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vrijdag 5 februari 2010

Ted and Gayle Haggard sharing Venus-Saturn

Ted and Gayle Haggard married a long time ago. There has been a lot of fuss when the married former evangelical priest Ted Haggard confessed that he had 'homosexual issues'. His wife didn't (yet) divorce him and he is being 'treated' to become a purely hetero. What causes the problems and what keeps them going?

The positions on the days of birth of Ted and his wife Gayle show that they were both born with the potential of challenging relationships. They also don't match.
I erected a chart for their days of birth for Washington (not their places of birth!), just to see where the planets, Sun and Moon were when they were born. You see his positions in the chart, hers on the outside.

She has 1 hard indication for a possible divorce (Mars opposition Saturn).
He has the Moon square Saturn, that is also one indication.
When people have 2 or more of such indications, divorce seems to be inevitable when it is a first marriage. The Haggards have less (unless there are 2 or more afflictions between their first and seventh house, now unknown because of the unkown hour of birth). It means that there may be challenges, but not necessarily a divorce (and isn't that correct:)?

There is an inconjunction between his Venus and Saturn. She has Venus trine Saturn. They share Venus-Saturn. That might indicate marriage of convention (for the sake of the children and status) and might be one of the components that keep them married though he is a homosexual.Venus and Saturn may be untrue sometimes, but the combination makes it also hard to separate from each other. Saturn is for consistency...They also stay together because of convention, the children, religion and the belief that homosexuality is a sin that can be turned on and off by free will. The other component might be sympathy (Venus quintile Venus).

Their Suns, Moons and Mercuries fail to match.
His Venus is quintile hers (they find a creative way to love each other).
His Mars is exactly square hers (for fire in the beginning and for fighting in the end).

I don't know IF they will end up fighting. But there is a potential for it. Venus-Saturn has the tendency to keep the married status just for the outside world, too (I know of a couple sharing Venus-Saturn living apart now, but officially married).
See the article about sharing aspects, on Astromarkt...I quote:
Venus-Saturn: staying together as long as possible because love is a serious thing. And if you break up (possible with conflicts and supported by more indications) the pain is long felt.

Soon transit Saturn and transit Pluto will hit the natal Sun of Ted Haggard for more challenges.

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