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zondag 5 juli 2009

Queen Astrid and King Leopold

King Leopold III is the man who drove the car that crashed and killed his beloved wife Astrid, young mother of the later kings. She died August 29 1935 when he had transit Saturn square progressed Ascendant (symbol of separation and being blamed). With his Mars conjunct Uranus I asume that he drove too fast. This conjunction of Mars and Uranus is conjunct her Descendant in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the sign of travelling (and other countries). The conjunction is also joining her unaspected Mercury. Mercury is the planet of communications and transportation and important at any kind of level in her chart. This strongly connects an accident (in his chart) with her 'horizon'.

When she died, she had transit Pluto opposition Midheaven and transit Pluto inconjunct Saturn. This harsh picture of Saturn, Pluto and Midheaven was completed by the progression of Mars trine Pluto and the nearness of the progressed MC conjunct Saturn. She had progressed Moon square progressed Jupiter and personal experience tells me that that is not the best planet to start a vacation with. Also transit Mercury was square the progressed Mercury and Pluto. As Mercury is important in the chart of Astrid this is signaling a day with traffic problems (and that is an understatement, because it could be at any level since Mercury doesn't make major aspects in the natal chart). There were various reflections of a trip abroad with the posibility of difficulties and problems.

They didn't match much, Leopold and Astrid, but her Neptune trine his Sun makes him realize her dreams. His Venus and Sun are in aspect with the midpoint Sun/Moon in her natal chart. That is often reflecting the feeling to belong together (and frequent in the charts of couples) and the fact that he seems to fit in her idea of family life.

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