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zondag 13 februari 2011

Valentine, romance and astrology

Heart and Soul Nebula, courtesy Nasa

Happy Valentine! This post offers some romantic link for students of astrology. In astrology love and romance are symbolized by Venus and Neptune, but they are not always happy. Sometimes love is a battle field! Today I write about Neptune on Astropost and part of that post is about 'romance'. Neptune gives you beautiful dreams about a fantastic future (with the one you love). That is why Neptune is the perfect planet for Valentine (the secret admirer behind the postcard). And what is more romantic than a tragic love? See the post about the effect of Neptune and love in the charts of a poet and a singer: http://astrology-love-romance.blogspot.com/2009/05/neptune-romance-and-tragedy.html...Transit Neptune was square her progressed Midheaven when she drowned (…) and her Neptune was trine the Sun of the man who wrote a poem about her final day. Sweeter dreams come with the next link to Astropost. This post links you to a variety of drama and happy moments: http://astropost.blogspot.com/2009/02/valentine-astroposts.html But perhaps you are more interested in couples and in the astrology of relationships? Then see the list of posts about matching/not matching, divorce and everlasting love here...
There is one post that you shouldn't miss on Valentine's day. It is the post about Casanova's chart.  If you are more interested in true love, there is more than enough stuff here and on the internet. For example: see Astromarkt about charts, loves and relationships.
And if love hasn't come your way (yet), have some chocolat. It seems to be 20 times better:)
BTW: Nice movie to see for Valentine's day!

zaterdag 12 februari 2011

Astropost: The love life of Catherine the Great

See Astropost: The love life of Catherine the Great about the Russian Empress who had dozens of lovers. What in her chart shows us why (except her position of power)? The Yod with Pluto in the house of sex, the inconjunctions of Venus-Uranus and Mars-Pluto, the angular Moon and Venus, the fact that Mars rises before her Sun, Venus in Gemini, or the complete packet? More on Astropost.

Also visit: Astromarkt.net, about love and relationships and come back tomorrow for the Valentine Post.

donderdag 10 februari 2011

Transit Venus and Jupiter, a wedding and April Taurus

On Astropost: Transit Venus and Jupiter, a wedding and April Taurus; coincidence or...? An April Taurus selected end of August for his wedding day without knowing that transit Venus and Jupiter were in aspect with his natal Sun. The 2011 horoscope for April Taurus recommended end of August for...a party.

Venus and Jupiter are the planets for celebrations. Whit these two in a favorable position, your party has a greater chance to be a success!

Also visit: Astromarkt.net