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donderdag 27 mei 2010

Refreshed: the birthday match

There is a table of matching signs on Astromarkt for those who want to have a quick look to see if the sun signs are matching. But, with some calculating, you can also see if your specific birthday matches with your lover's (or your cat or your manager). You know, sometimes signs match while birthdays don't. Or signs don't match and birthdays do...The exceptions of matching/not matching signs can be found by calculating the aspect (difference in numbers/degrees) between your birthday and his/hers.
I posted this a few months ago and I like to place it on top of the list again today.
How does your birthday match with your partner's? Just check it, for fun. It is also training you to calculate aspects in astrology!

Every birthday has a number for each degree of the sun. There are 360 degrees, one for each day, starting with March 21 (Zero Aries, spring equinox). That means that January 1 has number 281. How to find your Sun's degree? Use this post and start counting, or go to the Astro.com calculating facilities for synastry (but they don't calculate some of the minor aspects).

Here are some numbers/degrees to start you up...

January 1 (281) 15 (295) 30 (310) (Example: January 20 januari = 295+5=300)
February 1 (312) 15 (326)
March 1 (340), 15 (354), 30 (10)
April 1 (11(, 15 (25) 30 (40)
May 1 (41), 15 (54), 30 (69)
June 1 (70), 15 (84), 30 (98)
July 1 (99), 11 (109) 21 (118) en 31 (128)
August 1 (129), 15 (142), 30 (157)
September 1 (158), 11 (168), 15 (172), 30 (188)
October 1 (187), 11 (198), 15 (202), 31 (217) (NB 5 oktober = 187+4=191)
November 1 (218) 11 (229), 21 (230)
December 1 (249), 11 (259), 21 (269), 31 (279)

It is simple: day number 1 - day number 2 and then see what the result means. Attention: if one of the number is > larger than 180, than ad 360 degrees with the smallest number. If you don't find the result related to an aspect in the list, then go to the table of matching signs on Astromarkt

1. You born February 11 (number 322) and he or she was born December 2 (250). Difference = 72. That is between 70.5 and 73.5 and that means that you two are able to create your own special world together.

2. You born April 1, he born May 17. Difference (56-11) = 45. Living together is sometimes a frustrating challenge for both of you.

3. A more difficult example:
June 1 and December 31 (70 and 279=430 en 279=151).

0-5 Living together as ONE
43-47 Sometimes living together is a frustrating challenge
50-53 You know how to learn to live together
57-63 You accept each other as you are
66-69 Living together is sometimes frustrating, but challenging
70.5 – 73.5 Together, you can create your own little world
85-95 Opposites attract each other (and sometimes fight each other
115-125 You are the lights in each other’s life
133-137 Sometimes frustrating, but attractive
148-152 One of the two has to surrender, there is little balance
163-167 You are almost obsessed and stick like glue
175-185 Completely different, there must be something else that keeps you going

Of course, this is not the complete story of your partnership, but just one (important) part of it. And remember, if you don't find the result related to an aspect in the list, then go to the table of matching signs on Astromarkt

zondag 16 mei 2010

zondag 2 mei 2010

Astropost: Dream weddings in astrology

See Astropost: Dream weddings in astrology, about royal weddings with ' common' people...and how the chart points at successful weddings.

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Famous couple: Victoria of Sweden and her Daniel

Princess Victoria of Sweden (July 14, 1977 at 9:45, source Astrotheme.fr) is about to marry a ‘ common’ young man next month, named Daniel Westling (born September 15, 1973). Daniel Westling used to be her fitness instructor. They seem to match perfectly. The wedding date might have been selected by an astrologer:). In the progressed chart for June 19, the Progressed Ascendant will be square progressed Venus. That is a classical reflection of getting married. Crown Princess Victoria (just like Willem-Alexander, next king of the Netherlands) has a prominent Sun ('calling' ) and angular Jupiter (on IC) . Here is more about the match with her fiance:

Her Sun in the 22nd degree of Cancer is sextile his in Virgo

Her Venus is biquintile his. Though their Venus are not in a matching sign and tastes and preferences may differ, they found or find a creative way to appreciate each other.

Both have Mars in Taurus and that is OK.

Her Jupiter is square his Sun and that means trust and support.

Their Moons are not matching (Aries-Cancer) and that is in line with the not matching education and family backgrounds. They will have to get used to each other's habits and traditions.

His Uranus is square her Sun and that might lead to controversy once she is the Queen (and he will be her Prince). He may be objecting against her leadership or just rebel a bit. She may be the Queen, but he also has a ‘ calling ‘ Sun: he will draw attention at any possible level. Well, he did. He will marry the country's first lady to be. And the Uranus-Sun combination between them has already done ' it's job': there was a bit of upheaval about the fact that Victoria choose to marry a ' common' man.

After writing this article iu May, Astrodatabank published the hour of birth of Victoria: 9:45 PM (not AM) as one of the readers pointed out (thank you, anonymous reader!). It didn't change the observations of the synastry much. But: the Moons are now in not matching signs. Together with the Uranus-Sun affliction (with a risk for enstrangement), there will (or already were) difficulties to conquer (like in most marriages).