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donderdag 18 juni 2009

Famous couple: Cecile Brossard and Edouard Stern

On Astrologie.blogo.nl I found the day of birth of Cecile Brossard. She killed her friend, banker Edouard Stern, after a SM-game. On Astropost.blogspot.com I go further into the murder, but here, on Astrology and Love, I will show you how they did not match, shared aspects (of life and chart) and had a deadly and passionate synastrie.

Did they match? Not at all. They understood each other (Mercury trine Mercury), but there were no matching signs between the other planets and light. They had a different lifestyle (Sun), they had different habits (Moon) and they had different tastes (Venus). They did not even match in sexual cooperation (Mars). Notice that his Jupiter is trine his Sun (for trust) and her Saturn is opposition his Sun (for separation and distance and in this case: for ending - Saturn - his life - Sun-).

His Neptune opposition her Venus
His Venus conjunct her Neptune
His Mars square her Venus

This is THE combination of a passionate love affair. Maybe one day someone makes a movie aboutthe couple or someone writes a book about their unusual, violent and in the end deadly relationship.

If she has the Moon between 21 and 26 degrees (and was born between midnight and 8 in the morning) her Moon is inconjunct Pluto. That is a difficult emotional and psychological aspect. Find out more about this combination of aspects that sometimes includes seeing submission as a way to express love...

WHAT THEY SHARED...SM, game and real...
- Her Mars, rising before the Sun, is sesquisquare Saturn and 75 degrees from Pluto
- His Mars in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) is inconjunct Pluto, rising before the Sun. His Pluto is 112.5 degrees from Mars/Saturn. And 112.5 degrees (square and half semi square) form her Mars! So: their oriental planets were connected to each other and the combination of these planets means 'using violence'.

When two people with that theme of Mars-Saturn-Pluto in their charts meet, there is a double risk of sexual violence and murder. They shared the combination of using and abusing power, force, influence and strength.(Mars-Pluto).

Find out more about sharing aspects with your partner, on Astromarkt...

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