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zondag 25 april 2010

Famous couple Princess Madeleine of Sweden and Jonas Bergstrom

Swedish Princess Madeleine had a fiancé, but he had an affair and now the relationship has stopped. Here is her chart with transits of the day of birth of her ex-fiancé Jonas Bergstrom. You can now see if they matched and what the aspects are between their charts (the synastry). They didn't match completely and there are a few 'bad signs' for a relationship: his Uranus on her Ascendant and his Neptune opposition her Sun. Here are some of the observations.

The Suns matched
The Moons didn't match
Mercury was sesquisquare Mercury (lack of communications?)
Venus didn't match Venus (different preferences)
Mars matched Mars
It is a 50/50 match; good for cooperation, but less pleasant when it comes to habits and sympathies.

The 50/50 match of the signs is completed with a 50-50 packet of aspects:

-Her Moon was conjunct his Sun (a common synastry aspect between a man and a woman in a marriage)
-His Pluto trine her Sun (he impressed her)
-His Moon might be on her Ascendant for attraction
But also:
- His Uranus on her Ascendant promises adventure, hectic situations and a flashlight affaire
- His Neptune opposition her Sun is dubious
- His Juno (symbol of the partner) is exactly square her Uranus (wrong guy?)
- His Pholus is square her Sun and trine her Ascendant...he is embodying a turning point in her life. Another sign of getting hurt is his Chiron inconjunct her Mars, while Chiron is on her Descendant.

More about matches, synastry and love? See the labels!

I like to add that with someone's Uranus on your Ascendant-Descendant line you might experience a period of excitement and then suddenly it is over. Sometimes it is a flashlight relationship, or someone arriving at what seems to be a wrong moment in life or causes upheaval and controversy. There are of course also lasting relationships with Uranus-horizon and in that case the partner will remain a rather unusual kind of choice, perhaps. Do the poll, please, so that we find out what the effect might be!

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