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zondag 11 december 2011

Famous couple: Brigitte Bardot and Roger Vadim

When I wrote about the charts of beautiful women I forgot to mention one of the most well known symbols of female attraction: Brigitte Bardot. Brigitte is a Libra with it’s ruler Venus in a wide sextile with Pluto and inconjunct Saturn. That is in line with the Venus-Saturn-Pluto combinations that I found in the charts of other beauties. It hurts to remain beautiful:). 

Here is the chart of the ‘star’, born with an unaspected Sun. This ‘calling’  Sun symbolizes drawing attention (performance and show). The Sun makes a minor aspect with Neptune (22.5 degree half semi square). Sun-Neptune combinations (see Astromarkt) are not uncommon in the charts of actors, animal lovers and those with a ‘double identity’, like actors have. They are idols and not always who we think that they are.
Chart of Brigitte Bardot and in green the natal positions of Roger Vadim

She married Roger Vadim, the man who brought her to fame, when she was only 18. They stayed together for 5 years and then divorced. That is interesting, because their sun signs were a match (5th degree Libra – 5th degree Aquarius)! So what is it that ended their relationship anyway?

1. Their moon signs didn’t match (Gemini and Pisces) 
2. Neither did their Venus positions (Virgo and Sagittarius)
3. Her fiery Mars in Leo was no match for the controlled Mars in Capricorn of Vadim. 
4. He may have idolized her (his Neptune semi square her Midheaven) and when it comes to reality, Neptune fades away...
5. His Pluto inconjunct her Ascendant might be a difficult aspect to handle.

Maybe this all was too complicated, even though there are a lot of aspects with her Ascendant. For example: his Juno was square her Ascendant (she might have been the perfect woman for him at first sight) and his Sedna (symbol of the daughter, young woman) was trine her Ascendant. He may have idolized her (his Neptune semi square her Midheaven). Perhaps that is why the movie that he directed was named 'And God created women'. 

There were too many obstacles and there was not enough love (Venus) to compensate for that. Vadim married more than once. Moon square Saturn and Mars square Uranus are two of the indications for divorce in a man’s chart. Bardot has Mars opposition Saturn and a double bodied sign on the seventh house cusp to illustrate the risk of divorce or separation. She married three times. She is now still married with number three, a right conservative politician.

What in her chart characterizes her as an actress? First let us see the circumstances and situation when she started. She was born rich and beautiful and had the chance to be seen in places where the rich and famous had their holidays. In those circumstances she drew attention (Sun is ‘calling’). She was orientated on the non-material side of life (ideals, faith or fantasy). The important Moon opposition Ascendant tells us about attraction and sense of what the people want and need. The prominence of Sun and Moon show the prominence of motivation. She is a star (Sun) and popular (Moon). The midpoint Sun/Moon = Node (that means that the community, family or groups motivate her).

The Moon is square Neptune (for sensitivity) and sesquisquare Jupiter (for the need for success)…Moon with Jupiter and Neptune helps you get fans and followers. The Moon is also semi square Pluto. Jupiter-Pluto combinations are indicative for success. Her popularity is evident. The Moon in Gemini (feeling young forever) appealed to the public.

It is clearly the picture of a popular star. The pattern of artistic professional talent is like this:
Venus and Neptune rising before the Libra Sun, a Libra MC and a Moon square Neptune. Midheaven completes the pattern (Venus half semi square Midheaven, Midheaven in aspect with Moon and Neptune).
Her professional activities where in the artistic field. She was (and is still) very photogenic.



zaterdag 17 september 2011

On Astropost: The chart and transsexuality

Now on Astropost: The chart and transsexuality, about the similarities in 5 charts of transsexuals (M-F or F-M).

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dinsdag 6 september 2011

Famous couple: Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth

This is the chart of Orson Welles. He married Rita Hayworth on a September 7 and that is why I looked at his chart. They were married for only 5 years. The 'transits' are the positions of the day of birth of Rita Hayworth. Let's see why they divorced. 

His Sun is in Taurus and hers in Libra, in a 157.5 degree minor aspect (see: do your birthdays match?) The signs didn't match, but they drew each others attention.

The moonsigns don't match

There is no match with Mercury, either

Venus is opposition Venus (opposites are attractive) 

Mars is trine Mars (they cooperated and they were sexually attracted)

His Sun square Uranus and her Sun trine Uranus 
That means that they shared an aspect between Sun and Uranus.

On Astromarkt I wrote about that:
Sun and Uranus shared in aspect might indicate: joined rebellion. How long this will last in a proper family home in a suburb, especially when the aspect is hard? But in a group of inventive people or in a place where news items are made you certainly can go for ‘sensation’ together. This relationship could have an unusual start. Too much tension could lead to stress, even if the surprises are nice. Both being independent and willing to be free it will be hard to stay together as a couple. With harmonious aspects this tendency for doing things the way you want it, will be tempered and then your unique qualities come to the light, better than if you were alone. 
Her Jupiter square his Mars: they had a daughter together. Mars-Jupiter favors production and reproduction.
They didn't match and that is what she said, too. But they were attracted and got married and had a child. On the day that he married the progressed ascendant was inconjunct his Moon and transit Saturn on his Ascendant. Those were not exactly good signs to start with, even though the Moon is in his 7th house. As I said, he married more than once (Venus in Aries for love at first sight, Sagittarius on cusp 7 and Sun/Moon with Uranus for being motivated by change...). Here is the chart for the wedding day:

PS He was overweight (Jupiter square Ascendant) 
See about weight and astrology:

See this blog about their relationship:

woensdag 1 juni 2011

Moon-Venus: in the mood for love

Moon-Venus is the female touch of the chart and also the combination of sense of style. Venus has phases just like the Moon...

Moon-Venus brings you in the mood for love...but it depends on more if you will be happy with it. The third party might just be Saturn, like in the charts of Maria Shriver and Annie Sinclair. Saturn, unfortunately, is often the cold shower. See Astropost: Moon/Venus midpoint and aspect combinations

dinsdag 10 mei 2011

Divorce of the Schwarzeneggers

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver will end their marriage. It was their first and it lasted for a long time. They were a married couple for 22 years. Nevertheless:  Arnold Schwarzenegger has a few indications for divorce*) and it was their first marriage. In those cases (depending on the culture of course) there is always a risk for divorce, especially when there is no economical or financial barrier to be take and when the charts don't seem to match much. It takes a lot of compensation or glue to stick together, then. All we know is that a famous couple is going to separate and that their charts are reflecting the possible (nasty) change.

The indications for possible divorce in his chart are:
Mars conjunct Uranus
Moon square Neptune
Sun in 1 conjunct ruler 7 (Saturn)
And Venus quintile Neptune (for creative romancing:)
Maria Shriver has Venus trine Uranus (and, because of the trine, that is not supposed to be an affliction between Venus and Uranus, one of the indications for divorce in a woman's chart*) but there is more. Ruler 1 is square ruler 7 (Venus square Pluto) and she has Mars quintile Uranus. That means that Arnold and Maria share a Mars-Uranus aspect. I hope that it didn't mean that they joined short fuses! Perhaps they just loved to have controversies about politics...The Venus/Saturn = Descendant combination in Maria's chart perhaps kept them together for long. You know, Venus-Saturn sticks like glue, because of the children, the mortgage or the parents or whatever reason that you need to keep a marriage going on. 

Now their progressed Midheavens changed sign and it was about time for another goal in life. Transit Saturn is square her progressed Sun and semi square her progressed AC/MC to illustrate the end of a period in life and separation/hard times. She had been contemplating about divorce for long but now was the time, apparently (see Uranus trine and Neptune inconjunct IC). Neptune inconjunct his progressed Mars with transit Pluto square progressed Sun and Uranus square Moon might describe the situation for Arnold (difficulties, 'surprises' and energy drain). He has recently quit politics and plans to restart a career in the movies (Pluto-Sun often reflects a come back, a new challenge).

You see that both have difficult aspects right now and that both have strong indications for change in life (the changing MC's, Uranus, Pluto). 

This marriage didn't last forever, but it took a long time to separate. That is perhaps because of the 60% placements in fixed signs in Maria's chart (with Venus/Saturn=DC). Fixed stars don't give up easily, even if there is no match. 

Their Suns don't match, to start with (different  lifestyles). Their Moons  (and habits) don't match. Mercury doesn't understand Mercury. Venus is trine Venus, but out of sign. So they liked each other, in spite of different tastes. Mars in conflict with Mars doesn't go for peace and might be exciting or thrilling. And her Moon is in his Sunsign, and that is a traditional match. 

It is not much of a match and perhaps that is why it just had to end one day. 
All about Sun-Pluto on Astromarkt...

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*) Indications in male's charts:

Conflicting aspects between Moon and Saturn, Moon and Neptune, Venus and Neptune or Mars and Uranus and/or ruler 1 (or a planet in 1) with ruler 7 (or a planet in 7). Mars in Libra doesn't help either.

Indications in a woman's chart:
Conflicting aspects between Sun and Mars, Sun and Uranus, Venus and Uranus or Mars and Saturn and/or ruler 1 (or a planet in 1) with ruler 7 (or a planet in 7). Venus in Aries doesn't help either.

dinsdag 12 april 2011

About sunsigns and love

Here I read that a Chinese grandmother killed her grandson because she was afraid that his zodiac sign didn't get along with the signs in the family: a bizar and cruel crime! It is almost incredible...,but I think that there are many persons who say goodbye to a new found possible partner just because they think that their sunsigns don't match. They do so, without even knowing if their birthdays DO match or if they just left a partner whose Venus was in a perfect trine with their Sun...They do so, without knowing if they share many good aspects. It is all prejudice. When sunsigns don't match (and birthdays don't either), there is a way out: be brave and try to start a relationship with someone with a different view of life. Worse, when sunsigns do match, there might be wrong moonsigns or wrong birthdays!;) So, you need to know the exact birthday and preferably the year and hour to see what's the challenge of your relationship. When it is the sunsign, it will be a challenge to live together as one. So why not be modern and have a life of your own, even though you are married:). There are a few sunsign-(mis)matches on this blog. The blue ones are with 'correct' sun signs, the red ones with not matching signs. The italic/fat couples (7) divorced. Two of them had matching sun signs. The 3 couples that didn't divorce had the 'wrong' sunsigns. It is not statistics, it is just a list that shows you that there is more about love and relationships than just sun signs! There is even more than just astrology (how about culture, age, gender?:) 
I wish that the Chinese fortune teller had told that crazy grandmother...

1. Charlie Sheen and Brook Mueller (now divorced).
They had Sun in Virgo and in Leo and that is not a good match. They also had Venus square Venus and Mars inconjunct Mars! So the sunsigns were just part of the problem.

2.Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola (now divorced)
had Sun in Aries and in Cancer. His Venus is in conflict with hers and so are their Mercuries. And there is more...

3.  John Edward and Elizabeth Edwards don't have matching sunsigns and her Venus is in Taurus, his in Leo...no match. There are more signs of conflicts and eventually they divorced.

4. Nancy and Ronald Reagan didn't have matching sunsigns. But they were a couple, weren't they?

5. Ike was a Scorpio, Tina is a Sagittarius and their Suns were 22.5 (half semi square) apart. But the worst affliction is Mars square Mars and his Mars on her Sun: that is for competition and fighting (too much fire). 

6. Al and Tipper Gore spent decades together, but now the marriage ended. Their sunsigns matched!

7. Dutch Princess Margarita married the wrong man with the right sun sign...

8. An interesting case of Sun conjunct Sun in different signs is the marriage of Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson.

9. Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong Jones didn't have matching sunsigns and they divorced. Their Mercuries and Venus didn't match either. 

10. Meryl Streep and Don Gummer are Cancer and Sagittarius and they are married since 1978. Their Moons, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter are a mismatch, too. But Venus is trine Venus:

'Goodwill and willingness to bend', Meryl Streep said. And there is one great aspect that shows goodwill: VENUS exactly TRINE VENUS. That harmonious aspect between the planet of love makes it easy to love each other. It is a very nice aspect in a relationship! Venus trine Venus for 'Goodwill and willingness to bend' is a benefit for any relationship:)! As you see from this example, Venus (= luv:) helps to overcome many differences!

When sunsigns match it is no guarantee for eternal love. When sunsigns don't match, it could still work and be 'eternal'  with a little love. 



donderdag 31 maart 2011

Astropost: Transit Neptune conjunct Ascendant (like Christina Alguilera)

On Astropost: Transit Neptune conjunct Ascendant (like Christina Alguilera) you can read about the resonation of transit Neptune and the result for Christina Alguilera: divorce. Her chart and the chart of Jordan Bratman didn't seem to be great 'partners'...Whit the transit of Neptune the relationship just 'vanished'. Problem with Neptune-Ascendant and marriage/divorce is that the relationship with the ex-partner can't just be stopped. There were always remain a 'link' , often because of the children.

(c) Astrodomein

zaterdag 12 maart 2011

Astropost: Bachelors, cheats and their charts

The post on Astropost: Bachelors, cheats and their charts is interesting for this blog, too. In short: signals in the chart:
- 2 or more aspects between Moon-Saturn, Moon-Neptune, Venus-Neptune or Mars-Uranus for difficulties in finding Mrs. All Right
and a few of those:

- Venus 'calling' (no major aspects in sign/orb 5 degrees)
- Moon in Taurus and/or Venus in Libra
- Moon-Venus (for being attracted to women or the need to be loved)
- Venus-Uranus for falling in love again and again
- Jupiter in the 8th to be able to deal with it:)
- Venus in the 3rd house for contacts with beautiful women

Tomorrow: cheating women.

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woensdag 9 maart 2011

Astropost: Does Juno reflect Mr. or Mrs Right?

See Astropost: Does Juno reflect Mr. or Mrs Right?
When there is a transit or progression with Juno and Juno 'hits' you, does that mean that it is time for Mr. Right? Or does it take more than just Juno? The answer is yes. See the post with examples.

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zondag 6 maart 2011

Famous couples: Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller

A couple of years ago Charlie Sheen married Brooke Mueller (see Wikipedia) and she is the mother of their twin. Their divorce will be effective in May 2011. But before, did they match? No, they didn't. 

Sun in Virgo (his), Sun in Leo (hers): NO, for different lifestyles
Moon in Sagittaris (his) is OK for Moon in Libra:YES for compatible habits
Mercury in Leo (his) Mercury in Virgo (hers):NO, for disagreeing
Venus square Venus (they were attracted to each other, but they have conflicting desires, different sympathies and tastes): NO (but attracted, yes)
Mars in Scorpio with Mars in Gemini:NO (difficulties)

There was little 'agreement'  between the charts. Their sunsigns didn't match and there was no compensation for it (Venus could have been the symbol of that).

When you share aspects, you share the same characteristics or experiences. 

Both have a Sun-Saturn aspect, so what they share is...responsibility (parenthood, for example). The twin will connect, forever. Quoting Astromarkt:
Sun and Saturn shared makes you worry a lot if the aspect is hard. Maybe you do this, due to sharing nasty life experiences or feeling the same limitations and responsibilities. Nice trines or sextiles make you the serious couple, the parents perhaps. You go for a long time relationship and for getting old together and you are consistent in that! Your perseverence is highlghted.

They both have Sun sextile Mars and are both ready to stand up for themselves. Is that good or bad...:) Quoting Astromarkt:
Sharing Sun and Mars in aspect is: competition. Who is the boss and the best? If harmonious you do sports together or you play a lot together.  Sharing Sun-Mars points at the same kind of work and drives. But if in conflict there is a lot of struggle between the both of you and you must learn to cooperate or separate. In a relationship sexuality might be the battleground. Your work and arguments are highlighted.

His Venus is on her Moon, so they fell in love...

His Moon is trine her Sun, and that could have been good. The result is that they started family life...

Her Uranus is on his Mars and that is a wake-up call for his already prominent aggression. This relationship had a 'short fuse'. See Astromarkt...

Her Uranus is square his Midheaven: she changes his position and reputation

Here is his chart with her positions in green (the 'transits'):
The story of their relationship seems to include all that was possible to happen: starting a family, becoming parents and having so much difficulties and disagreements that it almost inevitably ended in a divorce. 

See Astromarkt about love, matching, relationships and more here...
More famous couples? Click the label.

donderdag 3 maart 2011

Astropost: When your (progressed) chart met your partner's...

Astropost's spotlight is on relationships between charts this month, starting with:
Astropost: When your (progressed) chart met your partner's...

When you met your partner, did your progressed chart 'meet' his/hers? It is a question for advanced students in astrology. A progressed chart is the chart for the xth day after birth, valid for the xth year after birth (a day for a year).

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zondag 13 februari 2011

Valentine, romance and astrology

Heart and Soul Nebula, courtesy Nasa

Happy Valentine! This post offers some romantic link for students of astrology. In astrology love and romance are symbolized by Venus and Neptune, but they are not always happy. Sometimes love is a battle field! Today I write about Neptune on Astropost and part of that post is about 'romance'. Neptune gives you beautiful dreams about a fantastic future (with the one you love). That is why Neptune is the perfect planet for Valentine (the secret admirer behind the postcard). And what is more romantic than a tragic love? See the post about the effect of Neptune and love in the charts of a poet and a singer: http://astrology-love-romance.blogspot.com/2009/05/neptune-romance-and-tragedy.html...Transit Neptune was square her progressed Midheaven when she drowned (…) and her Neptune was trine the Sun of the man who wrote a poem about her final day. Sweeter dreams come with the next link to Astropost. This post links you to a variety of drama and happy moments: http://astropost.blogspot.com/2009/02/valentine-astroposts.html But perhaps you are more interested in couples and in the astrology of relationships? Then see the list of posts about matching/not matching, divorce and everlasting love here...
There is one post that you shouldn't miss on Valentine's day. It is the post about Casanova's chart.  If you are more interested in true love, there is more than enough stuff here and on the internet. For example: see Astromarkt about charts, loves and relationships.
And if love hasn't come your way (yet), have some chocolat. It seems to be 20 times better:)
BTW: Nice movie to see for Valentine's day!

zaterdag 12 februari 2011

Astropost: The love life of Catherine the Great

See Astropost: The love life of Catherine the Great about the Russian Empress who had dozens of lovers. What in her chart shows us why (except her position of power)? The Yod with Pluto in the house of sex, the inconjunctions of Venus-Uranus and Mars-Pluto, the angular Moon and Venus, the fact that Mars rises before her Sun, Venus in Gemini, or the complete packet? More on Astropost.

Also visit: Astromarkt.net, about love and relationships and come back tomorrow for the Valentine Post.

donderdag 10 februari 2011

Transit Venus and Jupiter, a wedding and April Taurus

On Astropost: Transit Venus and Jupiter, a wedding and April Taurus; coincidence or...? An April Taurus selected end of August for his wedding day without knowing that transit Venus and Jupiter were in aspect with his natal Sun. The 2011 horoscope for April Taurus recommended end of August for...a party.

Venus and Jupiter are the planets for celebrations. Whit these two in a favorable position, your party has a greater chance to be a success!

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zaterdag 15 januari 2011

Aurora and Sun-Uranus synastry

Recently I ‘discovered’ two couples who are not their ideal match at all and nevertheless stayed together till death did or until death will part them (it is too late for divorce or new lovers now). 
The interesting thing about these two couples is that Uranus – the symbol of freedom- is the key to the relationship. The Uranus of one partner is in hard aspect with the Sun of the other partner. It is one man and one woman.

Generally Sun-Uranus-interaction between the charts of married couples is considered to turn the relationship into a ‘flashlight’ love and tension is supposed to ruin the excitement of the beginning. But, what if the partner is considered to be the ‘key to freedom’  in the eyes of the other? What if the partner ‘woke up’ his lover after a long, long and boring sleep?

The Uranus partners (with their Uranus in conflict with the partner’s Sun) both had an aspect between Sun and Uranus in the natal chart (Sun opposition Uranus and Sun sextile Uranus). With Sun opposition Uranus one might select a ‘different kind of a’ partner, to be different (because of someone else). With Sun sextile Uranus the easy way out to independence and freedom was through the partner and he (the Sun person) accelerated her life.

Some persons want to have a different kind of life (than their parents had, for example) and – not deliberately -  choose the less resembling partner, the complete stranger, to liberate and alienate themselves from their backgrounds. How long could this have been going on? Until 'liberation day', of course. But, in the cases of my study, the Uranus-persons of the synastry also had Venus-Saturn aspects in their charts! And Venus-Saturns sticks like a stamp to a letter!:) Even if the marriage turned into friendship...(And even if the marriage fell asleep, waiting for another Prince to come...).

This is what I wrote about Venus-Saturn on Astromarkt (http://www.astromarkt.net/index.php?id=132):

Venus-Saturn: staying together as long as possible because love is a serious thing. And if you break up (possible with conflicts and supported by more indications) the pain is long felt.

On this blog there is more about Venus-Saturn when you are young (and your heart is broken).

Uranus is ‘ the accelerator’, too. See Astropost about Uranus on Aries Point.

vrijdag 7 januari 2011

Astropost: Love and Venus in the progressed chart

Venus is the symbol of love. When there is an aspect with Venus in the progressed chart, there is often love in the air.
See Astropost: Love and Venus in the progressed chart

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