sandra Bullock- Jesse James

This post comes a bit too late. As it seems, Sandra has left Jesse James after an interview in Touch with Michelle McGee, the ex-lover of Jesse (while he was married with Sandra). There is a rather good match between their charts, apart from the not matching Moon signs,which doesn't make it easy to live in the same house and get used to each other's habits or family. More about the match when you scroll down...

There is one important shared aspect that is reflecting distance and seperation as an issue in their lives and a shared issue in the relationship: Sun afflicting Saturn.

Sandra Bulluck has a 'calling' Sun, a Sun without major aspects. It means that you draw attention as a leader or as a star, anyhow, somehow. And her Sun is inconjunct Saturn on Midheaven(time of birth by Astrotheme). I have written about
Sun inconjunct Saturn before on Astropost (click the label inconjunct saturn'that you see on astropost.blogspot.com). It is one of the most difficult aspects to have to deal with, even if you are a 'lucky star'. And she married a man with Saturn rising before the Sun and conjunct Sun (apex of a Yod), so that they share an important Sun-Saturn affliction. They were probably very serious when they started their life together. And they kept 'minding their own business'. It kept Sandra away from home for weeks. In that period Michelle and Jesse had an affair.

Jesse James (descendant of the outlaw Jesse James) was born April 19, 1969. You see Sandra Bullockś chart here.The transits are for the positions for Jesse James at noon.
Note: When you share difficult Sun-Saturn aspect there are two possible scenarios: staying together because of the law, mortgage, business, parenthood...or separation and divorce. Saturn often points at a certain distance (by age, by restrictions such a one partner being married, etc.). In an individual's chart the Sun-Saturn progression or transit frequently indicates the end of a period in life. Sun-Saturn's like to keep things under control and that might be a reason to take the first step and say goodbye, earlier than other persons do, unless they are certain of their partner.

Their Suns are in friendly signs, but their Moons don't match. So perhaps it won't have been easy to get used to living together and sharing habits, food and family. That is largely compensated by Venus quintile Venus: a creative way to combine tastes and share sympathies and liking each other, too. Mars is opposition Mars, in a very wide aspect, to reflect sexual attraction followed by the (distant) possibility of fighting or competing with each other. As his Jupiter is in aspect with her Mars, there is also compensation for that. It is not such a bad match, it is a matter of Sun-Saturn. Or?

Would it just be as the Huffington post comments (the curse of the Oscar and that men are always as loyal as their chances are?)

- How long will your relationship last?

- Multiple marriages, double bodied signs and Jupiter in 7

*) (There is also a Venus-Jupiter-Pluto interaction between their charts: her Pluto is inconjunct his Venus and his Pluto is square her Venus. Her Jupiter is square his Pluto, his is 15 degrees from her Pluto and trine her Venus. There is a novile between her Jupiter and his Venus. That is a combination for a lot of money and/or a lot of love.)