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dinsdag 12 april 2011

About sunsigns and love

Here I read that a Chinese grandmother killed her grandson because she was afraid that his zodiac sign didn't get along with the signs in the family: a bizar and cruel crime! It is almost incredible...,but I think that there are many persons who say goodbye to a new found possible partner just because they think that their sunsigns don't match. They do so, without even knowing if their birthdays DO match or if they just left a partner whose Venus was in a perfect trine with their Sun...They do so, without knowing if they share many good aspects. It is all prejudice. When sunsigns don't match (and birthdays don't either), there is a way out: be brave and try to start a relationship with someone with a different view of life. Worse, when sunsigns do match, there might be wrong moonsigns or wrong birthdays!;) So, you need to know the exact birthday and preferably the year and hour to see what's the challenge of your relationship. When it is the sunsign, it will be a challenge to live together as one. So why not be modern and have a life of your own, even though you are married:). There are a few sunsign-(mis)matches on this blog. The blue ones are with 'correct' sun signs, the red ones with not matching signs. The italic/fat couples (7) divorced. Two of them had matching sun signs. The 3 couples that didn't divorce had the 'wrong' sunsigns. It is not statistics, it is just a list that shows you that there is more about love and relationships than just sun signs! There is even more than just astrology (how about culture, age, gender?:) 
I wish that the Chinese fortune teller had told that crazy grandmother...

1. Charlie Sheen and Brook Mueller (now divorced).
They had Sun in Virgo and in Leo and that is not a good match. They also had Venus square Venus and Mars inconjunct Mars! So the sunsigns were just part of the problem.

2.Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola (now divorced)
had Sun in Aries and in Cancer. His Venus is in conflict with hers and so are their Mercuries. And there is more...

3.  John Edward and Elizabeth Edwards don't have matching sunsigns and her Venus is in Taurus, his in Leo...no match. There are more signs of conflicts and eventually they divorced.

4. Nancy and Ronald Reagan didn't have matching sunsigns. But they were a couple, weren't they?

5. Ike was a Scorpio, Tina is a Sagittarius and their Suns were 22.5 (half semi square) apart. But the worst affliction is Mars square Mars and his Mars on her Sun: that is for competition and fighting (too much fire). 

6. Al and Tipper Gore spent decades together, but now the marriage ended. Their sunsigns matched!

7. Dutch Princess Margarita married the wrong man with the right sun sign...

8. An interesting case of Sun conjunct Sun in different signs is the marriage of Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson.

9. Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong Jones didn't have matching sunsigns and they divorced. Their Mercuries and Venus didn't match either. 

10. Meryl Streep and Don Gummer are Cancer and Sagittarius and they are married since 1978. Their Moons, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter are a mismatch, too. But Venus is trine Venus:

'Goodwill and willingness to bend', Meryl Streep said. And there is one great aspect that shows goodwill: VENUS exactly TRINE VENUS. That harmonious aspect between the planet of love makes it easy to love each other. It is a very nice aspect in a relationship! Venus trine Venus for 'Goodwill and willingness to bend' is a benefit for any relationship:)! As you see from this example, Venus (= luv:) helps to overcome many differences!

When sunsigns match it is no guarantee for eternal love. When sunsigns don't match, it could still work and be 'eternal'  with a little love. 



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