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vrijdag 12 februari 2010

Famous couple: Bill Clinton and Hillary (and Monica)

On Astrology and Love I wrote about Bill and Hillary Clinton before. In the post they were famous examples of not matching sun signs. Their not matching Suns are in Leo and Scorpio.

Often when Suns are in conflict there is an issue of ‘ who is the boss’ (ego in conflict!). Their Suns are semi sesquisquare apart (67.5 degrees) and that might keep the relationship going like a perpetuum mobile, always finding ways to make it a solar match. Both have a strong will and as their Suns are in fixed signs, they are likely to be willing to continue the relationship instead of breaking up, even if it is just for the public eye. They don't match at all. It takes something else than living together and luv to keep them together. That is:
a. They inspire each other (Mars septile Mars!).
b. They compete (Sun-Sun and Mars-Mars) and stimulate each other that way.
c. T hey both are ambitious political strategists with a dream.

That strategy and ambition, fixed sun signs and Saturn keeps them together in a long lasting relationship in spite of the publicity about Bill Clinton's affairs.

Hillary has Venus square Saturn. Bill’s Saturn is square the Sun of Hillary. Often that is a reflection of the importance of status, guilt or age in the relationship. Saturn doesn't always separate (in public). Saturn often brings consistency (a lawful wedding). The interesting thing is, that Bill's Saturn is also afflicting the Sun of Monica Lewinsky! The same idea of status and consistency that keeps Bill and Hillary together (officially) kept Monica and Bill apart: the Saturn effect! Scroll down to see more about the match between Bill and Monica.

Hillary’s chart doesn’t have the usual indications for divorce in a woman’s chart, but Bill has Venus conjunct Neptune and Mars quindecile Uranus. It must be hard for him to be faithful, says the chart, and we all know how hard it was. When one person does have indications for more than one relationship and the other has not, we can expect affairs, especially when a man is rich (attracting all kinds of girls).

Hillary Clinton is a Sun Scorpio and Neptune rises before the Sun so that she needs dreams, ideals and romance first of all. She has a ‘ calling’ Sun, for leadership and drawing attention and Mercury in Scorpio is tightly square Saturn (for communication strategy, political restricted information). She might have an early Aries Moon trine Jupiter and that completes the picture of the top politician. In the study of American Presidents on Astromarkt you see that they all had Mercury-Saturn-Pluto combinations and that most of them had a Moon-Jupiter aspect (because they need to be popular in order to be elected). The hour of birth of Hillary Clinton is unknown.

Bill Clinton is first of all a man who uses a political communication strategy. It is easy to see: Mercury, Saturn and Pluto rise before his Sun, together. He doesn’t have the Moon-Jupiter combination that other Presidents have. Maybe Sun/Moon sextile Jupiter is a compensation for that. His angular Neptune is reflecting the dreamer and idealist.

Just an observation: Hillary Clinton has a tight conjunction of Mars and Pluto. Bill Clinton's Mars is angular and Pluto rises right before his Sun. That shows the importance of their political (Pluto) activities (Mars) for both of them.

Bill and Hillary don’t match, at least: their signs don’t match. Their long lasting relationship is exceptional, also in astrological terms. It is a relationship between two very ambitious political strategists and idealists who joined forces. You can see that: there is a minor aspects between their Mars, a septile. Septiles have to do with inspirations.What Bill does inspires Hillary and vice versa. Even their competition is inspiring to them.

I don't think that what Bill did with Monica was an inspiration to Hillary, however. Bill and Monica matched a little more than Hillary and Bill do:

- They are both Leo’s (and like to draw attention and show off)
- They both have the Moon in Taurus (and want comfort, luxury and luv)
- Their Venus signs match (they have the same taste and sympathies; they liked each other)

Mars in Aries is opposition Mars in Libra. Opposites attrack, yes, but in the end Mars-Mars tends to fight each other and indicates sexual attraction or working on the same project (and stimulating each other, There are many examples of Mars-Mars in synastry on this blog. Just click the label ' Mars'.

So, they matched enough to get started. His Saturn on her Sun shows us that there were restrictions, however. How about being married (and age?:) That is what kept them apart. And that is what keeps the Clinton's together: Saturn!

See more about Saturn in a relationship on this blog: http://astrology-love-romance.blogspot.com/2009/05/saturn-in-relationship-synastry.html

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