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zaterdag 23 mei 2009

Famous couple: Harald V and Sonja of Norway

King Harald V and Queen Sonja share a romantic love story. It took them 9 years to convince the father of Harald that he had choosen the right woman to be the next Queen of Norway. He had fallen in love with her big brown eyes from the first moment that he saw her. That is the effect of Venus in Aries. He has Venus inconjunct Neptune, so for a king to be he has a rather disproportionate romantic nature. He fell in love and didn't want nobody else, even if he tried. Let us see if they match:)

His Sun in Pisces, hers in Cancer (match)
His Moon in Cancer (perhaps conjunct hers!) match
His Moon in Cancer, hers in Taurus (match)
His Venus in Aries, hers in Taurus (no match)
His Mars in Scorpio, conjunct hers (match)
His Jupiter in Capricorn (so is hers, match!)

Her Mars is trine his Ascendant.

He met his wife in 1959 when his progressed Sun was conjunct Saturn, ruler of the 7th house of the partner. Her progressed Venus was inconjunct his Mars in that year. Her progressed Mars was trine his progressed Sun and Saturn, his Venus square her progressed Sun. It was too soon, however. Because she was a commoner, it was only on August 29, 1968 that they got married. That must have been the most happy year of his life. He had progressed Moon trine Jupiter and that is the best progression a person can get. His wife had progressed Moon opposition Jupiter. And there was an aspect like in 1959: his progressed Sun and Mars were now trine her Sauturn. All is well that ends well. This year they will celebrate their 41th wedding aniversary! Added with their long 'engagement' they know each other for 50 years now and they are still together.

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