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woensdag 20 mei 2009

John and Jackie Kennedy

The marriage of Jacqueline Bouvier and John F. Kennedy ended with the death of JFK. This post is about the astrological relationship of the charts of this famous couple.

Jacqueline Bouvier was born with Venus and Jupiter in Gemini. Jupiter was in the seventh house of marriage. She married twice. In an earlier post about double bodied signs and Jupiter in the 7th you will find more examples of people who married more than once. They also had Jupiter in the 7th and/or Venus in a double bodied sign. Jacqueline Bouvier has a chart that tells us that there is a great possibility of marrying more than once. And the marriage with John F. Kennedy was her first marriage...

Apart from a wide quintile of Venus with Uranus, there are no indications for divorce.

I wrote about Jacqueline and John Kennedy before:

"Think of Jacqueline Kennedy. She married John F. Kennedy when she was 24 and that is not extremely young. When he died, she married an older man (Onassis). Her Venus is in Gemini and opposition Saturn. Jupiter is in her 7th house. There are two indications for marrying more than once (Venus in Gemini and Jupiter in the 7th). The usual indications for divorce are not found*).

We see Venus (ruler 7) in the 8th house and in the 22nd degree. The 22nd degree has a bad name in astrology (see for example the site Astrology in Serbia) and Astrology.com has a site to release stress coming from the 22nd degree.

John F. Kennedy has a chart that shows the leader.
1. The Sun does not make Ptolemaic aspects and is square ASC/MC. He was the crucial centre of attention at any possible level. More about his Astro I.D.:
2. Neptune and Pluto do not make major aspects either (for idealism and politics, discretion and ‘the silent force')
3. Saturn on top is conjunct Sun/Moon (government, management, ambition, ...possible divorce)

Indications for the way that he ended his young life are:
1. The 8th house with Sun, Venus, Jupiter (importance of danger, challenge and power)
2. Mars inconjunct Ascendant (disproportional acts or aggression)
3. Uranus inconjunct MC (unbalanced sudden changing status)
4. Saturn, ruler 4, conjunct MC (public end)
5. Saturn semi square Mars/Pluto (possible unnatural death)
6. Vulcanus semi square Mars/Pluto (possible public use of power and force)
And yes, just being a president is dangerous, too.

John F. Kennedy married only once but he had several 'relationships' while married. It is said that he hired a dozen of prostitutes once and a while. Moon square Venus in double bodied signs reflects the need for women. And Jupiter is in his 8th house (of sex) and not in the 7th (of marriage). Had he still lived and stopped being a president, he would likely have had a divorce. There are two out of four indications for a divorce: Mars is square Uranus, Venus is semi square Neptune.".

But of course, he married her, and why?
1. He shared a Mars-Pluto aspect with Jacqueline (he has the semi square, she has the sextile). His Mars is sextile her Pluto! His Mars is inconjunct his Ascendant and opposition hers. (It crosses my mind that this looks a lot like the Mars-Pluto relationship in the Holloway case, click to see that post.)

2. His Moon is exactly trine her Northern Node (for emotional relationship, taking care together)

3. in the composite chart there is Sun conjunct Moon, a strong indication for creating a family life

4. His Venus -ruler 1 - is conjunct her Sun/Moon and that is a fine end of this story. Sun/Moon is family life, heart and soul. And Venus is sympathy and love. So at a particular moment in time his love was joining her wish to have a family life.

PS Read in the post about the chart of JFK:
"Kennedy died. He was murdered in the year that his wife Jackie lost her baby Patrick in August 1963. She went to Greece to shop and cruise and met Onassis. General de Gaulle once accused Aristoteles Onassis of being the man behind the murder of Kennedy. And it is indeed strange to see that the midpoint Mars/Saturn (=death) of Onassis (born January 15 1906) is tightly conjunct the Sun of Kennedy. And even stranger that the Pluto of Onassis is tightly conjunct the progressed Mars of Kennedy on the very day of the murder! Coincidence? It might just be so... "
*) The aspects for no or more than 1 marriage in a woman's chart are:
- Sun afflicting or conjunct Mars or Uranus,
- Venus afflicting or conjunct Uranus and/or
- Mars afflicting or conjunct Saturn
- and/or afflictions between the 1st and 7th house
When there 3 or more of such indications, the woman might prefer to remain single.

In a male's chart the indications are:
- Moon in conflict with Saturn
- Moon in conflict with Neptune
- Venus in conflict with Neptune
- Mars in conflict with Uranus
- and/or afflictions between the 1st and 7th house

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