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vrijdag 13 augustus 2010

The marriages of Princess Anne of England

Princess Anne of England married twice. Her natal charts has 3 out of the 4 indications for divorce for women*) and a conflict between the rulers of the 1st and 7th house. That is enough for at least one divorce. This post is about the matches.

Princess Anne’s first husband, the father of her children, is Mark Philips, an Olympic medal winnig horseman. They married on November 14, 1973 and divorced in 1992.During their marriage he had an affair and fathered a daughter (in August 1985). This was confirmed by a DNA-test in 1991, soon after her progressed Venus conjunct Saturn (an astrological statement for a depression in a marriage).
Anne and Mark didn’t match much from the start. Their Mars and Moons were in the ‘right’ signs, but their Sun signs, Mercuries and Venus didn’t match. They had children together, but they didn’t like each other much in the end. 
BTW His Jupiter was trine her Sun and that is mirroring support and trust. Apparently that doesn’t mean that a person will be faithful and true. It just means that one of the partners puts her/his trust in the other one (and we don’t know if that was the right thing to do). 
Here you see the chart of Anne with the positions of Mark Philips.

Princess Anne’s present husband is Tim Laurence. They aren’t married in the Church of England, because this Church (with the Queen as leader) doesn’t allow marriage after divorce.  (Watch Uranus in the 9th house for this. It is an indication for a change in conviction or religion).

They married on December 12,1992 and are still together, in spite of their synastry. The Venus opposition Venus, Mars opposition Mars and his Neptune square her Venus is pointing at a passionate and romantic start and risking later ups and downs, competition or even fights.  Or perhaps they manage to control that in trying to beat each other in sports:).

When she got married her Progressed Sun was sextile the Midheaven and inconjunct Jupiter. Transit Pluto and Pallas were on the progressed Ascendant. Also T Jupiter was inconjunct Venus. I guess that that aspect is reflecting the wedding partyJ.
Here you see the Princess’ chart with the transits and progressions of her wedding day.

 *) The indications for divorce/not getting married in a woman's chart are:
Sun-Mars, Mars-Saturn, Sun-Uranus and Venus-Uranus aspect combinations (in particular the hard aspects). 
The indications for males are: Moon-Saturn, Moon-Neptune, Venus-Neptune and Mars-Uranus.

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