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woensdag 14 juli 2010

Famous couples:The Jupiter of Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem (Tom Cruise and Matthew McConaughey)

Penelope Cruz married Javier Bardem early this month. They didn't have a big party with celebrities but married in the house of a friend. See the news... 
What the men are sharing, is that Penelope's Jupiter (symbol of protection, help and trust) was with their Suns...Here you read why they married right now, what the match is between the two and what kind of aspects (characteristics) they share...

Official and public arrangements (contracts) and time are symbolized by Saturn, in astrology and Venus is for love and marriage. The two planets are the keys to this wedding. 
- His Venus-Saturn is 15 degrees from her Sun (that is semi square Venus) and 
- His Venus -Saturn conjunction is semi sextile her Venus 
(so: his Saturn is semi sextile her Venus and his Venus is conjunct his Saturn). 
- His Progressed Sun is conjunct his Venus-Saturn conjunction right now. 
Perhaps that ment that it was time to get married.  There is a continuous rumor about Penelope being pregnant (since last summerJ), but of course, it might be true this time...

Penelope Cruz has an important Jupiter in her natal chart. This Jupiter is in a tight conjunction with her husband's Sun. And her Jupiter is trine the Suns of her former lovers (Tom Cruise and Matthew McConaughey). Perhaps Jupiter rules her 5th or 7th house or is IN the seventh house? 

The following text is ment for advanced students of astrology and contains the chart of the day of birth of Penelope with the positions of her husband outside the circle

Her progressed Saturn is conjunct Mars (the natal aspect has grown tighter). It is a strange aspect for getting married if you don't know that she is working very hard for her part in then next Pirates of the Carribean! There was no time to party and no time for a wedding holiday.

Fact is that transit Saturn is now square the position between natal and progressed Saturn, urging and pointing at the clock: it is about time… growing up, age counts...responsibility time! And there is also the transit of Pholus opposition her progressed Sun for a turning point in life and life style. There are more aspects, progressions and transits, of course...Perhaps with her Midheaven or Ascendant (that we don't know). 

And how about the broom? I already mentioned that his progressed Sun is now conjunct Venus and Saturn: time to get officially married. And that is a statement from above!:)

Javier is a Pisces with an unaspects Sun, drawing attention as a movie star. That is o.k. for a Pisces with ‘calling’ Sun.  He has Mars rising before the Sun and sextile Jupiter and Uranus, square Pluto. It is an indication for a fanatic and inventive entrepeneur or activist who is likely to act on impulse (… except when it comes to getting married). It also means great and exceptional success in the job.

Penelope is a Taurus with Sun inconjunct Neptune (the aspect of the ‘fallen angle’ or the mismatch between you and your imago).  The Sun of Tom Cruise was inconjunct her Neptune, too and he has Sun trine Neptune. They shared an illusion and the life of a movie star…Her Mars conjunct Saturn is one of the four indications for divorce. It is not enough to stop her from getting married, but perhaps it made her cautious. 

A very important planet in her chart is Jupiter. Jupiter rises before her Sun, Mercury and Venus. Jupiter is the symbol of the international and of successes. Her Jupiter was in a tight aspect with the Suns of Tom Cruise and Matthew McConaughey (two times a trine) and with her husband Javier Bardem, too (a conjunction). Perhaps her Jupiter is in the fifth or seventh house or ruling those houses of engagement and marriage.

Penelope and Javier got married. What is their match? 

Their Sun signs are matching and her prominent oriental Jupiter is conjunct his Sun (so that there is trust and support). That is just like with the Sun of Tom Cruise and Matthew McConaughey (her Jupiter trine his Sun), so it is not a guarantee…

 They might have the Moons in the same sign (if they are born before 6 a.m. or after 8 p.m. That would be perfect to get used to each others’ habits. It is not a guarantee, however, because Penelope might also have had the Moon in the same sign as Tom Cruise’s Moon…

When a couple has the same aspect combination in the natal chart, they share certain experiences and characteristics that bring them together (or not:). This couple might share the same moon sign, but we don’t know for sure because we don't know their hours of birth. We do know that they share a Mars-Pluto combination (he has Mars semi sesquisquare Pluto, she has Mars exactly square Pluto) and that is a challenging combination for any relationship. The Mars-Pluto energy is also mirroring that both are sex symbols.

There may not be shared drives and energies, but they may find each other in the stressful world of their jobs, both with an intense drive to win and a strong energy, with the risk of making (or becoming) enemies. 

It was time to get married for him and it was high time to make arrangements for her.  They trust each other and they find each other in their strong energies and drives. And perhaps they are also friends, who like to be in one house together…

  • There are similarities in the synastry with Tom Cruise, but there are also differences. The Venus-Saturn combination is missing. Instead, his Mars is inconjunct her Uranus (and square his). Mars-Uranus is an indication for divorce in a male’s chart. And there is the Sun-Neptune combination that they share. It seems that Penelope Cruise finds the man who represents a certain aspect in her natal chart. Tom Cruise is the Sun-Neptune man. She lost him(inconjunct). 

  • Javier Bardem is the Mars-Pluto man. 

  • And who’s Matthew McConaughey (also a long term lover)? He has a ‘ calling Sun for performance, possibly a Leo Moon (so perhaps Penelope has that Leo moon, too?) and Mercury opposition Saturn. That is what she shared with him (her Mercury is sextile Saturn). Perhaps they learned each other the business of communications and how to say goodbye…What they also shared is the prominence of Jupiter. They both had progress on their minds…

The most amazing thing is that her prominent Jupiter is conjunct the Sun of McConaughey and trine the Suns of  Tom Cruise and Javier Bardem.

CHART (day of birth Penelope and ‘transit’ position Javier)


About sharing aspects. I quote:
Mars-Pluto: could be destructive as it is about using power and force. In a team of sportsmen this aspect can empower the joined forces. If both of you have Mars trine Pluto this can make you go for being the ultimate number one in sport or in sex.
See: http://www.astromarkt.net/artmarsplutouk.htm

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