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dinsdag 10 mei 2011

Divorce of the Schwarzeneggers

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver will end their marriage. It was their first and it lasted for a long time. They were a married couple for 22 years. Nevertheless:  Arnold Schwarzenegger has a few indications for divorce*) and it was their first marriage. In those cases (depending on the culture of course) there is always a risk for divorce, especially when there is no economical or financial barrier to be take and when the charts don't seem to match much. It takes a lot of compensation or glue to stick together, then. All we know is that a famous couple is going to separate and that their charts are reflecting the possible (nasty) change.

The indications for possible divorce in his chart are:
Mars conjunct Uranus
Moon square Neptune
Sun in 1 conjunct ruler 7 (Saturn)
And Venus quintile Neptune (for creative romancing:)
Maria Shriver has Venus trine Uranus (and, because of the trine, that is not supposed to be an affliction between Venus and Uranus, one of the indications for divorce in a woman's chart*) but there is more. Ruler 1 is square ruler 7 (Venus square Pluto) and she has Mars quintile Uranus. That means that Arnold and Maria share a Mars-Uranus aspect. I hope that it didn't mean that they joined short fuses! Perhaps they just loved to have controversies about politics...The Venus/Saturn = Descendant combination in Maria's chart perhaps kept them together for long. You know, Venus-Saturn sticks like glue, because of the children, the mortgage or the parents or whatever reason that you need to keep a marriage going on. 

Now their progressed Midheavens changed sign and it was about time for another goal in life. Transit Saturn is square her progressed Sun and semi square her progressed AC/MC to illustrate the end of a period in life and separation/hard times. She had been contemplating about divorce for long but now was the time, apparently (see Uranus trine and Neptune inconjunct IC). Neptune inconjunct his progressed Mars with transit Pluto square progressed Sun and Uranus square Moon might describe the situation for Arnold (difficulties, 'surprises' and energy drain). He has recently quit politics and plans to restart a career in the movies (Pluto-Sun often reflects a come back, a new challenge).

You see that both have difficult aspects right now and that both have strong indications for change in life (the changing MC's, Uranus, Pluto). 

This marriage didn't last forever, but it took a long time to separate. That is perhaps because of the 60% placements in fixed signs in Maria's chart (with Venus/Saturn=DC). Fixed stars don't give up easily, even if there is no match. 

Their Suns don't match, to start with (different  lifestyles). Their Moons  (and habits) don't match. Mercury doesn't understand Mercury. Venus is trine Venus, but out of sign. So they liked each other, in spite of different tastes. Mars in conflict with Mars doesn't go for peace and might be exciting or thrilling. And her Moon is in his Sunsign, and that is a traditional match. 

It is not much of a match and perhaps that is why it just had to end one day. 
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*) Indications in male's charts:

Conflicting aspects between Moon and Saturn, Moon and Neptune, Venus and Neptune or Mars and Uranus and/or ruler 1 (or a planet in 1) with ruler 7 (or a planet in 7). Mars in Libra doesn't help either.

Indications in a woman's chart:
Conflicting aspects between Sun and Mars, Sun and Uranus, Venus and Uranus or Mars and Saturn and/or ruler 1 (or a planet in 1) with ruler 7 (or a planet in 7). Venus in Aries doesn't help either.

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