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vrijdag 20 april 2012

Famous couple: Crown Prince Felipe and his wife Letizia of Spain

This is the chart of Letizia, Crown Princess of Spain. The ‘ transits’ are the natal positions of her husband, Felipe, with exception of the Moon and his Ascendant and Midheaven (he has the Moon in the 20th degree of Aquarius, square the Ascendant in 20th degree of Taurus and Midheaven in the last degree of Capricorn). What occurs to me first is that Letizia has the Sun square Saturn, a difficult aspect when it comes to restrictions and status, just like Dutch Crown Princess Maxima and the Belgian Crown Princess. Letizia has 2 of the 4 indications for divorce in a woman's chart (Sun conjunct Mars and Mars exactly square Saturn) and Uranus is in her 7th house. First I thoughht that this was a risk for this marriage, but (see comments!): she was married before! Felipe doesn’t have the indications for divorce in a man’s chart. He has Neptune in the 7th house.

The interaction between the positions of Princess and Prince (the aspects between the charts) tell us about the connection between them. So:

How does the next Spanish royal couple (Felipe and Letizia) match?

  • Their Suns don’t match (sesquisquare); who's the boss 

  • Their Moons match (sextile); easy getting used to each other  

  • Their Mercuries don’t match (157.5 degree = sesquisquare and half semi square); communications!!! 

  • Venus biquintile Venus is a match expressing a creative way to match preferences and ...they found a way to love each other in spite of differences 

  • Their Mars don’t match (opposition); attraction and competition (with the risk of fighting each other if they don't cooperate).
The complete picture is that they don’t match easy but they are strongly connected to each other. In a way there is a similarity with the synastry of the royal couple (the parents of the prince). See that post. Continue for more...

  • His Venus is on her Midheaven: his love is strongly connected to her position in life.
  • Her Venus = Sun/Moon is opposition his Sun: she married out of love and he is the one she feels to ‘ belong to’. (Sun/Moon of queen Sofia is in aspect with the Venus of Juan Carlos).
  • His Sun/Moon is in aspect with her Pluto.
  • His Pluto is on her Sun and square her Moon (There is certain intensity or stress in the family life and marriage)
  • Her Saturn is trine his Moon; that is perfect for discipline in the daily routine and helping to keep emotions stable.
  • His Saturn is on her Ascendant; a long lasting commitment, but also with some distance on the horizon (maybe it just means that his status is strongly connected to her circumstances).
  • Her Jupiter sextile his Quaoar and hers sextile his: they make each other happy.

Well, the relationships between the charts is strong. It means that their lives are strongly connected, too and that they will never take each other for granted. There are difficulties to overcome and they don't match much. But, they love each other and that is often a great help!

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  1. Hi,
    Princess Letizia was already a divorcee when she met Prince Felipe for first time.

  2. Thank you very much! I didn't know when I wrote this. The fact that she was marroed before AND has indications for divorce while he has not, increases the possible success for this relationship!