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zondag 6 maart 2011

Famous couples: Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller

A couple of years ago Charlie Sheen married Brooke Mueller (see Wikipedia) and she is the mother of their twin. Their divorce will be effective in May 2011. But before, did they match? No, they didn't. 

Sun in Virgo (his), Sun in Leo (hers): NO, for different lifestyles
Moon in Sagittaris (his) is OK for Moon in Libra:YES for compatible habits
Mercury in Leo (his) Mercury in Virgo (hers):NO, for disagreeing
Venus square Venus (they were attracted to each other, but they have conflicting desires, different sympathies and tastes): NO (but attracted, yes)
Mars in Scorpio with Mars in Gemini:NO (difficulties)

There was little 'agreement'  between the charts. Their sunsigns didn't match and there was no compensation for it (Venus could have been the symbol of that).

When you share aspects, you share the same characteristics or experiences. 

Both have a Sun-Saturn aspect, so what they share is...responsibility (parenthood, for example). The twin will connect, forever. Quoting Astromarkt:
Sun and Saturn shared makes you worry a lot if the aspect is hard. Maybe you do this, due to sharing nasty life experiences or feeling the same limitations and responsibilities. Nice trines or sextiles make you the serious couple, the parents perhaps. You go for a long time relationship and for getting old together and you are consistent in that! Your perseverence is highlghted.

They both have Sun sextile Mars and are both ready to stand up for themselves. Is that good or bad...:) Quoting Astromarkt:
Sharing Sun and Mars in aspect is: competition. Who is the boss and the best? If harmonious you do sports together or you play a lot together.  Sharing Sun-Mars points at the same kind of work and drives. But if in conflict there is a lot of struggle between the both of you and you must learn to cooperate or separate. In a relationship sexuality might be the battleground. Your work and arguments are highlighted.

His Venus is on her Moon, so they fell in love...

His Moon is trine her Sun, and that could have been good. The result is that they started family life...

Her Uranus is on his Mars and that is a wake-up call for his already prominent aggression. This relationship had a 'short fuse'. See Astromarkt...

Her Uranus is square his Midheaven: she changes his position and reputation

Here is his chart with her positions in green (the 'transits'):
The story of their relationship seems to include all that was possible to happen: starting a family, becoming parents and having so much difficulties and disagreements that it almost inevitably ended in a divorce. 

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