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woensdag 25 januari 2012

Seal and Heidi and the not matching charts

Even when two persons' signs don't match, they can have a long time relationship. Often Venus is making a sweet aspect between the charts and than everything looks sweet, nice and attractive. Seal and Heidi Klum never had matching charts. They were together long enough to become parents. Venus quatronovile (160d) Venus was of great help and so was his Mars biquintile her Mars. They had a good time, but now it is over. Here is the chart of the day of birth of Seal. The transits (the positions outside the circle) are Heidi's. 

His Sun in Pisces, hers in Gemini
Those signs  - and life styles - don’t match. Who is the boss? Who is the one getting attention?

Her Moon in Gemini and his in Sagittarius or Capriocorn. No match. They have to make compromises to live in the same room.

The signs of their Mercury are Aquarius and Gemini. The Mercury’s don’t make a nasty aspect, so they seem to be able to communicate.

Venus quatronovile Venus is great. They enjoy each other’s presence and love each other. Such an aspect helps to keep the relationship going for a long time, even if there is no match.

Mars biquintile Mars:; creative cooperation! They created 3 children!

Passion is OK and so is communication, but they have a different life style and different habits. But they also have a mutual Pluto-Sun synastry. Pluto is for intensity and intensity makes it hard when you are basically different.
Ps see for possible hour of birth Seal: http://www.astrolreport.com/famous-s/seal.php

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  1. Dear friends as we don't know neither Seal's nor Heidi's time of birth we cannot really say whether their charts match or not. Seal for example might have been born 6 am and thus have his Sun in Aquarius and his Moon in Sagittarius. These 2 signs are quite compatible to Gemini. On the other hand, Heidi might have been born on 9:30, have a Leo Ascendant (putting Seal's Sun in her Seventh House) and a Stellium in her 11th House (making her very compatible to Seal's Sun in Aquarius). All in all that would be a very compatible Synastry. So, we can never tell how compatible 2 people are unless we know as well the exact times of their birth birth!
    Thomas Gazis

  2. Here is a chart with hour of bith for Seal: 3:34 pm

  3. Sorry it is Mercury Square Saturn today...can't copy and paste the link...

  4. Got it: http://www.astrolreport.com/famous-s/seal.php (maybe a guess chart, however).

  5. Thanks for the comment. Maybe and if re: hours of birth, but in fact the couple plans to divorce. They wouldn't do that if there weren't any problems (as Seal said in an interview). He also said that there was a fluent communication between them (Mercury's are compatible) and that he still loves her (Venus quatronovile Venus). It is in fact easy to see (even without hour of birth) that there is passion (Venus-Venus and Mars-Mars narrow aspects). That is so at whatever hour they were born. Also the synastry with Sun-Pluto vice versa is valid all day long. That's the astrological description of meeting a challenge.

    So, it would be nice to have the hours of birth to see more, but that would not change the passion, the understanding and the diffulties shown by the aspects between them.

  6. I've read a lot of psychic predictions regarding Heidi Klum and I'm surprised that they are all similar..lol. It's either all the psychics are wrong, or else they are right. Nonetheless predictions and entertaining and spine chilling.

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