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woensdag 20 mei 2009

John Lennon, Yoko and Cynthia

Yesterday it was 68 years ago that John Lennon, one of the Beatles, was born at 18h30 CET in Liverpool. I want to have a look at his chart and that of Yoko and Cynthia, the women in his life. And I take a look at the interaction between the charts of John Lennon and his murderer. It is a long story. Too long for a blog perhaps, but long enough for a long weekend...

He was born with a prominent calling ‘starry’Sun on the Descendant. Venus was also calling and Mars was the oriental planet (energy, aggression, the activist*). Pallas is rising before the Sun and conjunct the Sun and Descendant. Pallas is the symbol of patterns. Just like in the chart of Le Corbusier we see the prominence of Venus and Mars with Pallas for a passion for patterns. John Lennon did not only compose and produce music, he also created art.

It is a chart that barely shows the importance of Lennon for the world of pop music, at first sight. But there is that very tight aspect of Moon inconjunct Venus with Moon on top in the 10th equal house and Venus disposing of the MC and calling in the 5th. He must have had a need to be different and change the world (in a fanatic way: opposition Pluto) and there was that misbalance with 'art' at any level, art that kept coming back. I can understand the pattern. The need to change the world somehow become more and more obvious to the public but he also was an artist. He had a passion for patterns but also for show. He was an artist but also an activist. He donated to the IRA! He preached love and piece and abused his women.

It is all there in the chart. Just like the > 7 midpoint combinations for success.

It is clear that John Lennon's chart did not promises everlasting marriages and being a devoted husband.
There are 3 indications for difficulties in relationships. He has Mercury in the 7th house of partners in opposition with Jupiter and Saturn in one. Affliction between the 1st and 7th house are indications for possible divorces. He also had Moon inconjunct Venus (for a misbalanced need for love) and Mars in Libra. Mars, the symbol of war, is very misplaced in the sign of diplomacy and peaceful relationship. Both Cynthia and Yoko mention that he slapped them.

His first wife Cynthia (born September 10, 1939 in Liverpool) has Venus conjunct Neptune in her chart and that is apart from loving idols a romantic theme in a chart. Romance is at best when tears are falling...:)
They married rather young (Mercury in 7th!) and as John has indications for multiple relationships, there is even more chance for a divorce. Their moon signs were in conflict (he Aquarius, she Leo). They share the same taste (Venus in Virgo). But his Mars in Libra is fighting her Mars in Capricorn (symbol for fighting each other in the end).
In the combine chart Venus is conjunct Uranus for a too early marriage. They sort of rushed into marriage. They also shared an aspect between Mars and Neptune (I mean that both have such an aspect). It is like in the charts of the royal couple of Belgium (Albert and Paola), who also share Mars-Neptune and both had affairs.

Yoko Ono became his widow. When Lennon was with her, he abused her and he left her a couple of times for someone else. Yoko Ono has Uranus in the 7th house of marriage and that is an indication for a flashlight relationship (a 'free' marriage, or a 'capricious' partner). That Uranus of Yoko is exactly conjunct the Ascendant of John Lennon. The concept of the betrayed woman is Moon-Neptune (see Cynthia with Venus-Neptune), for the need for romance (and romance, I said it before, is more romantic when tears are falling). With John Lennon she had the right guy: his Neptune 75 degrees from her Moon for a sort of a compulsive link. Venus conjunct Saturn is a key to a marriage that will last till the end of one of the partners (the woman on her own).

John's mother died at an early age (Moon ruler IC in 10, opposition Pluto, ruler 8 in 4), when John was about 18 years old. Yoko Ono is older than John Lennon. The age of Yoko was important in their relationship. We can see that from Saturn in conflict with his Saturn and because his Saturn is in hard aspect with her Venus. The capricious relationship with an older woman offered him a certain freedom. In the combine chart the Moon is inconjunct Pluto, and Uranus is tightly conjunct Vulcanus. This could be read as the threatening and unexpected violence in their shared lives.
They share quintile aspects between Sun and Pluto. Sun and Pluto connections show us the importance of matters of life and death (and money, power, authority, influence or sex). Both have a creative way to live intensely and they shared a life of living to the max. They also both have aspects between Moon and Mars and between Mercury and Pluto. That is for sharing domestic aggression (Moon-Mars; but also notice Pluto in the 4th house) and intense discussions (Mercury-Pluto).

Peace was about the contrary of what John Lennon created in his domestic life. The Sun in Libra looks for compromise and peace, but Mars in Libra tends to be the spark that starts the conflict, whenever there is the slightest misbalance. His public life (10th house, Moon in Aquarius; changing the world, the humanistic and reasonable attitude) was the opposite of his domestic life (Pluto in the 4th house, ruler of the 8th...problems).

In the solar return chart of 1980 John Lennon had Mars and Uranus on the Ascendant if he celebrated his birthday in Liverpool and Saturn was on the Ascendant if the birthday party was in New York.

Saturn was 15 degrees away from Pluto on his dying day. Transit Saturn (and Jupiter) was square the MC of Lennon. The midpoint Saturn/Pluto was conjunct the natal Sun.

Transit Neptune was conjunct the progressed Descendant. Transit Saturn (ruler of the progressed eight house) was conjunct the progressed Node and inconjunct progressed Jupiter and Vulcanus (the V in this chart, symbol for public Violence).

There are more interesting aspects, like with Pallas.
Transit Saturn was exactly conjunct the Ascendant of Yoko Ono at the moment of the gunshot. It would be the start of being alone again. The moment of death seems to have been right after a good moment for Yoko and John (transits of Venus and Jupiter).

The murderer, a man who wanted his name in the papers has just like John Lennon had, Sun conjunct Descendant. He also wanted to be a star.
His Venus was conjunct the Ascendant of Lennon; he used to be a fan of Lennon, but somehow got obsessed by the Beatle. But on the final day, John Lennon’s progressed Neptune happened to be exactly conjunct the progressed Midheaven of the killer. Sometimes people meet at the wrong moment…

Chapman was born May 10th, 1955 at 19h30 Fort Worth. The V of Vulcanus is rising before his Sun. The Moon is oriental (skipping the not important Venus) in Capricorn for the need to be noticed (in the 2nd house). Like in the case of many inmates, Chapman has Sun opposition Saturn in the 12th house. Pluto on top tells us about money, influence, sexuality and power above all. The composition can easily lead to the life of a fanatic (Sun and Pluto prominent) who wants to teach persons a lesson (Moon is for teaching) and whose needs come first.


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*) Notice the contradiction in the word 'peace-activist' (or in 'fighting for peace') and you see the contradiction in 'Mars in Libra'.

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