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dinsdag 23 maart 2010

Famous couple Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher

Sacha Baron Cohen had a wedding ceremony in Paris*) with Isla Fisher. They already have a little daughter. Here you see the positions on his day of birth. The transits are for the day that Isla Fisher was born. How is their match?

He is a Libra, her sun sign is Aquarius: match! They don't have much problems living together as one.

His Moon in Leo doesn't match her Pisces Moon (and that is a problem for sharing families and habits), but they might be biquintile of course (in which case they found a creative solution).

Mercury is square Mercury (for differences of opinion)

Venus in Scorpio matches with Venus in Capricorn, but they are sesquisemisquare (so there might be frustrating differences in sympathies and taste sometimes)

Mars is trine Mars and that is a good match for the planet of sex, production, work and energy. They easily share the same drive.

- Her Jupiter is opposition his Sun so she trusts and supports him.
- His Uranus is trine her Sun and Mars so they are friends.
- His Moon might be opposition her Sun and that would be a classical indication for attraction.

As she is 34 now her progressed Sun is in the 18th degree of Pisces, trine the True Node and in the sign of her Moon. In a recent interview she said that she found comedy's hard sometimes. Perhaps that is her Moon in Pisces and Neptune oriental speaking. Isla Fisher is an actress, The Moon in Pisces is in aspect with Venus and Neptune in this chart for noon. The time of her birth is unknown and so is Sacha's.

*) See Astropost for today's date for the transits and progressions that accompanied the event.

zondag 21 maart 2010

Jesse James (now with h.o.b.)

Jesse James is a successful person in business and he used to be successful in marrying Sandra Bullock, but now they separated after his affair with a tattoo-model. I have written about them before (see the earlier post). That was before I knew the hour of birth of Jesse James (thanks to Femscorp:).

Why is he 'cheating' and why can he? Let us take the circumstances into consideration: he is rich and attractive, women like him, he is a member of the jet set and his wife was far away for weeks. He is also the kind of person who needs to have exciting contacts and discussions (Moon in Gemini trine Uranus). His Sun/Moon midpoint is in hard aspect with Uranus: he is motivated by change, excitement and adventure and family life will often by hectic. And ...he has the usual indications for divorce in the chart of a man + an Venus in Aries, the ruler of the first house in 12 sesquisquare Neptune (natural ruler of the 12th) in the 7th house.

Venus in Aries is a difficult position for Venus, because it is for love at first sight and astrologically because Venus is in the sign that opposes the sign that Venus rules (Libra). Perhaps Jesse has a charming, but direct way to present himself as a result of this. The problem with Venus is, that there is an affliction with the
planet of illusions: Neptune.

Venus is sesquisquare Neptune in the 7th house. Now there is a double affliction (ruler 1 - planet in 7 and Venus-Neptune). Venus-Neptune and 1-7 afflictions are among the indications for divorce in a male's chart. Venus-Neptune is the combination of art, too, because it relates fantasy and dreams to beauty. In ordinary life it is the combination of romantic ideas in love and about women.

Venus is in the 12th house, just like Sun (inconjunct Neptune) and Saturn (inconjunct Neptune). Neptune ruler of the natural 12th house is in 7 and Venus ruler of the natural 7th is in the 12th. That is another indication for Venus-Neptune, the aspect related to love affairs.

Another indication for divorce is Moon opposition Neptune, out of sign. The amount of indications for divorce says enough. Jesse James married more than once. Moon and Venus (ruler 1) afflicted by Neptune (in 7). It doesn't mean that he can't stay married at all, but his need for (exciting) love and romance stands in the way to make it long lasting.

There are several astrological reflections for the present situation:

- Progressed Venus is almost exactly square natal Midheaven; his status and position is related to women in a difficult way now.
- Earlier Venus was quindecile the Descendant: a strong focus on partnership-love.
- The Moon is inconjunct Venus in the progressed chart. Moon-Venus conflicts are conflicts between or about women (in a male's chart) and it is about getting out of balance because of sentimental feelings right now.
- The ruler of the Descendant in the progressed chart is Jupiter, now opposition transit Uranus (and that is often indicating sudden relief but Uranus opposition ruler 7 is not).
- Progressed Uranus is inconjunct natal Sun and that will remain so for a longer period of time. The inconjunction between Sun and Uranus is in the natal chart, too. The aspect refers to being special, drawing attention by the way that you differ from the others in a rather disproportionate way. Jesse James is an outsider in the world of movie stars. His marriage brought him into that world.
- Transit Saturn inconjunct progressed Saturn this year...

So what you see is a lot of Uranus (upheaval) like in the chart of Sandra, who also has the Saturn inconjunction for separation.

In the earlier post (click here) I mentioned that the Moon of Jesse James in Taurus does not match with the Moon in Aquarius of Sandra, but now I know the hour of birth and his Moon appears to be in Gemini. So the Moon signs match, but now there is another difficulty. The Moon of Jesse James is opposition the Sun of Sandra Bullock and that is a challenging aspect in synastry, even though it is an indication for attraction.

- Their Suns are in friendly signs.
- Venus quintile Venus: a creative way to combine tastes and share sympathies and liking each other, too.
- Mars is opposition Mars, in a very wide aspect, to reflect sexual attraction followed by the (distant) possibility of fighting or competing with each other. As his Jupiter is in aspect with her Mars, there is also compensation for that.

It is not such a bad match, it is a matter of sharing Sun-Saturn that makes it easy to drift apart (see the earlier post) and on the other hand: hard to separate because of the shared responsibilities (and maybe business/mortgage) and because of the idea of consistency.

donderdag 18 maart 2010

Famous couple: Sandra Bullock- Jesse James

This post comes a bit too late. As it seems, Sandra has left Jesse James after an interview in Touch with Michelle McGee, the ex-lover of Jesse (while he was married with Sandra). There is a rather good match between their charts, apart from the not matching Moon signs,which doesn't make it easy to live in the same house and get used to each other's habits or family. More about the match when you scroll down...

There is one important shared aspect that is reflecting distance and seperation as an issue in their lives and a shared issue in the relationship: Sun afflicting Saturn.

Sandra Bulluck has a 'calling' Sun, a Sun without major aspects. It means that you draw attention as a leader or as a star, anyhow, somehow. And her Sun is inconjunct Saturn on Midheaven(time of birth by Astrotheme). I have written about
Sun inconjunct Saturn before on Astropost (click the label inconjunct saturn'that you see on astropost.blogspot.com). It is one of the most difficult aspects to have to deal with, even if you are a 'lucky star'. And she married a man with Saturn rising before the Sun and conjunct Sun (apex of a Yod), so that they share an important Sun-Saturn affliction. They were probably very serious when they started their life together. And they kept 'minding their own business'. It kept Sandra away from home for weeks. In that period Michelle and Jesse had an affair.

Jesse James (descendant of the outlaw Jesse James) was born April 19, 1969. You see Sandra Bullockś chart here.The transits are for the positions for Jesse James at noon.
Note: When you share difficult Sun-Saturn aspect there are two possible scenarios: staying together because of the law, mortgage, business, parenthood...or separation and divorce. Saturn often points at a certain distance (by age, by restrictions such a one partner being married, etc.). In an individual's chart the Sun-Saturn progression or transit frequently indicates the end of a period in life. Sun-Saturn's like to keep things under control and that might be a reason to take the first step and say goodbye, earlier than other persons do, unless they are certain of their partner.

Their Suns are in friendly signs, but their Moons don't match. So perhaps it won't have been easy to get used to living together and sharing habits, food and family. That is largely compensated by Venus quintile Venus: a creative way to combine tastes and share sympathies and liking each other, too. Mars is opposition Mars, in a very wide aspect, to reflect sexual attraction followed by the (distant) possibility of fighting or competing with each other. As his Jupiter is in aspect with her Mars, there is also compensation for that. It is not such a bad match, it is a matter of Sun-Saturn. Or?

Would it just be as the Huffington post comments (the curse of the Oscar and that men are always as loyal as their chances are?)

- How long will your relationship last?

- Multiple marriages, double bodied signs and Jupiter in 7

*) (There is also a Venus-Jupiter-Pluto interaction between their charts: her Pluto is inconjunct his Venus and his Pluto is square her Venus. Her Jupiter is square his Pluto, his is 15 degrees from her Pluto and trine her Venus. There is a novile between her Jupiter and his Venus. That is a combination for a lot of money and/or a lot of love.)

maandag 15 maart 2010

Famous couple: John Edwards and Rielle Hunter

A famous couple is Rielle Hunter and John Edwards. They had an affair once and they have a child together. But how is their match?

Their Sun signs seem to collide (Gemini and Pisces), but the Suns are 80 degrees apart and that is a binovile. Binoviles are about 'rejoycing' things. So maybe they rejoyced being together:)
There is also match between the Moons and Venus, so they probably were comfortable and at ease with each other.

Mercury is in conflict with Mercury and so are their Mars. When Mars is square Mars (like in their charts) relationships often end with fighting each other. It is the same kind of energy that brought them together:) Click the label Mars to see more examples...

BTW Rielle has Venus trine Pluto. The trine makes it easy to earn money and to value beauty. It is the tightest aspect in her chart. More about her on Wikipedia...
More about the chart of John Edwards here...

Warning: ! The chart of Edwards might not be for ther correct hour of birth, as it is just a C-rated chart (and no AA). (On the outside are the positions on the birth day of Rielle Hunter, for noon.)

woensdag 10 maart 2010

Famous couple: Carla and Nicolas Sarkozy

Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy are the sort of famous couple that knows how to draw attention. On Astropost I wrote about them when they had just fallen in love:
The French president Sarkozy (born 29 January 1955, 22h Paris) has fallen in love with Carla Bruni (23 December 1967, 18h10 Turin). Her Moon conjunct Pluto is square to his Venus. That is a strong loving feeling, yes! His Ascendant on her IC adds a sense of familiairity. But...their Suns, Moons and Venusses are in a difficult position towards each other, so it might not be easy to live together of to share each others tastes and preferences. Not as easy as it was to fall in love...

Carla Bruni is an artist (see Art&Astrology) with Neptune oriental, conjunct Venus. Sarkozy is an ambitious man with diplomatical talents (Venus crucial, Saturn oriental). It caught my eye that in the composite chart Neptune is in a crucial position, right on top of the IC. Should it be just coincidence that Neptune is on the solar return descendant of Sarkozy? And that Neptune is on the solar return ascendant for 2008 for Bruni? I wonder...And what about the fact that they were first spotted in Disney Land (a sort of a miraculous place, full of fairy tales, in line with Neptune?)...Sometimes it is a miracle how astrology works.

In an earlier post about Carla Bruni and her lovers I wrote about the relationship with Nicolas Sarkozy, briefly, ending with a few questions:
This relationship really has a good chance to survice, as it seems at first site. But what is that Uranus - symbol of controversy - on the Ascendant of the combine chart doing? And why is Neptune - for romance and the possibility of desillusion - on the IC of the combine chart? Time will tell...
Yes, time will tell if miracles and fairy tales exist in real life. Transit Uranus on Midheaven is often reflecting an alarming moment, a wake up call or upheaval. And it is almost time for Uranus to reach her Midheaven and start to surprise and/or make changes. So let us see HIS chart. Ay! Uranus is on his Descendant and Saturn is about to make an opposition with the progressed Sun. Uranus is angular in both cases and Uranus is angular in the combine chart, too, being resonated by the transits. Does it mean anything? Yes, it means that they are hot news today!:) And that it is up to them what happens next.