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zondag 29 juli 2012

Famous couple Robbert Pattinson - Kristen Stewart

When you see the positions of the days of birth of Robbert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, you won't be surprised that their relationship failed. Their charts don't match at all! Their sun signs don't. Their moon signs don't. OK, they had Mercury in Taurus together, but Venus in Gemini (Robbert) is no match for Venus in Pisces (Kristen) and Mars in Capricorn isn't for Mars in Aquarius. The fact that her Mars was trine his Venus only helped to become a not matching couple. So let's be happy that they didn't marry and have children and divorced later.

Here are those positions:

The fact that the couple didn't match doesn't mean that Robbert Pattinson isn't hurt, because of what happened (Kristen cheated on  him). There are a number of unpleasant transits and progressions to deal with. You know that the aspect of 150 degrees (quincunx or inconjunct) refers to loss. He had transit Saturn inconjunct Sun lately (and that is the 'lame duck' aspect) with transit Pholus opposition Sun (turning point caused by others), followed by progressed Venus inconjunct Uranus (shock in love). Progressed Mercury opposition Neptune and trine Pluto was for the bad news (and the press). And transit Saturn square progressed Mars hits you hard. Lucky for him there is also Progressed Sun square Jupiter: an open door to more successes.

Similar difficult aspects are in the chart of Kristen, whose progressed Sun semi square Pholus marks a frustrating change. Just like her ex she has progressed Mercury in aspect with Neptune (a trine for her) : the story of an affair. Transit Neptune conjunct Venus and trine Jupiter completes it: a love affair...

What you learn from this is, that when there are no matches at all and when Venus doesn't help, there is little to be done about it: the couple weren't meant for each other, not forever and ever...

More about Robbert, written in 2008 when Jupiter was on his side: http://astropost.blogspot.nl/2008/12/astrology-chart-robert-pattinson-no-hob.html

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zondag 8 juli 2012

Astropost: The Duchess and astrology

See Astropost: The Duchess and astrology about the love life of Duchess Georgiana Cavendish (Spencer). Born in the 18th century, socialite, menage a trois with husband's lover and her former friend, a lover and a love child the had to be given away....but she raised the love child of her husband. Different times, dramatic story...

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zondag 1 juli 2012

Divorce Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

This week it was hot news that Katie Holmes left Tom Cruise. It is his third divorce. It is her first time.  I first planned to tell you all about it, but after writing it down, I decided to keep most of it to myself, to stick to the pictures and just tell you this:
a. They never matched at all. Their signs don't match. And his Sun is quindecile her Sun: that is an obsessive aspect and a hard one. Their charts weren't made for each other.
b. They both have a Mars-Uranus aspect. In short: hurry hurry hurry and boom! Her Venus-Uranus aspect warns for marrying too quickly with the wrong person.
c. When she married him she had Pluto on her Sun. His Pluto is in hard aspect with her Sun/Moon midpoint. This usually complicates a relationship.

For the purpose of study we have the Astrodienst AA-rated chart of Katie Holmes and the day of birth of Tom Cruise. We also know when they got married. Here are the charts. 

A chart of Katie Holmes. The ' transits ' are the positions of the day of birth of Tom Cruise.

Above is the chart, progressed chart and transits of Katie Holmes on her wedding day.  There are a lot of transits and progressions. Like this one: the Progressed Ascendant is conjunct Saturn! When Orson Welles married Rita Hayworth, transit Saturn was on his Ascendant. The marriage didn't last. (see: http://astrology-love-romance.blogspot.nl/2011/09/famous-couple-orson-welles-and-rita.html)

There was a rumor about Katie wanting to move out of the family house, in 2008 (see the post: http://astropost.blogspot.nl/2008/07/house-and-chart-of-tom-cruise-and-katie.html 

And now she left.

  • Then her Sun sign was changing sign to Aquarius
  • Her progressed Venus got inconjunct her Midheaven
  • Progressed Sun conjunct Progressed Mars. 
  • Transit Pholus now square progressed Ascendant/Midheaven midpoint 
  • Transit Uranus trine Jupiter. 
  • The Uranus-Pluto (revolutionary) square hits her Jupiter and ...her Sun/Moon.
  • Transit Uranus is quindecile her Sun/Moon midpoint now (=a strong focus on change in marriage and motivation). 
  • According to her husband it came as a complete surprise. For this, I like to point at Transit Uranus quatronovile the Progressed Ascendant (rejoicing a surprising act:). 

About aspects:
Inconjunctions between charts make it hard to maintain a balance between the two of you. Squares ad opposition at first seem to attract the 'opposite' but don't make it as easy as trines and sextiles to stick together. Conjunctions join you, but sometimes they join what you don't want (for example your sunny Sun and his Pluto). Quindeciles often cause obsession. Quintiles offer creative solutions in case of differences and noviles help you to see the good things in the partner. 
About planets:
Pholus creates a point of no return. Uranus comes by surprise. And Saturn as a guest on your wedding day is usually not invited!

See the label for more examples of divorce.

The astrological pattern of professional artistic talent in the chart of Katie Holmes is in the Moon square Venus and trine Neptune, with Midheaven square Moon, opposition venus and biquintile Neptune. The 'calling' Sun with the Moon and Ascendant in Leo will always make Katie Holmes shine and look brilliant wherever she is,with or without Tom Cruise.