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dinsdag 8 december 2009

Famous couples: Ike and Tina Turner

In December 2007 I wrote about Ike and Tina Turner on Astropost.blogspot.com:

Ike Turner (5 November 1931 Clarksdale) died yesterday. He is famous as the 'man of'...Tina Turner was his wife until she left him after abuse.
You see her birth (26th November 1939, 22h10 Bronsville) and the positions of his day of birth outside the circle. His Mars is square her Mars and Sun. I have seen several examples (like that of Paul and Helen McCartney) of people fighting each other who have a conflict between their planets Mars.

In her natal chart Tina has Sun square Mars. That is by the way one of the major indications for divorce in the chart of a female.
Notice that Tina has Venus square Neptune, that Venus disposes of the Midheaven and Neptune is square midheaven. That connects artistic talents with the MC (vocation, profession).

Another thing I notice is that Ike's Sun and Jupiter are conjunct crucial positions of Tina. They were very influencial in each others' lifes...He may have been supporting and coaching her (besides the beating...).

Ike Turner died in the year that his progressed sun passed to another sign. That is an indication for a change in 'being'.

Mind if I add that her Sun is quindecile Uranus, another indication for possible divorce? And of course: Venus biquintile Uranus (the creative combination of aspirations for entertainment and ...for women's lib?)...There is even a fourth indication: Mars is septile Saturn! Now we have all for of the indications AND ruler 1 is afflicting ruler 7 AND a planet in the 7th house. Those are ALL of the indications! No wonder that she managed to break free. As it was her first marriage it was almost ' written in the stars' that it would be with the' wrong' guy. (And I use to think that maybe that has a function).

But let us see if they matched! Of course they didn’t!

1 .Her Sagittarius and his Scorpio Sun don’t match, but as her Sun is making a half semi square with his, they were attracted to each other.

2. Her Gemini Moon square his Virgo Moon tells us that they didn’t have the same kind of habits or background and that it would be very difficult to get used to each others way of ‘ family life’.

3. Also, Mercury and Venus are in the wrong signs to get to like to talk with each other peacefully.

4. But the worse affliction is between his Mars and hers (as said before). The recent break up in the marriage of Tiger Woods and his Elin shows that Mars square Mars ends up in fighting each other. Unfortunately MARS-MARS interaction often leads to fast action because of the (sexual) attraction or because of the stimulating nature of the synastry aspect.

His Mars is also conjunct her natal Sun!

She probably fell in love (and started her career) with progressed Sun conjunct Venus, followed by trine Saturn and …square Neptune., at the foundation of her artistic successes and at the same time: misery. With Venus ruler Midheaven square Neptune and Moon 108 degrees (72+36!) Neptune, she has a strong pattern of professional artistic talents that was activated at the time. That is how she became famous. But when she left Ike, she became een more famous and forgot about Ike. When he started abusing her, her progressed Sun was square her Neptune. When she left him, his progressed Sun afflicted his natal Neptune. Roles were switched...

If you and your partner don't match much and Mars is afflicting Mars: beware and take care. It might be fun for a short while, but unless you operate in different businesses or sports and it is stimulating for your business to drive each other to the max, don't mate. There is a great chance of conflicts. But...maybe you have the feeling that it will be worth it when you come out of the fight as a winner, like Tina Turner did...

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