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maandag 2 augustus 2010

Famous couples: John and Elizabeth Edwards & John Edwards and Rielle Hunter

Former candidate for the USA presidency, John Edwards tried to keep it a secret and he denied for a long time that he is the father of the baby of his lover, Rielle Hunter. John Edwards is now divorcing his wife (who is a breast cancer patient). Why does this happen? Is it just because he is rich and famous, or are there indications in the natal chart? Or both? Indications for divorce in the chart of men are afflictions of the Moon with Saturn and Neptune, Venus in hard aspect with Neptune, Mars afflicted by Uranus and/or afflictions between the houses 1 and 7. We see a number of those afflictions in the chart of John Edwards.

1. Moon with Saturn and Neptune
The Moon sesquisquare Saturn and Neptune seems to be very appropriate considering the fact that his wife is seriously ill.  Saturn-Neptune is the combination of illnesses, too.
The aspects of the Moon with Saturn and Neptune are also two of the four indications that the astrologer Ram mentioned as indicative for possible divorce (or not marrying at all) in the charts of males.

2. Venus and Neptune: a quindecile
John Edwards has Venus quindecile Neptune (and Saturn)! That is 3!

3. In the Astrodatabank chart Cancer is on the Ascendant. The dispositor of Cancer is the Moon. The seventh house is ruled by Saturn as Capricorn is on the cusp of the Descendant. Moon and Saturn are sesquisquare! Afflictions between the rulers of the first and seventh house are also difficult for a marriage.

Capricorn on the seventh house might have kept him in a marriage because of responsibilities, parenthood or other obligations. Capricon is for consistency! And for keeping up appearances, too. Ruler 7th house, Saturn, is in Libra. Libra is the sign of 'being together'. The position of Saturn in Libra might prolongue relationships (good and bad ones).
in the news with sexual activities related to your career.

John Edwards is a good looking Mr. Nice Guy and probably well to do. That is attracting a lot of ladies. With Moon in Gemini conjunct Jupiter rising before the Sun, he is the popular and positive looking guy. John Edwards also has Venus quintile Uranus, so he has a creative desire for 'something new', 'excitement' and adventures. Uranus is on the Ascendant shows the individualistic approach and an independent and free presentation. The unbearable load of being married, in the chart of good looking individualist...that is asking for problems. It may be lonely at the top sometimes, but not alone!:) Here is the chart. The positions on the outside of the circle ('transits') are the positions of the day of birth of Elizabeth:

Look at Mars (square MC): Mars is not making aspects within 5 degrees orb. Mars is 'calling', reflecting energy (drive, work or sex) at any possible level. Jupiter is rising before the Sun and Mars is 'calling': that is a statement for success in life and.. for reproduction. He officially has five children now.

There are probably a lot of astrological 'excuses', but I think that Saturn ruling the 7th in Libra and quindecile Venus is the key to sticking to an outdated marriage.

Of course, a man who has so many indications for divorce will not marry a perfectly matching partner. I don't want to sound cynical, but there must be room to fail, as it seems. That is why there is little match with Elizabeth.

She is a Cancer, he is a Gemini…no match
His Moon in Gemini, hers in Libra…match (their families and habits match)
His Mercury in Cancer, hers in Gemini…no match (differences of opinion)
(Her Mercury is conjunct his Sun, btw)
His Venus in Taurus, hers in Leo,…no match (different styles and sympathies)
His Mars in Gemini, so is hers…match! But it is Mars. And Mars conjunct Mars might be regarded as an affliction when it comes to disagreement...

Her Pholus is sesquisquare his Sun/Moon as if she is shooting her feet by marrying him or that the marriage was a turning point in her life.
Her Neptune is exactly square his Ascendant and that means that she doesn’t see him clearly as he is. Disappointment might follow...

He is a Gemini, she is a Pisces or Aries…Match?
The Moons are in the same sign…Match
Mercury square Mercury…differences of opinion
Venus in same sign…Match
Mars in Gemini square Mars in Pisces (first hot attraction, fighting each other later, competition)

It is a lot of attraction and ...a lot of discussions....
Here is the chart of John Edwards again, this time with the ('transit') position of Rielle Hunter.

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