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vrijdag 19 november 2010

Famous couples: Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

It is always a pleasure to see an exception when it is about matching (compatible) signs. Queen Victoria's Sun in Gemini was exactly square the Sun in Virgo of her beloved husband Prince Albert. Their sunsigns didn't match. They had 9 children together, so I don't suppose that she didn't like him. But of course: she was the queen and she was the boss! When Sun's don't match it is often a matter of 'who is the boss'. She was, she was the queen.

Also: his Moon in Scorpio is inconjunct her Moon in Gemini! There must have been difficulties to get used to each other's habits and traditions or...unbalancing emotions.

What is the compensation for it? Venus matches Venus (there is a 127.5/128 degree difference, a distance that I consider of importance).
Mars is semisesquisquare Mars (fire!!! and possible fights)

There are a lot of challenging aspects between them and there is little compensation in synastry. His Juno trine her Moon and Midheaven is nice, though. We can see the importance of marriage in her chart: Juno is exactly square the Ascendant

They share aspects and that helps! For example: both have Venus trine Uranus. That means that they shared a sort of an excitement about each other, a repeating sensation of falling in love. They also shared Venus trine Neptune: romantic feelings. And Mars-Jupiter (overproduction?:): she has Mars sextile Jupiter, he has Mars sesquisquare Jupiter.

The chart of Albert and Victoria are a perfect example of not matching signs and the effect of sharing aspects. They were 'lovers as well as partners in a great enterprise' is what I read here...
And that is corresponding with Mars-Jupiter (great enterprise) and Venus-Uranus-Neptune (lovers).

Victoria lost her husband too soon. when that happened progressed Venus was square natal Mars and in the progressed chart Moon was square Midheaven. A very important indication of what was to happen is in the solar return chart: Sun square Saturn and Neptune on Midheaven.

BTW Ceres is conjunct Moon on the Ascendant of Queen Victoria in line with the importance of motherhood/dynasty.

dinsdag 16 november 2010

Astropost: The match between Prince William and Kate Middleton

Astropost: The match between Prince William and Kate Middleton

The famous couple share a Moon in Cancer. That makes them 'soulmates'. Their Sunsigns don't match, but Venus tredecile Venus is a nice way to say that they love each other.

dinsdag 9 november 2010

Matching signs and famous couple Boyd/Clapton

Astromarkt has been restyled. So has the article about matching signs. The address changed, too. Here is the link:

When signs don't match it is a challenge to continue the relationship. Famous examples of not matching signs are Pattie Boyd and Eric Clapton. This famous couple divorced. Four years ago Pattie Boyd wrote a book about the marriage. It seems to have been her 'revenge' on Eric Clapton (see the news of 2006).

Pattie Boyd is born 17th March 1944 (time unknown) and she divorced Eric Clapton (30 March 1945, 20h55 in Ripley Surray, UK). They did not match much. Here is the (DD-rated so time is not official!) natal chart of Eric Clapton by Astrodatabank with the transits of the day of birth of Pattie Boyd. 

He is an Aries, she is a Pisces (-); they are fundamentely different.

He is a Moon Scorpio, she is Moon Sagittarius (-) and that doesn't make it easy to get used to living together.

He is Mercury in Aries, she in Pisces (-); that is causing differences of opinion and interests.

Venus sextile Venus (+) so they liked each other...

Mars in Pisces for him, in Gemini for her (-) for fire first and fighting later. There are many of such examples on this blog.

Her Sun is biquintile his Moon (+) for a creative way to became a couple.

His Venus inconjunct her Neptunus (-) for lost illusions.

His Mars square her Uranus and inconjunct her Neptunus (--) and that is no good...

His Jupiter square her Saturn (-) is for ups and downs.

His Neptune parallel her Sun (+) for romance.

That is a lot of not matching planets and lights...