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donderdag 5 augustus 2010

Famous couple: Princess Irene and Prince Carlos Hugo de Borbon Parma

 Born on August 5, 1939, Princess Irene is the second daughter of Juliana and Bernhard, the former Queen and Prince and the sister of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. She studied Spanish language and literature. She became a catholic when she married her Carlos Hugo de Borbon, who didn’t become the King of Spain, though he wanted to. She gave up her position in the Netherlands for this marriage…on the 29th of April 1964. AC/MC is semi square Juno, showing how crucial her marriage was. 

Here you see her chart with transits and progressions for the wedding day.

The majority of the positions on her wedding day show formality and distance (her family was not allowed to be in church that day because the government hadn’t agreed with the marriage. I can give a complete list of transits and progressions, but it is actually enough to point at the transit op Saturn, opposition progressed Venus and conjunct progressed Moon. The honeymoon (Moon-Venus) and the formal situation putting her down. My latest post was about the effect of Venus-Saturn and this is another example of it. 

She divorced him later. It was her first and only marriage. *)


His Saturn is inconjunct her natal Sun and his Uranus is trine her natal Sun. Their Sun signs are matching though the Suns are 112.5 degrees apart (a square + half semi square!), and their Venus don’t match (square). His Moon might be conjunct her Sun (a traditional synastry aspect between a man and a woman, but more often it is his Sun and her Moon) and their Moon signs are matching.

The Saturn inconjunct Sun combination is the most important indication for divorce and separations (or boundaries, obstacles and limitations without control, making it hard to be together), though there are more (not mentioned here). Her ex-husband is still around when family matters (maybe because of the matching Moons.). They have four children together. 

PS Today there was an announcement that Prince Carlos Hugo de Borbon is dying now. He already said goodbye to his family.

*) Princess Irene has all of the four aspect combinations of possible divorce*) in her chart, but only 2 of them are difficult (the square and the quindecile):
- Sun binovile Uranus (going your own way, regardless of other’s opinions), 
- Venus quintile Uranus (creative adventures in love) and 
- Mars square Saturn (seperation from a man, dead ends) with 
- Sun quindecile Mars
*) Afflictions between Sun-Mars, Sun-Uranus, Venus-Uranus and Mars-Saturn and/or between the houses 1 and 7 are indicative for a greater chance for divorce or not getting married in the charts of women. In the charts of men these afflictions are: Moon-Saturn, Moon-Neptune, Venus-Neptune and Mars-Uranus and/or house1 - house 7.  More of those afflictions increase the possibility of separations.

 A binovile is an aspect of 80 degrees, a novile is 40 degrees.  The novile means ‘ finding joy in/rejoicing’…More noviles on Linda Goodman’s forum… http://www.linda-goodman.com/ubb/Forum24/HTML/201926.html

More quindeciles here…

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