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zaterdag 8 augustus 2009

Venus, Uranus and the charts of Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe

Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe had a flash light relationship together for a few (short periods of) time. That is what he mentions in the book about his life.
Flash light in a relationship is often symbolized by Uranus. Marilyn had Venus semi sextile Uranus. Tony has Venus square Uranus. Venus and Uranus combinations reflect the desire for tension, excitement and 'thrills' like when you are in love. Of course this is not beneficial for long lasting (or dull) relationships. In the charts of women Venus-Uranus is one of the 4 aspect combinations that reflect a higher chance to get a divorce.
Venus-Uranus is for 'firework in a rollercoaster': see the post on Astropost. Or read about Venus-Uranus on my site Astromarkt...
Another idea is to read 'Catherina the Great and her young lovers' to see another example of the Venus-Uranus effect. She had Venus inconjunct Uranus and an outrageous amount of 'flashing' relationships!
In the article on Astromarkt I wrote about sharing this aspect:
"Venus-Uranus is for sharing the same love of music, dancing and adventures. Venus-Uranus could be the shared aspect for falling in love for a short period of time."

For more about having the same aspect combination as your partner, click here...

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