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dinsdag 9 februari 2010

Famous couples: Nancy and Ronald Reagan

It is always nice to see exceptions when there is a rule. Nancy and Ronald Reagan's Sunsigns did not match and they remained together till death did part them. Nancy Reagan says that she sees her husband every night, still... No matching sun signs, but what a lot of supporting aspects in synastry! (You see Ronald Reagan's chart above and the positions of Nancy Reagan on the outside of the circle.) Here are some of the aspects between the charts:

- his Jupiter was trine and his Moon sextile her Sun so that he was a a great support for her family life and she was motivated by his optimism and help.
- her Jupiter was trine his Moon, so that she made him feel good
- her Mars quindecile his Uranus, his Uranus trine her Mars; this must have been mutual 'sparks' setting them on fire
- his Jupiter is trine hers, for convictions in line...and making each other happy

Yet, their Suns did not match. They must have had life styles that didn't correspond at all. Or: the wider inconjunction between Sun and Sun must be a match, meaning a disproportionate way to share lives. Another explanation: signs are less important that aspects (their Suns didn't make a tight aspect). Or it was just the overwhelming effect of all the pleasant aspects between the couple's charts...And how about the square between his Saturn and her Moon (2nd degree of Leo) conjunct Midheaven? Saturn often refers to consistency and the Moon on Midheaven to a position AS a wife. We all know them as the President (Saturn) and first lady (Moon in Leo on Midheaven). She was a role model for many women and that is the effect of that Moon position. She had that position because of his status (Saturn).

See the marriage profile on 'marriage.about.com

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