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zaterdag 26 juni 2010

Mel Gibson and Oksana's Uranus on his Sun/Moon midpoint

It is finito between the parents of baby Lucia. Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson are no longer in love. Of course, they didn’t match too much. The Sun signs matched and his Jupiter square her Venus promised lots of fun. And that is it. Maybe her natal Moon was conjunct his Venus, for falling inlove…

More important is the effect of her Uranus in the 6th degree of Libra opposition her 7th degree Aries Ceres. Mel Gibson’s Sun/Moon midpoint is in the 22nd degree of Scorpio. That is semi square her Uranus. And indeed, she changed (Uranus) his family life (Sun/Moon) and shook up the beds. Ceres is the symbol of the mother, the seed, the genes…They will always be linked to each other by their little girl Lucia. Ceres introduces the theme of motherhood (maybe also: wanting to have his baby). I read that they originally parted like friends, but later Oksana said that Mel had an affair during her pregnancy (how very Uranic; friendship and surprising news).

The planet of light that is on, opposition or square the point in the middle of the partners’ Sun and Moon is reflecting much of what motivates the partner when it is about you. Uranus might just reflect adventure, something exciting, friendship or breaking free.

See for more info: the Sun/Moon midpoint synastry.

There is a post about the end of Gibson’s long lasting marriage here:

I found the day of birth of Lucia's mother Oksana here...

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