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zondag 6 december 2009

Do Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren match?

Tiger Woods has a problem since transit Uranus over his Descendant made his relationships world news. Read all about him on Astropost.
But do he and his wife Elin Nordegren (mother of their two children) match? No, they don't. They seem to have married the right person to break free from later. Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you meet a person and marry him/her because trough that person you meet Mr. or Mrs. Right:) or you simply get the children that you want AND your indepence...But divorces don't come easy. Can they be avoided by having a look at the match? I doubt it. People just don't believe it when they are told that they don't match. It is because they fell in love:)

When Elin Nordegren was born, the Sun in Capricorn was semi square Uranus. That is one of the aspects that show the risk of getting divorced. Tiger Woods has two (parallels of Moon with Saturn and Neptune). It is their first marriage, so it will be hard to stay together, unless there is a perfect match.

They are both Capricorns (he December 30, she January 1) and that makes it easy to live as one. But, their Moons are in opposite signs, so it will be hard to live as one in one house and family. They have different habits and needs and family backgrounds (she is Swedish). It won’t be easy to feel ‘ close’ soon. They will have to get used to each other or find ways to live together, but apart.
His Venus is in Scorpio and hers in Aquarius. That is no match, but fortunately 312 – 239 = 73 (a quintile), so that they like and love each other and found a creative way to match tastes and sympathies. The square between his Mars and hers is however not compensated at all. His Mars is important (on top of his chart), so that the square hits hard.

No, they don't match, really...And: there are more difficulties:

In Elin's natal chart the Sun is semi square Uranus and that Uranus is semi square his Sun! It seems that she married the right guy to divorce from and be independent and free again.

Now that the public has been informed by more and more ex-‘ lovers’ about the adventures of her husband, there is a lot of pressure. Her progressed Sun has been 75 degrees from Uranus (a shock, a change) earlier and is exactly 75 degrees from progressed Uranus. That is confirming the natal aspect. It is time to see the truth.
Also the progressed Sun is now inconjunct Jupiter (being right, but…). The combination of Jupiter and Neptune is perhaps mirroring a relief. It must be awful to have to pretend all the time.

Elin has better times to look forward to. Within 18 months the progressed Sun will be conjunct Venus and sesquisquare Saturn. Perhaps there will be found an arrangement.

When she met Tiger Woods her progressed Sun sign changed (and so did her life style) and her progressed Sun was opposition his natal Saturn when they married. That is not a good sign. His life changed when he married her, too. He had progressed Sun opposition Uranus, a sort of a reflection of a ‘ matter of freedom and indepence’ . And now Uranus is there again…It seems that they married the right person to break free from.

No, there is no match between them. And yes, the transit of Uranus on the Descendant of Tiger Woods comes together with progression with Uranus in the chart of his wife. It must be very exciting, tense and hectic…

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  1. In addition: Mars square Mars is attractive at the beginning, but often ends up with the couple fighting each other, like with Paul McCartney and Heather Mills, for example.
    BTW It seems that Elin left the house (read this today, December 8th)...