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zondag 29 juli 2012

Famous couple Robbert Pattinson - Kristen Stewart

When you see the positions of the days of birth of Robbert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, you won't be surprised that their relationship failed. Their charts don't match at all! Their sun signs don't. Their moon signs don't. OK, they had Mercury in Taurus together, but Venus in Gemini (Robbert) is no match for Venus in Pisces (Kristen) and Mars in Capricorn isn't for Mars in Aquarius. The fact that her Mars was trine his Venus only helped to become a not matching couple. So let's be happy that they didn't marry and have children and divorced later.

Here are those positions:

The fact that the couple didn't match doesn't mean that Robbert Pattinson isn't hurt, because of what happened (Kristen cheated on  him). There are a number of unpleasant transits and progressions to deal with. You know that the aspect of 150 degrees (quincunx or inconjunct) refers to loss. He had transit Saturn inconjunct Sun lately (and that is the 'lame duck' aspect) with transit Pholus opposition Sun (turning point caused by others), followed by progressed Venus inconjunct Uranus (shock in love). Progressed Mercury opposition Neptune and trine Pluto was for the bad news (and the press). And transit Saturn square progressed Mars hits you hard. Lucky for him there is also Progressed Sun square Jupiter: an open door to more successes.

Similar difficult aspects are in the chart of Kristen, whose progressed Sun semi square Pholus marks a frustrating change. Just like her ex she has progressed Mercury in aspect with Neptune (a trine for her) : the story of an affair. Transit Neptune conjunct Venus and trine Jupiter completes it: a love affair...

What you learn from this is, that when there are no matches at all and when Venus doesn't help, there is little to be done about it: the couple weren't meant for each other, not forever and ever...

More about Robbert, written in 2008 when Jupiter was on his side: http://astropost.blogspot.nl/2008/12/astrology-chart-robert-pattinson-no-hob.html

If you want to know more about matching: see Astromarkt about Love and astrology

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Zijn prog. MC maakt een vierkant met zijn radix maan....
    Zijn radix mars staat vierkant haar radix zon en vica versa...

  2. Zijn progressieve MC maakt een vierkant met zijn radix maan in kreeft.
    Hun beider marssen staan vierkant op elkanders zon. Veel aantrekkingskracht in den beginne!! echter als het tegenzit ook weer snel over.
    Hij had onlangs een progressieve nieuwe maan in zijn horoscoop. Zij had zo'n 2, 5 maand geleden een vierkant progressief. Zij heeft meerdere malen blijkbaar aangegeven te hebben dat ze een saai leven lijd.....
    Zijn prog.zon gaat over zo'n 3 jaar een conjunctie maken met Venus in Tweelingen...
    Rupert Sanders gaat nog een boeiende tijd tegemoet als Saturnus de nodige reorganisatiemomenten gaat doen m.b.t de horoscoop van zijn vrouw Liberty Ross. Hij gaat de rekening gepresenteerd krijgen echter niet nu maar over zo'n 1,5 jaar als zijn vrouw een progressieve nieuwe maanfase ingaat!

  3. They're back together now, I think. Yet, I had a feeling this relationship would only last as long as Twilight.

    I'm no astrologist, but isn't it good to have a few bad aspects in synastry, I mean a chart full of trines & sextiles can be a little boring right?

    Am pretty sure a perfect synastry does not mean soulmate either.
    Astrology is just as confusing as relationships.. lol

    Ps. I written a pretty cool post, comparing Eros & Psyche To Edward & Bella. Also, love the blog.

    Nailah D

  4. Yes Nailah
    They didn't read this, apparently;)!
    Not matching couples can stay together for ages and Venus opposition Uranus flashes in and out of a relationship again and again (like Liz Taylor) . It usually takes more match to stay together forever, however. But, maybe they love some flashlight and thunder:)!
    Thanks for your comment!

  5. Interesting article. I am on to a study on soulmate charts. Please see www.eastwestastrology.blogspot.com and let me know what you think. I'll be happy to discuss.

    The synastry aspects include Eros-Psyche double whammy, Sun-Moon double whammy AND hundreds of other double whammies as listed on the blog.