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woensdag 20 mei 2009

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer

Natal chart of Jennifer Aniston with in green the positions onJohn Mayer's day of birth

It must be a heavy disappointment for Jennifer Aniston, on May 20,2009 when her relationship with singer John Mayer crashed and her ex starts to '' tell tales'. There were heavy transits with her chart:
- Saturn semi square Ascendant
- Saturn inconjunct Venus
- Saturn square progressed Mars
- Saturn sesquisquare progressed Saturn
- Neptune conjunct Sun
These transits show grieve, being alone and disappointed. After this there have been rumours about the couple being seen together again.

There is a strong match between them, but apparently: that is not enough. Or maybe that is the reason why the couple reunites again and again, in spite of the difficult synastry?   
Friends have Moons in the same sign and so have Jennifer and John. They feel close. It is also evident that their Suns and Mars are matching! This is a perfect example of a match that does not promise a lifetime marriage! There is one little thing that doesn't match: Venus, the planet of love, compromise and diplomacy. They don't seem to have compatible tastes, sympathies and preferences. Venus is often the planet that makes love sweeter and a relationship easier. In this case her Neptune is sextile his Venus and that is a compensation for the lack of shared sympathies: romance...

They share Sun-Mars, Venus-Pluto
Both charts (the one of Jennifer and the one of John) have Sun square Mars. Sun square Mars means competition and arguments (see my site: Astromarkt ).
Jennifer Aniston (born February 11, 1969, 22u20 LA) has a tight square between Sun and Mars. That is not pleasant for relationships with men. John Mayer ALSO has Sun square Mars and his Mars is square her Ascendant. She is the target:). Their Suns and Mars are matching and they share that Sun-Mars affliction...Is this difficult astrologic to say that there is a strong attraction because they are both fighters?

Jennifer Aniston also has a wide opposition between Venus and Uranus. That is another difficult aspect when relations are concerned. And apart from that: Venus is sesquisquare Mars, and they rule the 1st and 7th house! Three times is …enough. Jennifer Aniston somehow will attract the ‘wrong persons’. Notice that Venus is also quindecile Pluto, so that there is an obsessive urge to have relationships and at the same time a problem whit love. Accidentally, John has Venus 15 degrees from Pluto. That is what they share as well. About sharing Venus-Pluto aspects, I wrote on Astromarkt:
Venus-Pluto is for fanatics. When in love they want all or nothing, there are no compromises and often they are jealous or there are other marriage problems. They might start a marriage 'forced' by circumstances. In a group the desire to make money shares them. But, if harmonious, this aspect could indicate 'love till death do us part'. And for experienced fanatics: sharing the same pain.

With Moon conjunct Neptune John has what it takes to experience difficulties in his relationships with women.

UPDATE August 22, 2010
This post was originally written in May 2009 and has now been completed with new findings about Mars and Pholus and a better picture of the chart. A reason for having a look at this old post was, that there are new rumours about Jennifer and John being reunited. That is with transit Pholus conjunct Jennifer's progressed Mars, indicating a turning point regarding a fight or...a man. Jennifer has Mars square Pholus in the natal chart.That could be read like 'shooting your foot' regarding to men. Her Pholus is inconjunct the Mars of John Mayer. An inconjunct refers to lack of balance and losts. I refer to the Pholus files:
Pholus + Mars: turning point in a battle (and with the inconjunction: getting hurt!)
(but: will this have to go on forever?)

Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie (both related to Brad Pitt) are sharing the aspect Moon square Saturn and a hard aspect between Sun and Uranus. Probably Brad Pitt likes ambitious and independent women. He has Venus and Moon in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) and Venus sesquisquare Uranus. That is how people end up in difficult relations, sometimes. Even with matching sun signs.

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