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vrijdag 4 september 2009

The exceptions of (not) matching Sun signs

This post is about (not) matching Sun signs and minor synastry aspects that make the difference.

When Sun signs are not 'matching' it is often difficult to stay together in the long term. Conflicting lifestyles and conflicting ideas of life's nature stand in the way, even if the couple loves and likes each other. Example: Ryan O'Neal and Farah Fawcett, who’s Suns were 78 degrees apart. They separated. Couples that have afflictions between other positions in the chart however, may stay together if their Suns are matching. For example, because they have the strong will (Sun in a fixed sign like Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius), or because of the family/children or 'because it is supposed to last'(Sun in Cancer or in Capricorn). A famous example is Queen Juliana (a Taurus) and her Cancer husband Bernhard, who had 2 daughters with two other women during the everlasting marriage.

When Sun signs are not matching, there is often no ground for 'living as one'. But there are exceptions, of course (there always are:). Such as, when the Suns make minor aspects, hard or soft ones. Minor aspects between Suns in a relationship tell us that there is a link between the two natures. Minor aspects are for example: semi square (45 degrees), septile (51.4 degrees), sesqui semi square (67.5 degrees), quintile (72 degrees), sesquisquare (135 degrees), biquintile (144 degrees), inconjunction (150 degrees) and quindecile (165 degrees). Other minor aspects have 36, 75, 105, 108 or 157.5 degrees.

The Obamas have Sun quindecile Sun, representing a strong focus on each other, so that they are sticking together like a stamp to a letter (as the song says). I know of a couple of actors who have Sun biquintile Sun, so that they found a creative way to join their lives. With the minor square aspects it may be a challenge to stay together, and life styles are obviously different, but the fact that there IS an aspect tells us that the challenge was accepted, like in the case of King Albert and Queen Paola of Belgium. An inconjunction causes lost of balance on both sides. Can such an affair last forever? I doubt it.
When Sun signs are not 'matching' and the Suns don't make a minor or major aspect, other influences than drawing each other's attention and wanting to live 'as one' become more important. I know a couple with Ascendant conjunct Ascendant. They may not have the same life style, but they join the same approach and they like the same environment. Isn't that part of the life style?:) Even though the Leo is the party beast and shopper while the Taurus is fond of riding on horse back and dreaming of living in a rural part of the country they look very close.

Suns may be in matching signs with challenging aspects. This happens with:

- the 67.5 degree aspect
This occurs when the Sun signs are two signs and 7.5 degrees apart, for example Sun in Aries 10 degrees and Sun in Gemini 18 degrees.

- the sesquisquare aspect
This happens when the Sun signs are 4 signs and 15 degree apart, for example Sun in Aries 10 degrees and Sun in Leo 25 degrees

These Suns draw each other's attention. Though they seem to be matching, there is a challenge to overcome and they have to learn to live together as one (or stop it).
Example of the contrary:
Every rule has it exceptions. Richard Burton (Sun in Scorpio) and Elisabeth Taylor married a few times and divorced a few times. Their Sun signs matched. She is a Pisces. There is no conflict between the Suns, but there are other conflicts, like the inconjunctions between Sun and Uranus or Venus and Saturn and the not matching Venus. Still, it is amazing how they kept believing in a future together and kept falling in love. Perhaps it is because of that matching sun. Maybe another time I will study their synastry, the aspect that they share etc.
When there is a conflict between the first and seventh house or (when it is a man) between Moon and Saturn, Moon and Neptune, Venus and Neptune or Mars and Uranus, or (when it is a woman) between Sun and Mars, Sun and Uranus, Venus and Uranus or Mars and Saturn...and when it is the first marriage...it is highly possible that divorce follows. But again: there are always exceptions.
Bill Clinton is a Leo. Hillary Clinton is a Scorpio. These Sun signs don't match. But there is a minor aspect between their suns (67.5 degrees, a sesqui semi square). I know a couple that also has such an aspect and they have a long lasting marriage, too. Bill Clinton has Sun and Moon afflicted with Neptune. Since it is his first marriage, a divorce might follow. But, Hillary doesn't have the usual conflicts in her chart and she is a Scorpio.

Positions, cultures, history and law give different perspectives, too.
Matching or not matching is not as simple as to be or not to be...

For more about matching signs on this site, click the label 'matching'...

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