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woensdag 20 mei 2009

Gay men marrying women

Mars-Uranus is one of the aspects in a man's chart that doesnot make it easy to get or stay married with a woman. That is what astrologer Ram found in the first half of the 20st century. He didn't mention why, but an explosive nature is perhaps not the best nature to have to stay married. I think that this aspect (also) might point at the importance of sexual diversity in a relationship. Gay men are often considered to be women's best friends. But it may not be a good idea to get married to your best friend, when his sexual orientation is not 'hetero', even though there may be sexual attraction.

One year ago I wrote about Margareth Thatcher and Edward Heath. The reason was the story that she had tried to seduce mr. Heath and failed, probably because of his sexual identity. Hmm...their charts don't match at all, so perhaps they were no match:). But there is also his Mars opposition her Uranus in the 5th.

The Mars-Uranus combination in the charts of females sometimes attract men who will remain 'friends' but with whom sexual relationships may fail. I have a few examples in my files of women with Mars-Uranus aspects in their charts who got married to men who later had their 'coming out' as a homosexual. The interaction between Mars and Uranus in the charts of a couple might point at unisexual relationships. I mean the sort of a relationship between a man and a woman that does not necessarily include sex (any more) or just now and then (the flashlight sexual relationship).

A famous Dutch example is the marriage of homosexual writer Gerard Reve (December 14, 1923, 17:30 Amsterdam) with poet Hanny Michaelis (December 19, 1922, 6 AM Amsterdam). They were married from 1948 to 1959. She has Mars conjunct Uranus in her chart, he too (127.5 degrees). Why did they get married anyway? They have Mars trine Mars and his Jupiter is on her Ascendant. Her progressed Uranus reached his Mars in the year before the marriage.*)

Another example of the Mars-Uranus influence is Manvendra Singh Gohil, the homosexual Indian Prince who got married and later divorced because of his sexual identity. The potential of sexual diversity is in his chart: Mars sesquisemisquare Uranus.

I consider the minor aspects as indications for the more intimate aspects of a personality (the person when you get to know him/her better is reflected by the 'chart behind the chart')**). Another example of a minor aspect between Mars and Uranus and getting married though being homosexual is Dutch actor Albert Mol (03011917 030000 AMT Amsterdam). He also had children with his wife. Adéle Bloemendaal (actrice) was born with Mars inconjunct Uranus (on January 11, 1933 in Amsterdam) and she married actor/dancer Donald Jones (born January 24, 1932 in New York). He was gay (Mars quintile Uranus, Venus opposition Neptune). They had Mars sesquisquare Mars and got attracted to each other.

The Mars-Uranus combination does not necessarily need to be expressed in a sexual way. And homosexuals don't need to get married to a women, unless in certain social or cultural circumstances. (Elton John has Mars square Uranus,for example).
There are many other ways to reflect the 'unique and different kind of explosive' energy of Mars-Uranus. There is an article on my site Astromarkt.net with more information about Mars-Uranus combinations. The aspect is frequent in the charts of those who want to be fast with making changes, for example.
The influence of transits of Uranus with Mars is sometimes shocking, as you may read in the article on my site Astromarkt, about the trappist monks of Algeria.

*) It is important to have a look at the progressed charts of a couple. You can read about that in the Astrology of Meeting People on my site Astromarkt.
**) Read about the chart behind the chart of O.J. Simpson...

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