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woensdag 20 mei 2009

John Cleese, marriage and divorce

John Cleese (born 27th October 1939 at 3:15 CET in Weston-super-Mare) had a bad relationship with his mother (and she lived to 101). 'I thought I'd never get rid of her', John Cleese recently told his audience. Really! According to the Daily Mail Online, click for the article...He also discussed the amount of money he has to pay his 3rd (!) wife with the public.

What evidence do we have for all this? John Cleese is not easy (Sun tightly square Pluto) and with Mars square Uranus he has a temper. Just like his alter ego Basil Fawlty:)

The Moon in his chart is calling! and in the eight house. That could indicate the problemous relationship with the mother, at any possible level, yeah! And today, with transit Saturn square Midheaven, things are certainly nasty. Also, with Solar Arc Mercury square Sun maybe you'd better take care what you say and where...

John Cleese is a prominent artist. Neptune is oriental and Venus is sesquisquare Aries Point for the combination of Venus and Neptune: artistic talents. Acting might be contributed to the calling Moon. And Notice Jupiter on Aries Point, sesquisquare Mars. John Cleese has 5 out of 10 prominent placements in his chart.

It is not fortunate, however, that Jupiter is in the seventh house...It means 'more than one marriage'. The Mars-Uranus square is another indication for unstable relations. Money is important in this chart: see the Sun in the second house of money, square the symbol of 'price and prize', Pluto.

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