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dinsdag 21 juli 2009

Famous couple: Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson

Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson were married once and perhaps they have children together, who knows. Their strange relationship raises the question: did they match? And the answer is: not in the long term, but...there are indications for a shared passion. So perhaps she speaks the truth when she says that she and Michael Jackson were lovers. Look at the synastry, for example.

Michael's Venus is exactly square the Mars and Jupiter of Debbie. Her Mars-Jupiter opposition refers to having babies (multi productivity). So perhaps THAT is why he liked her in the first place?

His Uranus is trine her Sun. That is a sign of friendship (and a certain distance). Her Uranus is conjunct his Venus and that is an indication for a flash light relationship (and offers a possibility of an adventure or falling in love - perhaps one of them did).

Her Moon in Libra does not match with his in Pisces, but they can both like arts and music and perhaps that is what brought them together.
Their Suns don't match (Virgo and Sagittarius).
Their Mercury's and Venus match, so they understood each other and had fun together, sharing the same sympathies and tastes.
His Mars is conjunct hers (within 5 degrees) and that reflects cooperation and sexual activity or productivity.

There is no astrological reason why Deborah Rowe should not be the mother of his children. Apparently there was mutual sympathy and a shared passion. They also share an aspect between Venus and Uranus and that (again) shows that they were friends and had a short affaire perhaps.
Of course, there are no hours of birth available, but nevertheless it is obvious that it could have been luv, really! (Why would you marry a woman that you don't like anyway?)

zondag 5 juli 2009

Queen Astrid and King Leopold

King Leopold III is the man who drove the car that crashed and killed his beloved wife Astrid, young mother of the later kings. She died August 29 1935 when he had transit Saturn square progressed Ascendant (symbol of separation and being blamed). With his Mars conjunct Uranus I asume that he drove too fast. This conjunction of Mars and Uranus is conjunct her Descendant in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the sign of travelling (and other countries). The conjunction is also joining her unaspected Mercury. Mercury is the planet of communications and transportation and important at any kind of level in her chart. This strongly connects an accident (in his chart) with her 'horizon'.

When she died, she had transit Pluto opposition Midheaven and transit Pluto inconjunct Saturn. This harsh picture of Saturn, Pluto and Midheaven was completed by the progression of Mars trine Pluto and the nearness of the progressed MC conjunct Saturn. She had progressed Moon square progressed Jupiter and personal experience tells me that that is not the best planet to start a vacation with. Also transit Mercury was square the progressed Mercury and Pluto. As Mercury is important in the chart of Astrid this is signaling a day with traffic problems (and that is an understatement, because it could be at any level since Mercury doesn't make major aspects in the natal chart). There were various reflections of a trip abroad with the posibility of difficulties and problems.

They didn't match much, Leopold and Astrid, but her Neptune trine his Sun makes him realize her dreams. His Venus and Sun are in aspect with the midpoint Sun/Moon in her natal chart. That is often reflecting the feeling to belong together (and frequent in the charts of couples) and the fact that he seems to fit in her idea of family life.

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donderdag 2 juli 2009

40 year tested marriage: King Albert and Queen Paola

King Albert II and Queen Paola of Belgium married 40 years ago, in 1949. The marriage almost crashed because of Albert's affairs. Both have an aspect between Mars and Neptune in their natal chart. Sharing Mars-Neptune aspects does not make the couple happier (reed Astromarkt about sharing aspect...). But do they match?

He has the Sun in Gemini and she in Virgo: no match
His Moon in Aries matches with hers in Sagittarius
Mercury in Cancer is an speaking terms with Mercury in Virgo
Venus in Taurus collides with Venus in Leo, however
Mars in Gemini is opposition Mars in Sagittarius

(Re: table of matching signs on Astromarkt: http://www.astromarkt.net/tablematch.htm)

So, generally, no, they don't match much. They can live together and they can talk together, but they are different. They have another life style, other tastes and sympathies and another temperament. So how come they got married? And why for such a long period? In my opinion, it must be because of Pluto. Pluto is a fanatic. Pluto is not easy. Pluto is jealous. And Pluto is strong. And I almost forgot: Pluto is also the symbol of power, money and politics or authority. Their position didn't make it easy to separate. And look how important Pluto is in this relationship:

. Her Pluto is conjunct his Descendant.
. When he married in 1959 Albert's Midheaven was inconjunct Pluto.
. And much to my surprise, his progressed Pluto was exactly conjunct her Progressed Descendant. Perhaps she was impressed and/or he was fascinated?

Both have Pluto in connection to 'relationships'. Hers is in the 7th house. His is conjunct Descendant. I often notice that Pluto has the effect of 'cannot live with and cannot live without...', difficulties but also with seeing each others values. Let us say that both have a challenging relationship in their chart! With Pluto's influence a marriage becomes a marriage that will be tried and tested.

But..there are also Venus-Moon connections between them and that shows us that there is and was and will always be at least some feelings of sympathy and perhaps even...love.

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