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woensdag 16 december 2009

Friendship between man and woman

There are those kind of relationships that are not sex-related but are very intense and long lasting. Ramses Shaffy recently died and on the night before Liesbeth List held him in her arms. They sang together and had a special kind of friendship. He was homosexual, she is married, but they were a well known couple. How come? It is because they shared the Moonsign.Both have Moon in Sagittarius. Friends often have the same moonsign. It makes you feel like coming home...They also shared minor and major aspects between Sun-Neptune (the romantic life of the artist) and Sun-Uranus (the will to be independent and 'unusual' or different than the rest). Also his Pluto is inconjunct her Sun and that might point at a disproportional influence and intensity. Here is the chart of Ramses Shaffy with the natal positions on Liesbeth List's birthday on the outside of the circle. As you see, there were no matches that complicated this friendship. They just had joined experiences and desires and felt close!

More about sharing aspects on Astromarkt and about the Moon in Sagittarius in the article about the Basics, too. I quote:
Well, you may not really BE cheerful, but you think acting cheerful is a good thing always. You need progress and good news, cannot do without and when you pretend being happy you might actually become happy (you hope). Sometimes you just overdo that! When things are getting wrong or bad you became nervous and hurried.

Billy Graham is a good example of this positive attitude.

See them sing on YouTube...

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