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donderdag 25 juni 2009

Famous couples: Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong Jones

Anthony Armstrong Jones has Mars in mutual reception*)) with Uranus and they are the final dispositors of the Midheaven routing (Sagittarius, Jupiter in Gemini, Mercury in Aquarius, Uranus in Aries <> Mars in Aquarius). A hard connection between Mars and Uranus is one of the indications for divorce in a male's chart. He also has Moon square Neptune, another 'warning'. His marriage with Princess Margareth was his first marriage. So there could be serious problems...

Princess Margaret must have loved her husband dearly (Venus in Libra in the seventh house) and yes, he was good looking (Venus in the 7th house chooses at least a charming partner). She had Saturn on top for duties and status above all, however. While he had Saturn square Uranus...which means that he wanted to break free.

Margaret also had indications for divorde: Venus in the 7th house opposition Uranus in the first, for example.

Both had indications for a divorce. For both persons it was their first marriage. That doesn't support the idea of an everlasting relationship. And: did they match? Certainly not, except for Mars (cooperation, sex). His Mars in Aquarius, hers in Gemini. But the rest...

Her Sun is in Leo, his in Pisces
Her Moon in Cancer, his in Gemini
Her Mercury in Virgo, his in Aquarius
Her Venus in Libra, his in Pisces

And how about the synastry?

Her Uranus is inconjunct his Sun
His Mercury is inconjunct her Moon
Her Neptune is square his Moon (reflecting the Moon-Neptune sqare in his chart)
Her MC is trine his Neptune

They share an aspect between Mercury and Mars (for discussions). But there is little more. In the composite chart the tightest aspect is Sun inconjunct Saturn, symbolising separation.

Armstrong Jones had Ceres on the Ascendant of his progressed chart in 1958. The Saturn of Margaret was exactly opposition his progressed Ceres-Ascendant. Reading: he met the mother of his children. She met the father of hers. As his Jupiter was conjunct her progressed Ascendant, he gained her trust in that year. And so, they got married, they were together for many years.

But in the year 1978 they divorced after separation in 1976. What indications were there?
Her progressed Sun was conjunct Venus in 1976 (but, we are aware that Venus is square Uranus in her natal chart, ruling the houses 1 and 7 and that this is an indication for a divorce).
In 1978 her progressed Sun was opposition Uranus.

Her husband's progressed Sun had changed sign in the years before 1976/1978. The Midheaven changed sign in 1975 and the first aspect was an inconjunction with Neptune (positioned on the Descendant of the natal chart; inconjunctions with Neptune refer to loosing something or an illusion) and later square Sun. His progressed Mars and Uranus (symbol of divorce in a male's chart) are on either side of Margaret's Ascendant in 1976. And there was probably much more, but I think this is enough.

Anthony Armstrong Jones and Princess Margaret just had to divorce one day...

For the chart of Armstrong Jones, the photographer, see Art&Astrology, label Photography..

PS Princess Margaret was a heavy smoker (see: Sun conjunct Neptune, Moon in Cancer with Ceres -genes and roots - rising before the Sun and Neptune inconjunct the Ascendant). For more about smoking and astrology, see Astropost: http://astropost.blogspot.com/search?q=smokers

*) What is sharing aspects? When in your chart two planets are connected and in your partner's chart they are also in aspect with each other. More about sharing aspects on Astromarkt...
*)) Mutual reception: when one planet is in the sign that 'belongs to' (is ruled by) the other planet.

(c) Astrology&Love

zaterdag 20 juni 2009

Juno and marriage in the natal chart

Juno is the godess of marriage. That is why I expected to find a prominent Juno in the charts of people with important marriages. Of course, I started looking for well known personalities who's life would not have been the same without their marriage. Women like princess Diana, princess Máxima, Soray of Perisa, Karen Homolka, Jackie Kennedy, Elisabeth Taylor and Agatha Christie. But also of couples like the married couple Pierre and Marie Curie and Crown Prince Rudolf with Maria Vetsera. Look at the charts and you will notice the important positions of Juno and how Juno is related to the chart of the counterparts.

Juno is prominent in your chart when Juno is placed on the angles, on top or at the bottom of the drawing (square Ascendant), in aspect with Sun/Moon or ASC/MC or when Juno is rising before the Sun (the first object that you find when you move your finger clockwise from where the Sun is). Juno is also important when Juno does not make any major aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees. In that case partnership or marriage is of crucial importance or your first objective. Most of the time marriage is more important for women than it is for men. But I found examples of men in whose life marriage or the partner was more important than in the lives of other males. For example, in the chart of prince Charles, who has Juno 22.5 degree (half semi square) from the midpoint ASC/MC,while the Juno of princess Diana is semi square his Sun/Moon. In Camila Parker-Bowles natal chart, by the way, Juno is 'calling'(not making aspects within 5 degrees of orb or within sign), and that symbolizes how 'marriage' would be 'calling her' at any possible level and how the question of partnership could be 'out of control' in her life.

On the site of Bob Marks you find interpretations for Juno in sign and house. Here is the link......
http://www.bobmarksastrologer.com/Juno21.3.html Of course you have to see the interpretation of Juno and Juno's aspects in the light of the rest of the chart, your character and culture.

donderdag 18 juni 2009

Famous couple: Cecile Brossard and Edouard Stern

On Astrologie.blogo.nl I found the day of birth of Cecile Brossard. She killed her friend, banker Edouard Stern, after a SM-game. On Astropost.blogspot.com I go further into the murder, but here, on Astrology and Love, I will show you how they did not match, shared aspects (of life and chart) and had a deadly and passionate synastrie.

Did they match? Not at all. They understood each other (Mercury trine Mercury), but there were no matching signs between the other planets and light. They had a different lifestyle (Sun), they had different habits (Moon) and they had different tastes (Venus). They did not even match in sexual cooperation (Mars). Notice that his Jupiter is trine his Sun (for trust) and her Saturn is opposition his Sun (for separation and distance and in this case: for ending - Saturn - his life - Sun-).

His Neptune opposition her Venus
His Venus conjunct her Neptune
His Mars square her Venus

This is THE combination of a passionate love affair. Maybe one day someone makes a movie aboutthe couple or someone writes a book about their unusual, violent and in the end deadly relationship.

If she has the Moon between 21 and 26 degrees (and was born between midnight and 8 in the morning) her Moon is inconjunct Pluto. That is a difficult emotional and psychological aspect. Find out more about this combination of aspects that sometimes includes seeing submission as a way to express love...

WHAT THEY SHARED...SM, game and real...
- Her Mars, rising before the Sun, is sesquisquare Saturn and 75 degrees from Pluto
- His Mars in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) is inconjunct Pluto, rising before the Sun. His Pluto is 112.5 degrees from Mars/Saturn. And 112.5 degrees (square and half semi square) form her Mars! So: their oriental planets were connected to each other and the combination of these planets means 'using violence'.

When two people with that theme of Mars-Saturn-Pluto in their charts meet, there is a double risk of sexual violence and murder. They shared the combination of using and abusing power, force, influence and strength.(Mars-Pluto).

Find out more about sharing aspects with your partner, on Astromarkt...

maandag 15 juni 2009

Catharina the Great and her young lovers

Catharina de Grote had many lovers. In The Hermitage in Saint Petersburg they tell us that there might have been 70 young tall men who shared her bed. She managed to take over the throne of her husband and he was killed a week later. From that moment on until she died, she desired the company of young men. I don't know if the young men were volunteers.

What in her chart tells us why she had so many young lovers?
a. Venus is conjunct Moon. She needed to be loved and appreciated and had a lust for love. She also had sense of art and loved to educate the people by means of libraries and arts.
b. Venus and the Moon are opposition the Midheaven. That tells us that her sense of beauty (and need for love) was of crucial importance.
c. Venus and the Moon are in Gemini, the sign of 'more than one' and the sign of 'young'.
d. Mars rises before the Sun and is conjunct the Sun in Taurus. This tells us that she is an energetic active lady and not likely to stick to reading novels.
e. There is a Yod with Pluto in the 8th as the apex of a Mars-Saturn-Pluto combination (the combination of the theme of unnatural death). The inconjunction of Mars and Pluto points at disproportionate use and abuse of power and influence (more about Mars and Pluto on my site Astromarkt. The inconjunction of Saturn and Pluto tells us that she was a rather extreme 'die hard'. More about Saturn-Pluto combinations on Astromarkt...
f. The astrological equivalent for 'many' is : Jupiter. This planet is in the 5th house of entertainment, children, pro-creativity and ...lovers.
g. I almost forgot to mention Venus inconjunct Uranus, symbol of disproportionate (inconjunct) adventures (Uranus) in love (Venus) or the outrageous roller coaster:). More about Venus-Uranus on Astromarkt...or on Astropost ('firework in the rollercoaster').

You can see her natal chart on Astro.com...