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woensdag 25 november 2009

Divorce for Princess Elena of Spain

The Spanish Princess Elena will divorce. In 2006 she and her husband (los Duques de Lugo) started living apart to reconsider their marriage and now they decided that it is really over and they asked for a divorce.
The news comes with a typical combination of transits and progressions related to her natal chart, involving the Ascendant, Venus and Uranus. The affliction of Venus and Uranus in the chart of a woman shows the possibility of divorce.

a. Transit Uranus - Venus - Ascendant
Transit Uranus at 22d43m Pisces is exactly conjunct her Progressed Venus and both are square the progressed Ascendant.

b. Natal Uranus - Venus - Ascendant
Uranus is sesquisquare the conjunction of Venus and Ascendant in the natal chart.

The transit 'copied' the combination of the natal chart and that is what makes this transit so strong. It is activating the existing potential.

Here is a list of difficult aspects for getting or staying married, as composed by the astrologer Ram:

In a man's chart they are:
Hard aspects between Moon and Saturn or Neptune, Venus and Neptune, Mars and Uranus.

In a female's chart they are:
Hard aspects between Sun and Mars or Uranus, Venus and Uranus, Mars and Saturn.

And in the charts of both genders:Afflictions between the 1st and 7th house (rulers)

I found that Venus in Aries or Mars in Libra do not make relationships easy. Neither does the placement of Neptune on the horizon in the charts of females. Hard aspects between Moon, Venus and/or Mars illustrate that it may be hard to find a match (and so the nativity needs to compromise).

"Nació el 20 de diciembre de 1963 a las 14:20..."
Source: Noticias.terra.es

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