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dinsdag 23 maart 2010

Famous couple Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher

Sacha Baron Cohen had a wedding ceremony in Paris*) with Isla Fisher. They already have a little daughter. Here you see the positions on his day of birth. The transits are for the day that Isla Fisher was born. How is their match?

He is a Libra, her sun sign is Aquarius: match! They don't have much problems living together as one.

His Moon in Leo doesn't match her Pisces Moon (and that is a problem for sharing families and habits), but they might be biquintile of course (in which case they found a creative solution).

Mercury is square Mercury (for differences of opinion)

Venus in Scorpio matches with Venus in Capricorn, but they are sesquisemisquare (so there might be frustrating differences in sympathies and taste sometimes)

Mars is trine Mars and that is a good match for the planet of sex, production, work and energy. They easily share the same drive.

- Her Jupiter is opposition his Sun so she trusts and supports him.
- His Uranus is trine her Sun and Mars so they are friends.
- His Moon might be opposition her Sun and that would be a classical indication for attraction.

As she is 34 now her progressed Sun is in the 18th degree of Pisces, trine the True Node and in the sign of her Moon. In a recent interview she said that she found comedy's hard sometimes. Perhaps that is her Moon in Pisces and Neptune oriental speaking. Isla Fisher is an actress, The Moon in Pisces is in aspect with Venus and Neptune in this chart for noon. The time of her birth is unknown and so is Sacha's.

*) See Astropost for today's date for the transits and progressions that accompanied the event.

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