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zaterdag 23 mei 2009

Sun/Moon midpoint synastry

The Sun/Moon midpoint is an important midpoint. Not just in your natal chart, where the Sun/Moon midpoint is highlighting the most important ability or issue in our life. It is also important in your progressed chart. Sun/Moon is very important for a relationship. Any planet of a partner that is in aspect with the midpoint Sun/Moon is creating a strong sense of 'to belong to a person'. A famous example is Queen Victoria. Her Sun/Moon in Gemini is exactly square the Sun of her husband Albert. They had 9 children together and she never stopped mourning his early death.
I have a Sun/Moon midpoint square my husband's Sun, too and I know of others who do. More examples:

Her Mars square his Sun/Moon (Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt)
Her Mars square his Sun/Moon (Eva Braun and Hitler)
Her Mars semi square his Sun/Moon (Jackie and John F. Kennedy)

His Venus conjunct her Sun/Moon (John and Jackie Kennedy)
His Venus conjucnt her Sun/Moon (Jenifer Aniston and Brad Pitt)

His Sun, her Sun/Moon (Victoria and Albert, see the charts)
His Sun sesquisquare her Sun/Moon (Onassis and Jackie)

Her Saturn square his Sun/Moon (Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard, living separately during many years after about 18 years of marriage)

The Sun/Moon midpoint requires an hour of birth. The position at Noon may be 7 degrees away from the real position of the Moon in a natal chart.
The Sun/Moon midpoint is the equavalent of (Sun + Moon)/2. Of course, to calculate this you need to use the degrees of the 360 degree circle. A Sun in the 10th degree of Taurus is at 40 degrees, a Moon in the 20th degree of Libra is in the 200th degree. The midpoint Sun/Moon of this example combination is at 120 degree (zero Leo).

Famous couple: Harald V and Sonja of Norway

King Harald V and Queen Sonja share a romantic love story. It took them 9 years to convince the father of Harald that he had choosen the right woman to be the next Queen of Norway. He had fallen in love with her big brown eyes from the first moment that he saw her. That is the effect of Venus in Aries. He has Venus inconjunct Neptune, so for a king to be he has a rather disproportionate romantic nature. He fell in love and didn't want nobody else, even if he tried. Let us see if they match:)

His Sun in Pisces, hers in Cancer (match)
His Moon in Cancer (perhaps conjunct hers!) match
His Moon in Cancer, hers in Taurus (match)
His Venus in Aries, hers in Taurus (no match)
His Mars in Scorpio, conjunct hers (match)
His Jupiter in Capricorn (so is hers, match!)

Her Mars is trine his Ascendant.

He met his wife in 1959 when his progressed Sun was conjunct Saturn, ruler of the 7th house of the partner. Her progressed Venus was inconjunct his Mars in that year. Her progressed Mars was trine his progressed Sun and Saturn, his Venus square her progressed Sun. It was too soon, however. Because she was a commoner, it was only on August 29, 1968 that they got married. That must have been the most happy year of his life. He had progressed Moon trine Jupiter and that is the best progression a person can get. His wife had progressed Moon opposition Jupiter. And there was an aspect like in 1959: his progressed Sun and Mars were now trine her Sauturn. All is well that ends well. This year they will celebrate their 41th wedding aniversary! Added with their long 'engagement' they know each other for 50 years now and they are still together.

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woensdag 20 mei 2009

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills

I wrote about Paul McCartney and Heather Mills before, so I will be short now:). Today the judge decided that Heather Mills should get about 30 million euros from Paul as a settlement. That is far less than what she wanted, but still she is very, very happy. At least, that is what she told the journalist and that is what her chart shows. Happy Heather has Venus opposition Jupiter today. Paying Paul has Venus square Saturn and inconjunct Pluto. That is an astrological statement for a financial (Venus-Pluto) defeat (Saturn).

John Cleese, marriage and divorce

John Cleese (born 27th October 1939 at 3:15 CET in Weston-super-Mare) had a bad relationship with his mother (and she lived to 101). 'I thought I'd never get rid of her', John Cleese recently told his audience. Really! According to the Daily Mail Online, click for the article...He also discussed the amount of money he has to pay his 3rd (!) wife with the public.

What evidence do we have for all this? John Cleese is not easy (Sun tightly square Pluto) and with Mars square Uranus he has a temper. Just like his alter ego Basil Fawlty:)

The Moon in his chart is calling! and in the eight house. That could indicate the problemous relationship with the mother, at any possible level, yeah! And today, with transit Saturn square Midheaven, things are certainly nasty. Also, with Solar Arc Mercury square Sun maybe you'd better take care what you say and where...

John Cleese is a prominent artist. Neptune is oriental and Venus is sesquisquare Aries Point for the combination of Venus and Neptune: artistic talents. Acting might be contributed to the calling Moon. And Notice Jupiter on Aries Point, sesquisquare Mars. John Cleese has 5 out of 10 prominent placements in his chart.

It is not fortunate, however, that Jupiter is in the seventh house...It means 'more than one marriage'. The Mars-Uranus square is another indication for unstable relations. Money is important in this chart: see the Sun in the second house of money, square the symbol of 'price and prize', Pluto.

Pamela Anderson

In 2008 I wrote this about Pamela Anderson:

Received 10/01/2007 18:32

This is what I reported on July 18, 2006

"Pamela Anderson is about to try it again with Kid Rock. She announced her marriage today. Pamela Anderson is born 1st July 1967 at 4h08 a.m. in Ladysmith. Right now Neptune is on her MC and about to oppose to natal Venus on the IC (being diplomatic, estethic or beautiful is part of the profession, this Venus tells us...). Neptune is in her chart square Venus. That is a sign for a romantic person with disappointments in love (due to ideolizing the lover). Let's hope for the best...You can see the lucky event in the progressed MC that is about to make a sesquiquadrate aspect with natal Jupiter, dispositor of the seventh house of steady relationships and marriage."

Now the same transit of Neptune appears and they tell me she is about to marry Rick Salamon, sun of the American film- and tv-company Warner Brothers. So apparently, Kid Rock did not make it to the church or she divorced him again.

Pamela Anderson has a golden Yod (a combination of quintiles) of Sun, Moon and Uranus. Her Sun is sesquisqaure Venus and square Saturn. Now it is not uncommon for a star in the States to get married and divorced again, once and a while. But still you may notice that the Sun biquintile Uranus is as difficult for staying married as any other hard aspect between Sun and Uranus is in the chart of a female.

Like in other cases of beautiful women Moon, Venus and Uranus play the major role. The oriental Moon (rising before the Sun) is the end dispositor of the MC and Venus is opposed to the MC. Uranus has a crucial position right on the bottom of the chart. And Gemini (the Ascendant) will help her to keep looking young...

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Sun, Venus, Mars and Neptune are prominent in the chart of Katie Holmes. With Neptune oriental she is the perfect dreamer to catch up with the beliefs of her husband, Tom Cruise. She lives with him, his mother, his sister and her children in one (I hope:) large house*). And it seams she is considering a move. Maybe that is because transit Uranus is opposition her Northern Node - for independency towards a group -? Or is it the progressed Sun getting close to Mars? I know that Sun-Mars progressions manifest the will to be self supportive and do your own thing.

Why is Tom Cruise living with his mother anyway? He has Sun inconjunct Saturn and that might make it difficult to have a life (without a parent) and ...to have a life (WITH a parent). But most important are:
- the calling Moon for the importance of habits and needs,
- and the fact that Ceres (symbol of heirdom) is conjunct his Sun and oriental.
He wants to live (Sun) close (conjunct) to his inheritance. And he is the one who is to provide for them. With Ceres rising before and conjunct the Sun he will be pleased to nurture baby Suri. I have the feeling that Ceres had an important role to play in 'Dynasty':)

For the issue of living together it is nice to see that Tom and Katie share a Moon in Leo and feel comfortable in each others' presence. They share the same needs and are easily adapting to each other's habits. There is of course interaction between their charts. Some of the synastry-aspects will be helpful to keep the relationship going, others are not.

They share Mars afflicting Uranus (he square, she semi square). Click for the article to find out what it means. Mars square Uranus is one of the indications in a male's chart for divorces. Tom Cruise already had one. Katie also has an indication for divorce: Venus conjunct Uranus (marrying impulsively).

Katie Holmes married a man who is 16 years older than she is. Venus sextile Saturn is one of the tightest aspects in her chart. In marriage and relationships she prefers to have security. When she married Tom Cruise - who has Saturn in the 5th house -(on November 18 2006) she had transit Saturn inconjunct and transit Uranus semi square her progressed Sun. It is rather strange that she had a composition for restricted freedom. Another transit on that day is Uranus semi square progressed Mars. That is the same aspect that they share! It seems that the marriage iniciated a whole new adventure for both of them.

The relationship with Katie made Tom Cruise very enthusiastic. He had the progressed Moon opposition Venus in 2005, when he fell in love and his Ascendant changed sign. In the first half of 2009 he will have progressed MC opposition Saturn and progressed Sun square Mars. That might be a good moment to split up with his family and start his own life.

More about the chart of Tom Cruise...

*) big enough, see the picture:
Photo of house Tom Cruise

Diana and Dodi

Diana and Dodi: they must have made each other happy. Notice that his Jupiter squares her MC, while her Jupiter is conjunct his MC. I wonder it that could have prevented a row in the end. Her Mars is exactly square to his. Remember the charts of Paul and Heather? Her Mars inconjunct his...It must be attractive in the beginning but it might turn into fighting each other later when two temparements test their qualities.

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer

Natal chart of Jennifer Aniston with in green the positions onJohn Mayer's day of birth

It must be a heavy disappointment for Jennifer Aniston, on May 20,2009 when her relationship with singer John Mayer crashed and her ex starts to '' tell tales'. There were heavy transits with her chart:
- Saturn semi square Ascendant
- Saturn inconjunct Venus
- Saturn square progressed Mars
- Saturn sesquisquare progressed Saturn
- Neptune conjunct Sun
These transits show grieve, being alone and disappointed. After this there have been rumours about the couple being seen together again.

There is a strong match between them, but apparently: that is not enough. Or maybe that is the reason why the couple reunites again and again, in spite of the difficult synastry?   
Friends have Moons in the same sign and so have Jennifer and John. They feel close. It is also evident that their Suns and Mars are matching! This is a perfect example of a match that does not promise a lifetime marriage! There is one little thing that doesn't match: Venus, the planet of love, compromise and diplomacy. They don't seem to have compatible tastes, sympathies and preferences. Venus is often the planet that makes love sweeter and a relationship easier. In this case her Neptune is sextile his Venus and that is a compensation for the lack of shared sympathies: romance...

They share Sun-Mars, Venus-Pluto
Both charts (the one of Jennifer and the one of John) have Sun square Mars. Sun square Mars means competition and arguments (see my site: Astromarkt ).
Jennifer Aniston (born February 11, 1969, 22u20 LA) has a tight square between Sun and Mars. That is not pleasant for relationships with men. John Mayer ALSO has Sun square Mars and his Mars is square her Ascendant. She is the target:). Their Suns and Mars are matching and they share that Sun-Mars affliction...Is this difficult astrologic to say that there is a strong attraction because they are both fighters?

Jennifer Aniston also has a wide opposition between Venus and Uranus. That is another difficult aspect when relations are concerned. And apart from that: Venus is sesquisquare Mars, and they rule the 1st and 7th house! Three times is …enough. Jennifer Aniston somehow will attract the ‘wrong persons’. Notice that Venus is also quindecile Pluto, so that there is an obsessive urge to have relationships and at the same time a problem whit love. Accidentally, John has Venus 15 degrees from Pluto. That is what they share as well. About sharing Venus-Pluto aspects, I wrote on Astromarkt:
Venus-Pluto is for fanatics. When in love they want all or nothing, there are no compromises and often they are jealous or there are other marriage problems. They might start a marriage 'forced' by circumstances. In a group the desire to make money shares them. But, if harmonious, this aspect could indicate 'love till death do us part'. And for experienced fanatics: sharing the same pain.

With Moon conjunct Neptune John has what it takes to experience difficulties in his relationships with women.

UPDATE August 22, 2010
This post was originally written in May 2009 and has now been completed with new findings about Mars and Pholus and a better picture of the chart. A reason for having a look at this old post was, that there are new rumours about Jennifer and John being reunited. That is with transit Pholus conjunct Jennifer's progressed Mars, indicating a turning point regarding a fight or...a man. Jennifer has Mars square Pholus in the natal chart.That could be read like 'shooting your foot' regarding to men. Her Pholus is inconjunct the Mars of John Mayer. An inconjunct refers to lack of balance and losts. I refer to the Pholus files:
Pholus + Mars: turning point in a battle (and with the inconjunction: getting hurt!)
(but: will this have to go on forever?)

Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie (both related to Brad Pitt) are sharing the aspect Moon square Saturn and a hard aspect between Sun and Uranus. Probably Brad Pitt likes ambitious and independent women. He has Venus and Moon in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) and Venus sesquisquare Uranus. That is how people end up in difficult relations, sometimes. Even with matching sun signs.

Male attraction

Attractive modern entertainers and actors, (those males who know and use their appearances), often have the hot planet Venus in a cool sign like Virgo or Capricorn. And they have Saturn in aspect with Venus or the Ascendant. We admire them from a distance. Males with closer contacts with women have more placements in Taurus and Libra. Examples? Read on...

Take Obama. Barack Obama is good looking. His prominent Venus (square Aries Point) is sesquisquare his Ascendant. He is however not 'cool or sexy' in his behaviour. He does not earn a living with being beautiful, does he? Not like Brad Pitt does, or one of the James Bonds. The James Bond actors all have indications for the strong, cool man (Pluto, Saturn, Capricorn, Mars-Saturn). One of the Bonds, Sean Connery has Saturn on the Ascendant in Capricorn, even.

The beauties among the men have the same cool appearance and know how to link beauty or appearance to business (ASC or Venus with Saturn).Brad Pitt has Moon and Venus in Capricorn (for being 'cool'), Justin Timberlake has Venus in Capricorn in mutual reception with Saturn. Robert Redford has a Pisces Ascendant AND Saturn in the first house. Robert de Niro has Venus in Virgo, opposition Saturn.

JFK had Venus trine Ascendant and the Moon in Virgo. That was cool and charming enough and people found him attractive. There was no connection with Saturn. He did not make a living thanks to his looks.

It seemed to be a nice theory. Then I noticed the charts of GWB and Bill Clinton. Did women find George W. Bush attractive, I wonder, with Saturn on his Ascendant ('cool')? Or did his status attribute to the reactions of the ladies? George W. Bush is not ugly and he is distant enough to be cool and under control.

Bill Clinton however, did not have any cool aspects or signs. His name will always be named together with the name of Monica Lewinsky and cigars. Taurus and Libra are the diplomatic and nice signs. Taurus and Libra are sensual signs.

We admire the beauty and charms of those who are on the screen and beyond reach. In the beginning of the (soundless) movies, it was important to demonstrate feelings and passion. A cool person would not have impressed the public in those days. Drama and over-acting was needed because the expression was all they had to tell the story. In a love story, it was needed to see the warmth and the passion! That is why they had a Taurus + Libra Valentino, for example.

Rudolfo Valentino, the sexy man in the age of the silent movie, was not cool at all. He had Venus in Gemini, Moon in Libra and Libra Ascendant. In his movies you see him melt away all women just by looking into their eyes. That is what happens when Venus/Mars is in aspect with Zero Aries and Ascendant...passion!

This is the chart of Valentino:

There is a lot of good taste, love and sweetness in his chart. Venus is right between Jupiter and Pluto for success with the ladies. There are no positions in fire signs. Mars is in Cancer, conjunct Jupiter in the tenth house. When he was a teenage boy he tried to become a soldier but his chest was too small...

For romance we find Moon in Libra trine Neptune. He is good looking and charming and seems to be romantic at first sight. Venus in Gemini made him marry twice. The first time the marriage lasted one night only. The lady was a lesbian. He was not divorced yet when he tried to get married for the second time. He was arrested for bigamy!

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The idol Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston

Sharing a man, sharing an aspect...The charts of rivals in love often have much in common. It may not be much of a surprise, when you are living with the same man or woman for a while and your names seem to be linked forever. But it is surprising that it is so clearly visible in the love triangle Pitt-Jolie-Aniston.
The famous three are united in their -past- love for each other. Angelina Jolie married Brad Pitt, but Jennifer Aniston was his first wife. This love triangle was in the news today. Jolie now says that she and Brad Pitt fell in love when he was still married with Jennifer Aniston.

Here you see the link between their charts and their divorce. In short:
1. their charts are connected by Sun-Neptune aspects
2. their charts are connected by Sun-Uranus aspects
3. Aniston and Pitt shared Venus-Jupiter (and her Venus is opposition Jupiter)
4. Jolie and Pitt share Venus-Uranus (both have Venus-Uranus conflicts)
Continue for more specifications and for links to other post/articles about matching, sharing aspects and relationships. See also on the left (labels).

Angelina's Sun is quindecile (165 degrees) Jennifer's Neptune. Jennifer's Sun is quintile (72d) Angelina's Sun. Aniston's Sun is square Neptune; Jolie's Sun is opposition Neptune. They share an aspect that is not uncommon in the charts of actors: the aspect of a sort of a double life. They are not what you think you see. In my article on Astromarkt about sharing aspects I wrote this about sharing Sun-Neptune:

Sun and Neptune shared in aspect gives you shared ideals, dreams and faith or even a shared idol! But with hard aspects you might share the same disillusions as well or this relationship is disillusive. Cooperating could work out best in an asylum or in a non-profit organization where they can help others, and each other.

Another possible combination is between enemies and with Sun in hard aspect with Neptune shared. Ideology stand between you as was the case with the murderer of director Theo van Gogh who shared Sun square Neptune.

BTW: Brad Pitt has an unaspected Sun and Neptune rises before the Sun. So his Sun and Neptune are prominent.

That is what Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston share: Brad Pitt and Sun in a hard aspect with Uranus. Pitt has Sun quindecile 105 degrees Uranus. A perfect match! He is the wrong man and they want him:).

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston did not match much. Their sun signs matched, but their moons did not and though his Venus was sextile her Mars, his Mars was square her Venus. There was passion. But Jennifer Aniston has Sun square Mars and Mars inconjunct Saturn in her chart and those are two of the four indications for a divorce in the chart of a female (the others are Sun-Uranus and Venus-Uranus). As it was her first marriage, it was likely that there would be a divorce, in particular in her social environment. Also notice Saturn on the descendant of Aniston's chart and the sesquisquare between rulers 1 and 7: Venus and Mars. Those are exactly the planets of importance in their synastry!

What he shares with Jennifer Aniston is Venus-Jupiter. She has the opposition (expecting too much of marriage and love) and he has the quindecile 75 degree aspect.

This marriage was a passionate one, but as both expected too much of it, and both could have more than one marriage (and this was their first...)....it ended.

Aniston and Jolie share Sun-Neptune and see: Sun opposition Neptune of Jolie is on the horizon of Brad Pitt's chart. There is a link, as to be expected.
Jolie and Pitt do not match much. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are in conflicting signs. And the tightest conflict is that of Mars square Mars. I have seen that before: McCartney-Mills, Mars inconjunct Mars. And Van Basten-Van Nistelrooij: Mars square Mars. Fire! And it is only to be wished that they keep it in control.

What Jolie and Pitt share is Venus-Uranus. She has the square, he has the sesquisquare. They will love excitement and changes. Probably that is why they are moving around the world so much. As long as they keep moving and keep the fire in control, this relationship will continue. But will it last forever? With so many children, let us hope so...

The subject of their adoration and love is Brad Pitt. He is the guy with Moon conjunct Venus (attractive for women) and he is the guy with Gemini on cusp 7: for more than one relationship, maybe at the same time. Mars-Uranus-conflicts are not helpful in marriage, in the chart of a male, but Pitt has Mars trine Uranus. Maybe that makes him good at switching. Notice the cool Moon and Venus and the conflict between Jupiter ruler ASC and Mercury ruler DESC (translated light by Mars and Pluto) and you see that there is a potential for divorce.

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The hard (love) life of Frida Kahlo

In July 2007, 100 year after the day that Frida Kahlo, the famous and tormented artist, was born, I wrote about her chart on my site Astromarkt. This is a translation of what I found in her chart. It is a complete reading of her natal, transits and progressions related to her vocation, her suffering, her marriages and relationships and the accident that crippled her. She was born July 6, 1907 at 8h30 a.m. in Coyoacan Mexico and died without children on July 19, 1954, shortly after she became only 47. She had a life full of love and pain. Venus conjunct Pluto is the tightest aspect in her chart and that combinatiion links pain to love and art and produces intense feelings.
Her chart shows the artist. Notice Taurus on the Midheaven, disposed by Venus in Gemini and the routing ending in Venus again. Neptune rises before the Sun for an orientation on the immaterial world, like the world of arts. Jupiter is not making major aspects in sign and orb 5 degrees. Jupiter rules the 5th house of creativity and is parallel with Neptune. So is the Sun with Venus…
The elevated position of the Moon in Taurus is another sign for sense of beauty.

Frida Kahlo was born with Mars conjunct Uranus, and both were retrograding in the fifth house. When she was very young a heavy accident crippled her. She underwent several operations. Mars-Uranus is a combination that is frequently related to accidents. There is an article about this combination of planets on Astromarkt…*)

At age six she got polio. That was when Saturn retrograded to the natal positon. That is a very rare progressive aspect! Saturn disposes of the 6th house of illnesses and is positioned in the 8th house of life and death, sexuality and problems. The progressive MC was conjunct natal Moon in the final degree of Taurus (change of perspective and possibly it is the moment that she became aware of her sense of art).

She was studying medicines when she had the accident (in September 1925, age 18) Afterwards she stopped her study and more or less forced by circumstances she focused on arts. For that moment of vital changes in life we see the following indications:

1. In 1925 her progressed Sun changed sign
2. In the solar return chart of 1925 Uranus is on the IC and Pluto is conjunct the Sun. Uranus and Pluto together strongly indicate the unexpected, sudden change and danger.
3. On September 11, transit Uranus is square natal Pluto: that is a confirmative transit of the earlier mentioned under 2.
4. On September 13 Neptune is exactly square her Midheaven
5. Jupiter is activating the Sun-Mars-Neptune constellation. Should I read this as Jupiter helping inactivity or should we see Jupiter as the doctors saving her life?
6. Transit Uranus inconjunct Ascendant (exactly on September 16) is an indication for a possible shock or surgery.
7. Progressed Midheaven is inconjunct Uranus in 1925.

You see that there are an impressive lot of indications for dramatical changes and for having to give up her career (Neptune
In her natal chart there are Mars-Uranus, Sun-Neptune and several midpoint combinations as a sort of a predisposition for accidents and surgery, probably because of impatience and being a dreamer (not noticing things in times).

The pain and suffering did not stop her to marry and the scars and handicaps did not stop sexual relationships with men and women. Venus conjunct Pluto and square Saturn shows the ‘die hard’ when it is about love. Notice Sun opposition Mars and Uranus: two of the four most frequent indications for divorce in the charts of women (the other two are Mars-Saturn and Venus-Uranus afflictions).

In the year of her marriage with Diego de Rivera (an artist) she had the very fortunate progression of Moon trine Jupiter. The Moon was sextile MC and also square Venus and Pluto for intense feelings of being in love. The progressed Moon also was trine progressed Venus. She must have been very much in love with Diego.

Later Frida and Diego divorced after him having an affair with her younger sister, but in 1940 they married again! Her progressed MC was conjunct Venus and Pluto, her progressed Moon conjunct progressed Venus and the solar return chart has Moon conjunct Sun (all indicating love and marriage), with Jupiter on the MC for a celebration.

I don’t have the chart of Diego de Rivera, but I do have the chart of Leon Trotzki (born November 7 1879 at 22h10 in Janowka). Frida had an affair with the famous politician..His Moon is on her Ascendant, his Midheaven is square her Jupiter (ruler 5) and his Mars is trine hers.

She died one week after celebrating her birthday. The solar return chart’s Moon was conjunct the natal Midheaven to indicate a change in condition or position. Venus (ruling the 8th house of life and death in the solar return chart) was inconjunct Frida’s prominent Moon in Taurus.

On her dying day transit Pluto was square MC and conjunct ASC. Mars was square Saturn. The combination of Pluto, Mars and Saturn is always a critical one. With Jupiter opposition Uranus on that day we might speculate that her death released her from the pain she had. In the year before her death she had suffered a lot of pain (transit Saturn was conjunct her natal Sun) due to the amputation of her leg. It has always been suggested that she helped death with an overdose.

What an intense life she had! She was a very special person with a very special and intense chart. Most of the time the chars of extreme persons and/or lives are very explicit!

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John Lennon, Yoko and Cynthia

Yesterday it was 68 years ago that John Lennon, one of the Beatles, was born at 18h30 CET in Liverpool. I want to have a look at his chart and that of Yoko and Cynthia, the women in his life. And I take a look at the interaction between the charts of John Lennon and his murderer. It is a long story. Too long for a blog perhaps, but long enough for a long weekend...

He was born with a prominent calling ‘starry’Sun on the Descendant. Venus was also calling and Mars was the oriental planet (energy, aggression, the activist*). Pallas is rising before the Sun and conjunct the Sun and Descendant. Pallas is the symbol of patterns. Just like in the chart of Le Corbusier we see the prominence of Venus and Mars with Pallas for a passion for patterns. John Lennon did not only compose and produce music, he also created art.

It is a chart that barely shows the importance of Lennon for the world of pop music, at first sight. But there is that very tight aspect of Moon inconjunct Venus with Moon on top in the 10th equal house and Venus disposing of the MC and calling in the 5th. He must have had a need to be different and change the world (in a fanatic way: opposition Pluto) and there was that misbalance with 'art' at any level, art that kept coming back. I can understand the pattern. The need to change the world somehow become more and more obvious to the public but he also was an artist. He had a passion for patterns but also for show. He was an artist but also an activist. He donated to the IRA! He preached love and piece and abused his women.

It is all there in the chart. Just like the > 7 midpoint combinations for success.

It is clear that John Lennon's chart did not promises everlasting marriages and being a devoted husband.
There are 3 indications for difficulties in relationships. He has Mercury in the 7th house of partners in opposition with Jupiter and Saturn in one. Affliction between the 1st and 7th house are indications for possible divorces. He also had Moon inconjunct Venus (for a misbalanced need for love) and Mars in Libra. Mars, the symbol of war, is very misplaced in the sign of diplomacy and peaceful relationship. Both Cynthia and Yoko mention that he slapped them.

His first wife Cynthia (born September 10, 1939 in Liverpool) has Venus conjunct Neptune in her chart and that is apart from loving idols a romantic theme in a chart. Romance is at best when tears are falling...:)
They married rather young (Mercury in 7th!) and as John has indications for multiple relationships, there is even more chance for a divorce. Their moon signs were in conflict (he Aquarius, she Leo). They share the same taste (Venus in Virgo). But his Mars in Libra is fighting her Mars in Capricorn (symbol for fighting each other in the end).
In the combine chart Venus is conjunct Uranus for a too early marriage. They sort of rushed into marriage. They also shared an aspect between Mars and Neptune (I mean that both have such an aspect). It is like in the charts of the royal couple of Belgium (Albert and Paola), who also share Mars-Neptune and both had affairs.

Yoko Ono became his widow. When Lennon was with her, he abused her and he left her a couple of times for someone else. Yoko Ono has Uranus in the 7th house of marriage and that is an indication for a flashlight relationship (a 'free' marriage, or a 'capricious' partner). That Uranus of Yoko is exactly conjunct the Ascendant of John Lennon. The concept of the betrayed woman is Moon-Neptune (see Cynthia with Venus-Neptune), for the need for romance (and romance, I said it before, is more romantic when tears are falling). With John Lennon she had the right guy: his Neptune 75 degrees from her Moon for a sort of a compulsive link. Venus conjunct Saturn is a key to a marriage that will last till the end of one of the partners (the woman on her own).

John's mother died at an early age (Moon ruler IC in 10, opposition Pluto, ruler 8 in 4), when John was about 18 years old. Yoko Ono is older than John Lennon. The age of Yoko was important in their relationship. We can see that from Saturn in conflict with his Saturn and because his Saturn is in hard aspect with her Venus. The capricious relationship with an older woman offered him a certain freedom. In the combine chart the Moon is inconjunct Pluto, and Uranus is tightly conjunct Vulcanus. This could be read as the threatening and unexpected violence in their shared lives.
They share quintile aspects between Sun and Pluto. Sun and Pluto connections show us the importance of matters of life and death (and money, power, authority, influence or sex). Both have a creative way to live intensely and they shared a life of living to the max. They also both have aspects between Moon and Mars and between Mercury and Pluto. That is for sharing domestic aggression (Moon-Mars; but also notice Pluto in the 4th house) and intense discussions (Mercury-Pluto).

Peace was about the contrary of what John Lennon created in his domestic life. The Sun in Libra looks for compromise and peace, but Mars in Libra tends to be the spark that starts the conflict, whenever there is the slightest misbalance. His public life (10th house, Moon in Aquarius; changing the world, the humanistic and reasonable attitude) was the opposite of his domestic life (Pluto in the 4th house, ruler of the 8th...problems).

In the solar return chart of 1980 John Lennon had Mars and Uranus on the Ascendant if he celebrated his birthday in Liverpool and Saturn was on the Ascendant if the birthday party was in New York.

Saturn was 15 degrees away from Pluto on his dying day. Transit Saturn (and Jupiter) was square the MC of Lennon. The midpoint Saturn/Pluto was conjunct the natal Sun.

Transit Neptune was conjunct the progressed Descendant. Transit Saturn (ruler of the progressed eight house) was conjunct the progressed Node and inconjunct progressed Jupiter and Vulcanus (the V in this chart, symbol for public Violence).

There are more interesting aspects, like with Pallas.
Transit Saturn was exactly conjunct the Ascendant of Yoko Ono at the moment of the gunshot. It would be the start of being alone again. The moment of death seems to have been right after a good moment for Yoko and John (transits of Venus and Jupiter).

The murderer, a man who wanted his name in the papers has just like John Lennon had, Sun conjunct Descendant. He also wanted to be a star.
His Venus was conjunct the Ascendant of Lennon; he used to be a fan of Lennon, but somehow got obsessed by the Beatle. But on the final day, John Lennon’s progressed Neptune happened to be exactly conjunct the progressed Midheaven of the killer. Sometimes people meet at the wrong moment…

Chapman was born May 10th, 1955 at 19h30 Fort Worth. The V of Vulcanus is rising before his Sun. The Moon is oriental (skipping the not important Venus) in Capricorn for the need to be noticed (in the 2nd house). Like in the case of many inmates, Chapman has Sun opposition Saturn in the 12th house. Pluto on top tells us about money, influence, sexuality and power above all. The composition can easily lead to the life of a fanatic (Sun and Pluto prominent) who wants to teach persons a lesson (Moon is for teaching) and whose needs come first.


Le Corbusier, the architect and his chart

Sharing aspects in relationships

The astrology of meeting each other at the right or wrong moment...

About John Lennon, see Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Lennon

Below you find links to related articles (click on the astrological item that you are interested in)

*) Notice the contradiction in the word 'peace-activist' (or in 'fighting for peace') and you see the contradiction in 'Mars in Libra'.

Venus and Uranus: exciting love

Venus is the planet of love and entertainment. Uranus is the planet of controversy. So if you attract controversial lovers or if your love life is hot news, Uranus might be involved. Venus-Uranus is frequent in the chart of pop musicians, and some of them have a reputation with women (Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger, David Bowie – quindecile -). The world of entertainment is exciting…
Artist and 'freewheeling lovers' may have Venus-Uranus aspect or midpoint combinations or Venus and Uranus prominent in their Astro I.D. The aspects provides sense of rhyhm.
Uranus also urges to haste and speed. Uranus helps to fall in love easily (and sometimes blindfolded:). In love this aspect could cause marriages with the wrong person, too soon. With Venus-Uranus adventures in love are not unthinkable. In some cultures these adventures won't be experienced by the woman, but by her partner. The other woman is the Venus-Uranus woman. (But what if you are the other woman?:)

Sun or Venus afflicted by Uranus in the natal chart of a woman often is one of the 'bad signs' for long lasting relationships.

Lisa Marie Presley (who gave birth to a twin recently married 4 times (and divorced 3 times). She has Sun in Aquarius and there is a sesquisquare with Uranus within 2 degrees of orb. She also had Venus in Capricorn square Saturn and that makes it easy to see the mistakes and the disadvantages of a marriage and a partner. She was born February 1, 1968 in Memphis.

Elisabeth Taylor (who is very ill now and recently went to the UK to say farewell to her family members there) has Venus in Aries (good sign for love at first sight, bad sign for keeping the fire burning) conjunct Uranus (good for an artist and falling in love, producing however a flashlight-relationship), in the 5th equal house of games (and opposite sex). Her oriental Mars might indicate an orientation on males...She married 8 times, twice with the same man. Here is her chart...

Princess Caroline of Monaco married 3 times and had one divorce. The second husband died in an accident. She has Sun opposition Uranus in the 5th house, Jupiter (for multitude) in the 7th house of marriage and Mars sesquisquare Saturn. Sun-Mars and Mars-Saturn afflictions in the chart of a woman are, like Sun or Venus with Uranus indications for more than one (and if there are too many of these indications, no!) marriage. See her chart:

4. Jennifer Aniston has Venus opposition Uranus, orb 5,5 degrees (translated light by Jupiter in the 6th degree of Libra). She also has Sun square Mars, but that is another story. Sun square Mars is another sign for possible problems in longlasting relationships. The 3rd indication in her chart is Venus in Aries (!) sesquisquare Mars. Venus and Mars rule the 1st and 7th house!
More about Jennifer Aniston

5. Dutch singer/entertainer Ria Valk (born February 11, 1941 in Eindhoven; started her carreer imitating Elvis Presley and is now a painter) has the Sun tightly square Uranus and she recently decided that it was better for her to remain alone. Her first husband died and her second marriage ended in divorce.

More examples:
- J.K. Rowling (Venus conjunct Uranus, 31-7-1965 Chipping Sodburry)
- Cindy Sheehan (Venus conjunct Uranus, 10071957 134000 PDT, Inglewood
- Soraya (Venus wide square Uranus and Venus semi square Sun/Uranus), 22061932 094600 GMT Isfahan
- Jane Mansfield (Venus conjunct Uranus, 19041933 091100 EST Bryn Mawr PA
- Kim Novak (Venus semi square Sun/Uranus),13021933 061300 CST Chicago
- Diana Ross (Venus square Uranus 23031944 224600 EST Detroit

BTW you can have divorces withóut these aspects, too, but most of the time it will cause more upheavel with than without!

A progressed aspect between Venus and Uranus might just be a butterfly passing by or a flashlight relationship. It can also be an unexpected new hobby or pleasure (Venus is not per se love!) that will not last for long. I had it when I went to a carnival weekend. Loved it! But haven’t done it again…
With Venus in Gemini connected to Uranus you might start dancing, all of the sudden. Venus-Uranus is for surprises and unexpected bruses in love. Never a dull moment with Venus-Uranus! But sometimes when marriages crash, there will be injuries. That is the other side of Venus-Uranus.

The marriage of Prince Andrew and Sarah Fergusson is a fine example of Venus-Uranus in the composite chart…

Romantic life story: Sissy (Elisabeth of Austria)

The life of Empress Elisabeth (‘Sissi’) of Austria is food for imagination. That is why she is the main character in operettas, musicals and movies.
As a 16 year old (!) Duchess of Bayern she married the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef. She got 4 children. One of them, Rudolf, later committed suicide. Elisabeth was cheated by her husband and could hardly stand up against her severe mother in law, Sophia. She travelled through Europe in order to escape the rigid court protocol. But she had to take her psychological problems with her. She had anorexia and took unnecessary risks that gave the idea that she wanted to get killed. Eventually, she was murdered. An Italian anarchist stabbed her in her heart close to Hotel Beau Rivage near Geneva on September 10, 1898.
How does that dramatic life show up in the chart of Elisabeth?

The symbol van nutrition and heirdoom is Ceres. Ceres is on her Midheaven. The Moon in Scorpio – restricted by Saturn – rises before her Sun. Jupiter is conjunct the Ascendant. If you want to know what that means, read on.

The Astrological I.D. of Sissi is marked by:

1. Ceres, planet of genes, DNA, nutrition and production of heirs. It was her main destiny to see to it that a new emperor to be should be born. Tragically, the only son she had killed himself. One of the meanings of Ceres is ‘diet’. Sissi had a very strict diet (anorexia).

2. The oriental Moon (= the Moon rising before the Sun) is another symbol of what a woman is. It is not easy to have the Moon in Scorpio if you are subjected to the role of ‘somebody’s wife’.

3. Jupiter is exactly on the Ascendant. Jupiter symbolizes the international, the traveler. And Sissi was traveling. She crossed Europe, she married and moved to another country and she died abroad. Traveling and foreign countries were crucial in her life.

4. Chiron is conjunct Midheaven. Bob Marks sees this placement of Chiron as fear for failure. Such a fear can in an extreme way lead to an excessive urge to ‘achieve’ or the other way: to run from responsibilities. And that is what Sissi did. She traveled to run from her the obligations of her status.

I.D.: the symbols of motherhood are angular in her chart and crucial in her life. The other item is traveling (angular Jupiter).

5. Not directly visible in the chart drawing is the fact that Neptune does not make Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. Neptune is the symbol of movies, fantasy, romance, ideals, beliefs and of discretion. This planet is biquintile Saturn and quintile Node, shaping a golden yod that can mean illnesses in the family. Depression was common in her family.
The prominent Neptune is in the fifth house of children.

Eventually Elisabeth started to resist against the draconic methods of education that her mother in law had in mind for her children. But in her own chart you see the same sort of rigid tendencies. And so it is in hre life, dieting, and even doing sports (very strange in those days) in order to remain young forever (Virgo Ascendant likes everything to remain young and new)
Sun is in Capricorn, Moon in Scorpio and Ascendant in Virgo for being severe. With Venus square Saturn she did not value herself much. Her husbands cheating on her did not contribute to that. She used to hide her aging face behind scarfs and voiles. Another example of her stubborn rigid ideas is that she kept insisting to speak Greek with a not Greek speaking Greek princess of German origin. Yes, Sissi knew how to speak Greek. She had Mercury trine Jupiter.

The Moon conjunct Saturn is the ideal aspect to keep punishing yourself with unpleasant memories. It is also an aspect for the restricted mother. Elisabeth was not allowed to educate her own children. Only in 1865 when the progressed Sun changed sign to Aquarius, she resisted with the help of her husband and won the battle with Sophia.

Sissi doesn’t seem to be a chearful and happy person, but..Jupiter on the ASC helped her to be open minded and to seek for a way out.

On April 24, 1854, when she married and her life changed completely , the signs on the progressieve angels of the chart changed.
In her solar reutrn Venus is on the DESC and on either side of the MC you see Uranus and Pluto: a revolutionary change.
On her wedding day Venus – planet of love and marriage – was oppositon her Ascendant and Jupiter (indication for a big party). Transit Neptune was square Midheaven and that tells us that her position did not get better by marrying the Emperor.

Son Rudolf killed himself together with his lover Maria Vetsera on January 30, 1889 . Transit Saturn, dispositor of the 5th house of children, was inconjunct her Mars, ruler 8 (house of life and death). The inconjunction illustrates a lost. And there was Mars (ruler 8) square MC.

One month before the progressive conjunction of Sun and Mars, Elisabeth was stabbed to death. There are indications in the solar return for that year. Positions are the other way around as on her day of birth. Jupiter on Descendant (see Jupiter on ASC at birth) and Ceres on the IC (at birth on the MC). Maybe also Pluto in the 8th house is a clue for the way she died. Note that the vocational routing ends in Saturn-Pluto-Mars and that this combination is often reflecting unnatural death causes. It is an important clue in the chart of Romy Schneider, the movie star in the role of Sisi.

Romy Schneider ‘was’ Sisi in a range of movies. Her Midheaven is square the Moon of Sisi of Austria, thus linking her works – MC- to the personality of Sisi. Tragically also Romy Schneider lost a child and never got over it.

Neptune is the oriental planet in her chart and Jupiter is angular on the MC. The combination of Jupiter and Neptune prominent in a chart is typical for people with a believing audience, like in the case of movie stars (the audience has to use a lot of imagination).

Venus sesquisquare Zero Aries shows the importance of beauty and arts in her life. Also Sun and Moon are related to Zero Aries. Her most important role remains the role of a woman in a so called ‘fairy tale marriage) (Venus with Jupiter and Neptune), but in her personal life she was not happily married. She divorce 3 times. In 1981 she divorced and her son died with progressed Sun inconjunct progressed Saturn and progressed MC conjunct Saturn). She killed herself on May 29, 1982 with Solar Arc Mars sesquisquare Saturn/Pluto. And in the solar return chart Pluto was on the ASC. The same dangerous combination can be found in her natal chart.
Sun, Moon and Mars are related (in the 22.5 degree range) with Saturn/Pluto. Sun is sextile Pluto and quindecile Saturn. Mars is biquintile Saturn.

Romy Schneider (source Astrothème) was born in Vienna, September 23 , 1938 at 21h45

Basics of astrology

Saturn and Pluto

Chiron in sign and houses, by Bob Marks

You can be Sissi if you like in Austria http://www.luxuryalliance.at/

Click the labels below to find more relevant examples...

Helg Russak, gigolo

Remember the post "Was it worth it, Pluto inconjunct Venus'? It was a story about a rich lady with a gigolo. Now I know the name and birth date of the man involved: Helg Russak born in Zürich Switzerland on 6 January 1965, time unknown. It was a birthday with a tight grand trine. He managed to be a success for a long time. He is the man who tried to blackmail Mrs. Klatten, a rich married woman who got 'involved' with him, just like other rich ladies. Today he confessed that he was guilty of the crime and today he had Jupiter inconjunct his Uranus for a relief, but...with a kind of lost, in this case: freedom.

Well, how did he manage to win the trust and love of the ladies?

First of all: he has that grand trine. It is a trine composed by Sun, Pluto and Jupiter conjunct Uranus. This promisses successes because he has self confidence and because he is inventive. Also Venus is 157.5 Jupiter/Pluto for great progress in love. But apparently not enough to become rich and live happily ever after...Why not?

I blame it on Saturn. Saturn is semi square Sun, quindecile Pluto, and 75 degrees from Jupiter. Saturn is also 'calling' (not making Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees). That means that he was ambitious at any possible level. And as Saturn was semi square Sun, at about age 45 he would have Sun conjunct Saturn. That is within a year from now! His progressed Sun sign is changin sign and that means that life is changing. When he was arrested the progressed Sun was quindecile Uranus. The combination of Saturn and Uranus reflects restricted freedom.

(c) http://astropost.blogspot.com

Wedding of Roger Federer

Top tennis player Roger Federer married Mirka Vavrinec, yesterday. The party was easy to see in the astrological picture of the sky. See the progressed chart and transits above. This post is about the transits and progressions symbolising the party. And...Roger Federer's Midheaven is in Gemini. I will mention more examples of Gemini Midheaven in the charts of those who use their arms and hands in their professions in this post.

- Venus is the symbol of having fun, love and marriage. The progressed chart shows the growing situation (after development). Venus was on the cusp of the 7th house of marriage in his progressed chart.
- The Sun is the symbol of drawing attention and being in the centre of attention (like a person is on his wedding day:). The Ascendant is the symbol of a situation or presentation. The Progressed Sun was conjunct natal Ascendant.
- Jupiter is the symbol of joy, growth and progress. The progressed Sun was semi sextile Jupiter.

Venus and Jupiter together are the combination of the big party and great joy*).
To complete the party, transit Jupiter was also square the Moon.

Federer's natal chart (above) has Gemini on Midheaven. I found more charts of famous sport players using their hands and arms with Gemini related to Midheaven or ruler Midheaven.

- Golf player Tiger Woods Gemini Midheaven
- Cricket player Sourav Ganguli's Gemini Midheaven
- Golf player Ballesteros ruler Midheaven (Mars) in Gemini
- Tennis player Justine Henin (born June 1, 1982 Liège Belgium at 12:30 pm) has Sun and Mercury on top of her chart, in Gemini
- Stefi Graf (born June 14, 1969 in Mannheim at 4:40 CET) has an Aquarius Midheaven. Uranus (ruler of the Midheaven) is in Virgo. And Mercury rules Virgo. Mercury is in Gemini. Mercury is the final dispositor of the Midheaven.
- The natal chart of Venus Williams (see Astrodatabank ) has Mercury conjunct the Cancer Midheaven. The Moon (ruler of Midheaven) is in Leo and the Sun (ruler of Leo) is in Gemini...

Venus' sister Serena's Mercury is two times important: Mercury is 'calling' and Mercury is on the Desendant (but there is no Gemini influence in her chart).

Announcement on his website

Earlier post about Federer and Nadal

*) When Venus and Jupiter are obviously present there is reason to suspect good news (you don't need to get married:). Mr. Rasmussen had it when he became secretary-general of NATO.

Click the labels for more examples and information...

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Madame de Pompadour

Several positions in the natal chart of Jeanne-Antoinette Poison, marquize de Pompadour, catch the astrologer's eye:

Jupiter elevated (on top of the chart)
Saturn, Mercury and Venus rising before the Sun
Venus on the Midheaven
Saturn on the Midheaven
Mercury on the Midheaven
Neptune square ASC (on a crucial spot below)
Moon square ASC (dito)

A. Venus conjunct Saturn is the tightest major aspect in her chart and Mars sesquisquare Pluto is the tightest minor aspect, illustrating the use or abuse of power and influence.

Venus and Saturn dispose of Taurus and Capricorn. Her Sun is in Capricorn, her Moon is in Taurus. The midpoint Venus/Saturn is conjunct the Midheaven and is repeated. Venus is conjunct Saturn/MC and Saturn is conjunct Venus/MC. This combination of the business of love and marriage (Saturn and Venus, arranged marriage) is ruled by the planet on top, Jupiter.

B. Moon, Neptune and Ascendant are in tight aspect, too, so that there is 3 times a combination of the 3 positions.

C. The combination of Saturn and Neptune is also of importance. Maybe that is indicating illnesses. In the solar return chart of the year of her death Neptune is opposition Midheaven. In her natal chart Neptune is at the North point, square ASC, reflecting possible vulnerability.

Venus+Saturn+MC >>>Jupiter...how to read that? I think it means ups and downs in her status and position as a woman.

Madame de Pompadour was married with a decent partner (selected by her parents). Her father may not have been her natural father and her mother was a prostitute before she married. She had children with this man. Life was not just luxury for her. Madame de Pompadour lost a child a year after he was born.

When the mistress of the king died, she was introduced to him and became his lover. That was in 1745, soon after her Sunsign changed in progression and in the year that the progressed Moon made the most fortunate aspect of them all: Moon trine Jupiter! A divorce was arranged. It seems that she had a special interest in literature and in her natal chart we see part of the pattern of artistic talent: Moon conjunct Neptune on a crucial spot and Venus on the Midheaven.

She remained a friend of the king, long after their sexual relationship had ended. But at a certain point it was all over. She was blamed for a war against Austria (Saturn on the MC!) and later she died due to tuberculosis, only 42 years old.

Happy virgin

Happy birthday, Clara Meadmore, the happy (Venus square Jupiter) virgin (in Virgo).
Clara Meadmore, born in Scotland on October 11, 1903, said she managed to be 105 today because she never had sex, she says (and she is not lesbian, she says). She travelled around a lot, instead.*)
Her hour of birth is unknown, and I bet that many of the persons born on her day of birth married and got children. Still, there are some clues. Moon, Venus and Mars are in conflicting signs. Venus is square Pluto. And when she decided never to get married, her progressed Sun was in conflict with Mars. Add this with the social-cultural soup of hundred years ago and what you get is a happy Venus in Virgo!**)

Saturn is 105 degrees away from the Sun. Venus is semi sextile Sun. Sun-Venus-Saturn is another indication of either divorce or remaining on your own. Saturn is opposition Venus/Pluto, a midpoint yod for a 'die hard in love'. Because there is also a square with Jupiter, there is also a lot of happiness related to not getting married (read it like this: Venus-Saturn with Jupiter-Pluto).

The fact that Clara Meadmore did not want to get married is an issue in the newspapers, even today. People use to find a partner, and maybe even have a family. Family life is linked to the Moon. In her youth Clara moved a lot and her parents emigrated to different countries. That did not make it easy for her to get attached to other persons. It may have been a nice youth and she started to like to have contacts with a lot of people, but not for long (I am just speculating now).

The Moon is afflicted. That means that the 'normal' ways to get attached to another person are difficult ways even thought there is a connection with Jupiter and it may not have been unpleasant. She says she was attractive and men asked her to marry them, but she didn't feel she should. Moon, Venus and Mars in conflicting signs tell the astrologer that it will not be easy to find a partner who matches with her needs and habits, her taste and her sexual attraction. One hundred years later she probably would not have remained a virgin because of that. But in 'her' days, there was no alternative if you did not have the need to get children and a partner.

The same chart, another gender and another social class or country would have produced another kind of life. Circumstances and conditions, together with the astrological I.D. mentioned above, shaped the special life story of Clara.

Maybe Uranus was angular to give her the independant approach. We don't know. Anyway, Clara was happy alone and independent and she still is. A happy Venus in Virgo, celebrating her birthday.

BTW: there is an article on my site Astromarkt about aging and the effect of elements. Having 50% in air signs is a good sign for getting old (though not a garantee, I am afraid). You can read all about it:HERE

*)(Moon is in Gemini for the need to be young and communicating. Gemini is opposition the sign of Mars (in Sagittarius). Gemini and Sagittarius are related to travelling.)
**) The nickname of Queen Elizabeth I was the Virgin Queen, because she didn't marry (yet, she had lovers). This hypocrisy fascinated me at grammar school. Maybe that is why this story fascinates me now:)

Mitterand and the women

92 years ago on October 26 François Mitterand, the late French president, was born. He was married, had a sort of an official mistress (see the portrait of her and their daughter at his funeral) and several lovers, too. Does it surprise you that Pluto was conjunct his natal MC*)? And that Uranus in the fifth house was related to Aries Point***)? And that the Moon was oriental (for an orientation on females, perhaps:) with Venus - the goddess of beauty and love - calling! We see Moon, Venus, Pluto and Uranus prominent and we get a picture of falling in love (Moon-Venus) again and again (Uranus) in an intense way (Pluto).

This reminds me again of the famous song of the Golden Earring (When the lady smiles, you cannot resist her call...**) Mitterand had the money and the power to impress several calling ladies. And the chart to have difficulties in resisting the call!

It is amazing that his wife tolerated this, but yes: he had Mars biquintile Uranus for being creative in his 'special efforts'. He also had Venus semi square Neptune and could have faced a divorce with the two aspect. Jupiter in the equal 7th house surely ment that he had more than one partner and that he expanded his relationship. It would be interesting to see mrs. Mitterand's chart. What made her stay?

Mitterand was above all a politician, an influencial man*). His own needs (Moon) were followed (Moon rising before the Sun) and he had a vocation for diplomacy and charm. That is how he did it. He also had Venus in Virgo (and so he liked young women and was just as cool as other charming persons are). And there was a connection between his powerful position (Pluto-MC) and the amount of women in his life (Venus sesquisquare Pluto). That explains, doesn't it?

*) Pluto symbolizes power, politics, money, challenges and danger and...sex. When Pluto is conjunct the Midheaven or on top of the chart (square Ascendant) we may expect one of the mentioned words to be important in the life of the nativity. Princess Diana had Pluto on top in the 7th degree of Virgo, a degree for a Cinderella complex. Not only was her death (Pluto) of importance to many, sexual affairs and money was also importance in the chart of that influencial (...) lady.

BTW Barry Hay, singer of Golden Earring was born on August 16, 1948 with an oriental Pluto!:)
**) Hillary Clinton used this song in the pre-elections, but when people allerted her about the nun being molested in this video, she stopped using it.
***)Uranus with Aries Point: he was known for being controversial and was a socialist politician.

More about Venus and Pluto

Charles Dickens and his women

Upheavel after death, shown in the transits, is that possible? I believe it is so. Charles Dickens for example is in the news today*) because of the possibility of an affair with his sister in law and we see transit Uranus opposition Ascendant and Mars inconjunct Midheaven. Where in his natal chart is the amount of children that he had? And where are his affairs? He lived in one house with his sister in law when his wife left him and he had a mistress, too. An affair with a sister in law would have been considered incest in those days, so the rumours were rather dangerous.

It is not just coincidence that the aspects indicating artistic talents are also the aspects indicating romance and affairs, just as it is not coincidence that talented and gifted artistic persons seem to have more spectacular romantic events than the common people have. Charles Dickens has the pattern of artistic talents. Venus is on the Descendant, square Moon and Neptune on the IC. And Venus is in Pisces, sesquisquare ASC/MC. The Gemini Midheaven makes hard aspects with Moon, Neptune and Venus. This all shows us that there is possible artistic talent.

Charles Dickens wanted to be a decent man. He has Saturn oriental. He wanted to please his parents and to be correct in the first place, responsible and respected as a conservative father of 10. But...
He had the kind of aspects in his chart that indicate the possibility of having more than just 1 serious relationship. There are 4 aspects in the chart of males that go together with that: Mars afflicting Uranus, Moon afflicting Saturn or Neptune and Venus afflicting Neptune. Afflictions between (rulers) 1 and 7 are also reflecting possible divorce (or not marrying at all) and Jupiter in the 7th easily leads to more than 1 marriage.
Charles had Moon conjunct Neptune, Venus square Neptune and Mars sesquisquare Uranus. And the distance between the Moon in Capricorn with Saturn is a half semi square. Charles Dickens had all four of the indicating aspects. And as it happens (...) Mars and Uranus are making aspects in transit with the cornerstones of the natal chart.

So, it COULD be so, also because Venus is quintile Saturn. That expresses a creative way to continue a marriage or relationship. Moon square Venus is telling us that he had sense of art, but he also liked women, and if this aspect is correct, they like him, too:)

*)Times online