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woensdag 4 augustus 2010

Orcus, Lothar Matthaeus, Charles and Diana

Broken promises and revenge or punishment: that is what Orcus, the latest discovered Plutonian object, is all about. This symbol must be important for astrology and love…

Lothar Matthaeus, the German football player, was confronted with pictures of his fourth wife, obviously enjoying the company of another man. This was a perfect example of the effect of a transit of Orcus. Inconjunctions are reflecting lost balance or losts…Transit Orcus is exactly inconjunct his natal Sun right now.
And there is more…

Transit Saturn is opposition natal Sun (end of a period, caused by others) and transit Uranus is conjunct natal Sun (upheaval, you are in the news…).

So we can’t just blame Orcus for this, but the symbol was there as obvious as the secret lover was. But it could just be coincidence, of course...

Orcus is important in the charts of the Prince and Princess of Wales, Charles and Diana, too. He has Sun inconjunct Orcus. She has Sun conjunct Orcus. His Orcus is sextile/semi-sextile her Uranus and Venus . Those aspects of Orcus and Sun are reflecting that ‘ keeping oaths’ (not) was an aspect of importance in their lives. They shared this aspect of learning to live with the Plutonian Orcus.

Of course there was more to say about the match and the wedding. See this post… http://astrology-love-romance.blogspot.com/2010/07/princess-dianas-wedding-day-and-match.html

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