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zaterdag 20 juni 2009

Juno and marriage in the natal chart

Juno is the godess of marriage. That is why I expected to find a prominent Juno in the charts of people with important marriages. Of course, I started looking for well known personalities who's life would not have been the same without their marriage. Women like princess Diana, princess Máxima, Soray of Perisa, Karen Homolka, Jackie Kennedy, Elisabeth Taylor and Agatha Christie. But also of couples like the married couple Pierre and Marie Curie and Crown Prince Rudolf with Maria Vetsera. Look at the charts and you will notice the important positions of Juno and how Juno is related to the chart of the counterparts.

Juno is prominent in your chart when Juno is placed on the angles, on top or at the bottom of the drawing (square Ascendant), in aspect with Sun/Moon or ASC/MC or when Juno is rising before the Sun (the first object that you find when you move your finger clockwise from where the Sun is). Juno is also important when Juno does not make any major aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees. In that case partnership or marriage is of crucial importance or your first objective. Most of the time marriage is more important for women than it is for men. But I found examples of men in whose life marriage or the partner was more important than in the lives of other males. For example, in the chart of prince Charles, who has Juno 22.5 degree (half semi square) from the midpoint ASC/MC,while the Juno of princess Diana is semi square his Sun/Moon. In Camila Parker-Bowles natal chart, by the way, Juno is 'calling'(not making aspects within 5 degrees of orb or within sign), and that symbolizes how 'marriage' would be 'calling her' at any possible level and how the question of partnership could be 'out of control' in her life.

On the site of Bob Marks you find interpretations for Juno in sign and house. Here is the link......
http://www.bobmarksastrologer.com/Juno21.3.html Of course you have to see the interpretation of Juno and Juno's aspects in the light of the rest of the chart, your character and culture.

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