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vrijdag 29 oktober 2010

Famous couples Mariah Carey, Tommy Mottola and Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey is pregnant and married to Nick Cannon, whose Ceres (symbol of motherhood, genes and seeds) is conjunct her Ascendant. Before, Mariah Carey married and divorced TOMMY MOTTOLA, her first producer. She met him in 1988. Here is her chart with his positions in green:
They didn't match much. Her sun in Aries, his in Cancer. Her Moon in Sagittarius, his in Pisces. Her Mercury in Aries, his in Cancer. Her Mars in Taurus is novile his in Gemini (and the novile is for joy), but Venus 112.5 (square and half semi square) Venus separated their ideas about style. Notice that his Saturn is inconjunct her Midheaven. Saturn is the symbol of age, restrictions and goodbye's. The story goes that he restricted her in many ways. After the divorce she started dressing more sexy than ever. Anyway, she divorced (natal Sun opposition Uranus, Venus quindecile Uranus; two out of the four indications for possible divorce in the chart of women...*).

BTW Sun opposition Uranus is on the vertical line in the chart (the MC-IC axis). She divorced the man who made her a star, after alienation.

Her second husband is much younger than her first. Nick Cannon was born October 8, 1980. That is about 30 years younger and he is also 10 years younger than Mariah is. This is her chart with his positions on the outside.

Their Suns don't match. He is a Libra, she is an Aries.

Their Moons match (Sagittarius and Libra)

Their Mercuries don't match (Mercury inconjunct Mercury)

Venus doesn't match with Venus (Aries and Virgo)

Mars doesn't match Mars (Taurus and Scorpio)

So I am afraid that their charts are not very compatible...As they ARE together, there must be other links between them. How about his Saturn on her IC? (Remember her former husband's Saturn inconjunct her MC? Saturn is the ruler of her seventh house of marriage...). And very,very important in the light of her pregnancy (announced yesterday, see date of this post) is:


Ceres is the symbol of motherhood, genes and seed. And there is more...

His Pluto is also quindecile her Sun. His Pluto is opposition her Venus. That is about fascination, 'a spell'....His Venus is inconjunct her Midheaven, perhaps for disproportional adoration:) So no matching signs (and different views, ideas and tastes) but fascination instead. The combiation of her Sun/Moon with his Neptune contributes to a romantic idea. Maybe they are each other's 'muses' (romantic inspiration).

Husband Nick has indications for possible divorce: Mars conjunct Uranus and Moon-Saturn. It doesn't mean he hás to divorce, but it is a risk. Perhaps the reflection of unstable relationships mirrors the called off engagement with Salita Ebanks?  Here is Mariah's chart with Nick's positions:

The Capricorn Descendant seems to indicate the age differences (and difference in status) between her and her husbands.



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