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zaterdag 4 mei 2013

The synastry of Princess Cristina and Inaki Urdangarin

It is obvious that the marriage of Princess Cristina of Spain brought her in trouble. Or at least: didn't stop her from trouble...
Her husband, Inaki Urdangarin, has been accused of fraud and it seems that she will have to face the judge, too. I wrote about her position (Saturn inconjunct MC and later square Sun) in a post on Astropost about lost status. The couple has been removed from the official agenda. Here is a picture of the royal family, with one of the children of Cristina and Inaki, close to his grandfather.

Here I will have a look at the interaction between the charts of the Princess and her husband. Do they match?

First of all: they have a mutual Saturn-Venus square synastry. His Saturn is square her Venus. Her Saturn is square his Venus. It means that in their composite chart, Venus will be square Saturn, too. The Venus-Saturn combination doesn't easily divorce or separate. Saturn sticks like glue, because there are always debts, mortgages, parents or children to be considered. It isn't the kind of aspect that makes you dream about 'happy ever after'. It is more a marriage of convenience. The afflicted Saturn in her 7th house of marriage perhaps warns for the disadvantages of marriage and for the wrong partner or his mistakes.
Divorce remains possible. Even more, because they don't seem to be 'made for each other'.

1. Her Sun is inconjunct his Sun. It means that basically their sun signs don't match. They noticed each other, but living together as one (Sun) is difficult, because of lack of balance or a barrier between the two. Who is the boss and who will be subjected to the other? That is also the question.
2. Their Moon signs don't match, either. It means that it will be hard to live in one house or family, as they have different habits and needs. Avoiding each other must not be difficult in a palace, however…
3. Her Venus 157.5 degrees his Venus…that is combination of a sesquisquare and a half semi square meaning frustration. However , they like and love each other in spite of difficulties.
4. The Mars signs are opposite, but there is no aspect between there Mars. Her Mars is trine his Sun: she will be able to match up with him and he is the kind of man that she is attracted to.
5. His Pluto is square her Sun. That is a symbol of dominance and more or less forced upon change. It was a matter of 'being impressed' and that is always also a matter of one person dominating the other one.
6. His Neptune quindecile her Midheaven perhaps illustrates how her position was obsessively related to his dreams.
7. Her Mars on his Descendant links his partnership to her idea of what a man should be like. Mars can be very stimulating.

Mr. Urdangarin married a Princess. In a way his chart is corresponding to those of female royal spouses: there is a Sun-Saturn aspect (the quintile in this case).

The couple doesn't match, but they drew each other's attention and they liked each other. That is how it started. But how will it end?

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