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woensdag 20 mei 2009

Matching and not matching signs

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The most frequently asked question astrologers get is: do we match? People like to have a quick answer to that. Mostly they want to know if their sun sign is matching with the sun sign of their lover. And yes, matching sun signs help, but...they are not the whole story. Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears matched (but they did not stay together). Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not a match (looking at the sun signs only). But they are a couple and have children. Prince Charles is a Scorpio and princess Diana was a Cancer: the perfect match! But Camilla was also a Cancer...So don't take this table too seriously! However, take this example. John and Cynthia Lennon: he an Aquarius, she a Leo. John and Yoko Ono: both Aquarius. sometimes it is clear. A last example: John and Jacqueline Kennedy: Gemini and Leo. It was OK! in the table of matching sigsn. But...JFK had Mars square Uranus in his chart and that is one of the signs in a male's chart for more than one relationship. He had them during the marriage....For those interested I give the INDICATIONS FOR MORE THAN ONE SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP OR MARRIAGE:

1. For a female
Afflictions and conjunctions between Sun & Mars, Sun & Uranus, Venus & Uranus or Mars & Saturn
Afflictions between ruler 1 and ruler 7 or a planet in 1 or 7

2. For a male
Afflictions and conjunctions between Moon & Saturn, Moon & Neptune, Venus & Neptune or Mars & Uranus
Afflictions between ruler 1 and 7 or a planet in 1 or 7

Venus in Aries (falling in love at first sight) and Mars in Libra (competition in partnership), an afflicted Venus or Mars (hormonal or sexual problems) and Jupiter in the 7th (more than 1...) seem not to be very helpful to keep a relationship going, either.

The astrology of meeting each other. Sometimes you meet a perfect match at the wrong moment. For example, when you are young and there are indications for divorces. Or when you are married:) Read more in the article about meeting people and the effect of progressions and transits (on my site Astromarkt). Click the link.

About sharing aspects with a partner. Sometimes people donot seem to be matching, but they share things (memories, goals, objectives) and those things are important enough to start a relationship or even to stay together for life. Read the article!

See the table with distances between the sunsigns

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