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zondag 28 februari 2010

Famous couples: Madonna and Jesus Luz

Madonna has (or had) a lover. They still name him her 'toy boy'. His name is Jesus Luz, he is a model and he was born January 15, 1988 in Rio. Here you see her chart. Her hour of birth has an Astrodatabank DD rating. That is practically an hour unknown or disputed. So I limit myself to the positions of Sun and planets to see what their match was, using very tight aspects only. Why were they together and why couldn't it last forever (apart from the age difference)? Here above is the chart. The transits represent the positions on the day of birth of Jesus.

1. Her Sun is inconjunct his Sun.
That is misbalance between stars:) and living together might be difficult. Still there may be extreme attraction between them.
The inconjunction is indicating a possible lost in the end, or having to compromise.

2. Their Moons are in friendly signs.

3. Venus is inconjunct Venus
It will be hard to join their sympathies and tastes, but they might nevertheless like each other in a disproportionate way. Given the fact that she is much older than he is, there is of course a mismatch when it comes to joined preferences. They may have different ideas of what is fun. That might eventually result in pleasure getting lost.

4. Mars quatrinovile Mars (160d)
That is a pleasant match between their Mars, a fortunate match for sex and ... for working together.

Her Jupiter square his Sun: she is protecting him and has faith in him.
His Jupiter trine her Sun: the same goes for him!
They share a Sun-Jupiter aspect in the natal chart, too. They want to have success and be happy and that is what brought them together. There was mutual trust and they made each other happy.

Her Venus in a wider trine with his Mars is a perfect composition for passion...And with Venus 75 degrees from Mars there is a hidden passion in Madonna that swiftly goes along with the interaction between them.

The number of important inconjunctions*) between them refers to a mismatch for living together and love. But there was enough stimulating fire and both benefited from the relationship. When the relationship started, Jesus said something interesting when you consider the inconjunctions between the Suns and Venus-Venus. He said that he wasn't sure that Madonna was the woman of his life.

For more about the artist in the chart of Madonna, see the post on Art&Astrology. The DD rated chart above perfectly fits the profile of an artist...

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Madonna divorced Guy Ritchie in 2009. There is a post about that relationship on this blog, too (click here).

*) Inconjunctions are aspects of 150 degrees. They are the symbols of not quite matching aspects of a person's character or (between two persons) of some issue that doesn't 'fit' and causes lack of balance between them, with (for example) the result that someone has to give up on something.

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