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woensdag 9 december 2009

The marriages of Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage married 3 times after he became the father of his and Christina Fuller's child. He is in the news today because Christina started a lawsuit for fraud about the property of a house.

Nicolas Cage seems to marry fast and short! What in his chart 'does it'? And did he match with his exes? (Of course he didn't!)

The former relationships were with women who were attractive but every time there was no match, even not between the Sunsigns. When there is no match between the Sunsigns (and the Suns are not related by a quintile or biquintile to find a creative way to live as one) without compensation by Venus (love helps:), it is very hard to keep the relationship going, especially when one partner has multiple indications for broken relationship. And even more when both partners do...

a. There are 4 (conjunctions and) afflictions in a male's chart that indicate a stronger possibility to get a divorce than other males. Cage has two of them (Mars sesquisquare Uranus and Venus square Neptune). Let us say that these aspects explain the adventures and the 'romance'. Venus square Neptune reflects romantic feeling and artistic talents.
b. Ruler 1 is Jupiter and ruler 7 (house of marriage) is Mercury. Mercury is square
Jupiter. That is the 3rd one.
c. It is rather easy to have multiple marriages when Gemini (a double bodied sign) is placed on the Descendant.
d. There are more difficulties than the ones mentioned above, like Moon square Mars and Venus conjunct Saturn.
e. Women like him and he likes them! With the Moon in Libra he has sense of style and beauty (and he likes the company of good looking ladies). The Moon in Libra has a desire to be 'together' and have a partner. On the other hand: Venus in Aquarius tells us about a preference for excitement and 'something new' and that is related to 'romance'...(Neptune). That is how a person comes to change his wife from time to time:)

Here are the former partners:

1. Christina Fulton was born June 26 1967 in Boise Idaho. Nicolas and Christina never married. Their child was born December 26 1990, when Nicolas Cage was 26 and Christina's progressed Sun was square his Moon.

Their Suns don't match (Capricorn and Cancer)
Their Moons matched (they could have been friends, feeling at ease with each other)
Their Mercury's were in conflict (difficult communications)
Venus opposition Venus: it is attractive to meet someone so different, but it doesn't last...
Mars is square Mars: sexual attraction and fighting in the end

So that explains Christina Fulton. No match, just attraction.

2. Lisa Mary Presley married Michael Jackson, but she also married Nicolas Cage (for a few months only)./ Why? What made them think that it would be worthwhile to get married?

His Sun in Capricorn doesn't match hers in Aquarius, but: his Jupiter is conjunct her natal Sun (he trustred in her).
Her Moon in Pisces doesn't go together with his Moon in Libra, but they are both sensitive and tasteful, so perhaps the artistic environment brought them together.
Mercury and Venus don't match either...but Mars in Capricorn happens to be septile her Mars in Pisces, sextile his natal Sun. Again, sexual attraction 'did it', but it couldn't last because of the not matching Suns without compensation by Venus.

Again there is no match, only attraction.

3. Patricia Arquette was born April 8, 1968 with her natal Sun square his (very attracting, but also very difficult to deal with). Their Moons were in friendly signs (Libra and Leo), but their Mercuries and Venus didn't match. Mars in Capricorn goes with Mars in Taurus and that makes it easy to cooperate or to be attracted to each other.
But: her Saturn is square her Sun and his natal Sun and that is a sign for breaking up. Her Venus is opposition Uranus (sign for divorce in a woman's chart). The not matching Suns and Venus did the rest. Another example of attraction, but no match...

Nicolas Cage married a woman 20 years younger than he is, Alice Kim, in July 2004. Alice Kim was a sushi waitress before she married Nicolas Cage. She was born in 1984. In that year Jupiter was in Capricorn, the sign of Nicolas Cage's Sun. Marrying younger women is reflected by Gemini on the Descendant (Gemini means 'young').
Maybe the 3rd wife is the right wife? I shouldn't know, her date of birth is unknown.

When a man has so many indications for possible divorce and he marriages women who also have such indications (asap), it is not surprising to see him marry again and again in a culture and social setting that permits divorce and promotes marriage. The natal chart, conditions and situations together sometimes produce a matching picture!

Of course there is more than marriage in the life of Cage. He is an actor. Nicolas Cage has Neptune rising before the Sun and Jupiter is opposition Midheaven. These prominent placements of Jupiter and Neptune contribute to having a devoted audience (fans, followers) and it increases fantasy. Also Jupiter is biquintile Neptune to illustrate the creative link between successes and the amorphous (like the world of the movies).

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