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zondag 31 januari 2010

Astropost: Chart of John Edwards

Transit Uranus (ruler 8th house in 1) on John Edwards' Midheaven doesn't seem wrong for a period in life when you are in the news with sexual activities related to your career...John Edwards is a good looking Mr. Nice Guy and probably well to do. That is attracting a lot of ladies. With Moon in Gemini conjunct Jupiter rising before the Sun, he is the popular and positive looking guy. John Edwards has Venus quintile Uranus, so he has a creative desire for 'something new', 'excitement' and adventures. Uranus is on the Ascendant shows the individualistic approach and an independent and free presentation. The unbearable load of being married, in the chart of good looking individualist...that is asking for problems. It may be lonely at the top sometimes, but not alone!:)

There are probably a lot of astrological 'excuses', but I think that Saturn ruling the 7th in Libra and quindecile Venus are what kept him in a marriage that might have ended sooner if his wife hadn't been ill and if there hadn't been children. There are strong indications for separation or adventures; and equally strong indications for feeling responsible. They match with the story of his life as we know it from the press. For more about the chart of Edwards, see
Astropost: Chart of John Edwards

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