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maandag 15 maart 2010

Famous couple: John Edwards and Rielle Hunter

A famous couple is Rielle Hunter and John Edwards. They had an affair once and they have a child together. But how is their match?

Their Sun signs seem to collide (Gemini and Pisces), but the Suns are 80 degrees apart and that is a binovile. Binoviles are about 'rejoycing' things. So maybe they rejoyced being together:)
There is also match between the Moons and Venus, so they probably were comfortable and at ease with each other.

Mercury is in conflict with Mercury and so are their Mars. When Mars is square Mars (like in their charts) relationships often end with fighting each other. It is the same kind of energy that brought them together:) Click the label Mars to see more examples...

BTW Rielle has Venus trine Pluto. The trine makes it easy to earn money and to value beauty. It is the tightest aspect in her chart. More about her on Wikipedia...
More about the chart of John Edwards here...

Warning: ! The chart of Edwards might not be for ther correct hour of birth, as it is just a C-rated chart (and no AA). (On the outside are the positions on the birth day of Rielle Hunter, for noon.)

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  1. Elizabeth Edward's Cancer Sun sits on John's ascebdebt from the twelfth house. They both have Mars conj. Mars in Gemini and Elizabeth's Mercury in on Edwards Mars and Sun. Eliz Mars conjuct Venus in Leo sits in Edwards second house of money. Eliz Moon is in Libra, Edward's fourth house conjunct Edward's Saturn. Saturn once again did it to the Moon person, and hurt Eliz bad.