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vrijdag 2 juli 2010

Famous couple: Naomi Campbell and Mike Tyson

An Astropost.blogspot.com there is more about the chart of Naomi Campbell...In short: there is a 'finger pointing' at Venus (symbol of beauty) in a yod of Venus, Neptune and Ascendant that could be read as 'beauty and the art of presenting yourself'. Here are some astrological reasons for the reason why she has not married (yet):
1. Sun half semi square Mars (traditional difficult affliction for living with a man, being independent)-
2. Venus square Uranus (out of sign; one of the afflictions that the astrologer Ram found in the charts of divorced or never married women)

It takes 2 to get married, but it takes 3 to tango, so what more is there? I see Sun trine Uranus (making it easy to be independent and free). Still: the double bodied Venus in Gemini and ruler 7 in Sagittarius perhaps simply refer to the number of serious relationships that she had and will have. And Venus-Mars in the 5th house is a statement for passion. We'll see if a miracle happens...
But let's have a look at the match with former lover Mike Tyson.

She never married but she did have a relationship with Mike Tyson once. They separated. The interaction between their charts shows attraction and the reasons for the fact that it was not an everlasting love.

  • They share a Sagittarius Moon (and felt like friends)
  • They share a Gemini Venus (and had the same preferences,maybe loved to dance together?)
  • They had Mars conjunct Mars! A strong sexual attraction, but also strong competition and the risk of fighting each other
  • The Sun signs don't match, so their life styles didn't match
  • His Saturn was square her Venus (a love with limitations)
  • His Jupiter inconjunct her Moon (pleasant moments, but...)

Read what their driver says about this relationship http://ronmwangaguhunga.blogspot.com/2004/01/mike-tyson-and-naomi-campbell-i.html

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